Model, 26, Dies in Shooting Over Home Depot Parking Spot

 A 26-year-old model and singer shot alongside her boyfriend near a Home Depot in Brooklyn has died of her injuries.

Imani Sharpless died from her injuries, police announced Thursday, after the incident that appeared to stem from a parking dispute.

A person of interest has been identified in the shooting that happened just after noon on Saturday at Willoughby Avenue and Sanford Street.

Sharpless was with her 36-year-old boyfriend, Cordel McDuffie, when they got into a dispute with a man over parking.

Detectives have recovered the gun used and clothes discarded by the person of interest, who is connected to a Mercedes Benz recovered in the parking lot following the shooting.

They have determined that the suspect and male victim we both vying for the same parking spot when a verbal dispute ensued, culminating with the gunman snagging the spot.

The victims then resorted to idling in front of the Home Depot, with the male going in to shop and his girlfriend waiting in the car.

The gunman came out first and waited for the other man to come out. Surveillance video recovered by police showed him patiently waiting for passersby to clear his line of fire until he had a clear shot.

He opened fire at the drive’rs side of the car, striking the female victim in the head and wounding the driver, the apparent intended target, police said.

McDuffie spoke from his hospital bed on Monday about Sharpless.

“She’s one of the most beautiful people, she loves kids, full of life, just a good person,” he said. “For this to be happening over something so minuscule it’s overwhelming.”

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is urged to call police.

Imani Sharpless

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  1. One or more of them likely stoned with bad judgement, as usual… but evil stupid Democrats will blame the gun… Democrats love and protect their addictions / ADDICTIONS VIOLENCE…

  2. If I was black and one look at the FBI Stastics at crime committed by different groups of people I would get the heck away from Black areas and seek schools, employment, housing, and activities NOT associated with the black community. That’s a good way to avoid failures, crime, and a short life due to violence.

  3. No arrests wee made? I would think that someone, possible both should have been detained until the shooter is charged. This is why New York has become a giant NO on most travel to destinations. Mayor Adams has no one to blame but himself for the crime that has spread all over the City. All Giuliani did was enforce the laws as they were written and NW York experienced a renaissance that lasted into Bloomberg’s administration .
    The following two Bozo’s did nothing to preserve that. and encouraged the deterioration of both the city nd the state.

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