MSNBC Anchor Rushed to the Hospital

Yasmin Vossoughian had a “nightmare” January. 

After experiencing chest pain for nearly two weeks, Vossoughian, a weekend MSNBC news anchor, was rushed to the hospital on New Years Eve and diagnosed with pericarditis, a condition in which causes thin tissue surrounding the heart to become inflamed. Causes of pericarditis are hard to determine, but include inflammation disorders and, as in Vossoughian’s case, infections like the cold.

Vossoughian said she spent January in and out of hospitals. The journalist needed to get fluid around her heart drained, and was later diagnosed with myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle. 

But Vossoughian could have been diagnosed one day earlier, when she initially sought medical attention at an urgent care on December 30. On that day, the doctor misdiagnosed Vossoughian with acid reflux. 

In an interview with Insider, Vossoughian said though she was “frustrated” at her misdiagnosis, she blamed herself for not choosing to go to the hospital right away. The 44-year-old journalist said she knew she should have gotten her heart checked in urgent care, but a part of her did not want to believe she was having heart problems. 

“A part of me wanted that diagnosis because I didn’t wanna be told it was something with my heart. Because that’s scary,” Vossoughian said. 

With her misdiagnosis, Vossoughian joined the many American women who are more likely than men to have their pain dismissed by a physician — particularly when it comes to heart problems. Women tend to wait longer for heart disease diagnosis, The New York Times reported, and one study suggested that younger women were twice as likely as young men to receive a mental health diagnosis from a medical professional when their symptoms pointed more to heart disease. 

Vossoughian, who broadcasted her misdiagnosis and health journey during a ten minute segment on the January 28 episode of her show, said she is sharing her story to encourage women to prioritize their health and listen to their bodies if something does not seem right.

“A lot of times as women specifically, we don’t trust our gut, we don’t trust our instincts because we’re pleasers, society tells us to be pleasers,” Vossoughian told Insider. “My advice is listen to your gut.”

Vossoughian tells career women to ‘pump the brakes’ and prioritize their physical needs 

On the MSNBC segment, Vossoughian said she ran seven miles multiple times a week, didn’t eat meat or smoke, and did yoga. “Aside from not getting enough sleep and working too much I’m a pretty healthy person.”

But following her month-long health scare, Vossoughian said she acknowledged she pushed too hard at work, at times at the expense of her physical health. Prior to feeling chest pains, Vossoughian said she felt exhausted and feverish, but carried on in the hopes it would go away.

Vossoughian said she might have chosen not to listen to her body because of societal pressure for career women to “do everything and anything, because we can do it all and have it all.”

But the journalist said does not want to go back to her old mindset of putting her physical health to the side. Even now, Vossoughian said she feels tempted to “hop on a plane” to chase news stories, and has to remind herself to “pump the brakes a little bit.” 

“Everything’s going to be there and you’ve got to take care of yourself,” Vossoughian tells women who might feel the same pressure after experiencing a health problem. “You have to not let kind of all of those insecure feelings back in.”

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Coast Guard Makes Incredible Save After Boat Gets Caught in Huge Waves (VIDEOS)

The mouth of the Columbia River can be an extremely treacherous place for mariners. The recent videos posted by the U.S. Coast Guard are a case in point. In it, we see just how absurdly brave Coasties can be – notably those hardened by the at times very hostile seas off the Pacific Northwest. This is especially true of one rescue swimmer who faced down a huge, sudden wave, en route to his target, and went on to still make the save.

The mouth of the Columbia River separates the states of Washington and Oregon. It’s a body of water notorious for its extremely powerful currents that can become too difficult for even the most experienced sailors to navigate. 

While conducting a routine training mission from their base in nearby Astoria, two USCG aircrews aboard MH-60T Jayhawk helicopters received a distress call from the skipper of the private vessel Sandpiper. After alerting watch standers at Coast Guard Sector Columbia River, who ordered the launch of the incredibly capable 47-foot motor lifeboats from USCG Station Cape Disappointment, aircrews quickly found the Sandpiper being thrashed-about by large waves.

In the video linked above, Sandpiper is seen next to a USCG Motor Lifeboat. With the waves as strong as they were, rescue from the lifeboat was deemed too dangerous, so a rescue swimmer was dropped from the Jayhawk into the storm-punished waters below.

In the additional video, we can see the rescue swimmer battling the swells as they approach Sandpiper. The Coast Guard notes that the intention here was to have Sandpiper’s captain also enter the water for the rescue to be performed. 

At least that was the plan.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, an absolutely huge and fast-moving wave comes barreling toward the boat and the swimmer, who was still between his drop point and the boat in peril. You can see the ‘oh shit’ moment as the rescue swimmer stops, sees the wave, and prepares to ride it out. An instant later it engulfs the rescue swimmer and tosses the Sandpiper like a toy, capsizing it with its captain still aboard.

The scene looked like a catastrophe.

Lo and behold, and somewhat astonishingly, the rescue swimmer was still able to safely recover the individual after the wave passed. Lifted aboard USCG MH-60T ‘6009,’ the individual was then flown to Coast Guard Air Station Astoria where emergency medical services were waiting. At this time, we do not know the condition of the rescued individual, but they were carried off the helicopter without a stretcher. All in all, the videos go to show just how important the work of the USCG really is, and underscore the bravery and persistence demonstrated by USCG personnel in risking their own lives every day in order to save others. Well done!



This story has gotten way weirder. It turns out, the man that was rescued stole the boat after leaving a dead fish on the front porch of the famed house in Astoria that was used in the ’80s smash hit Goonies.

Police identified the alleged dead-fish deliverer as 35-year-old Jericho Lobonte of Victoria, B.C.

KGW, a local NBC affiliate in Portland, Oregon, reported that, following the rescue, Lobonte was released from medical care before it was understood he was wanted by police, but was later arrested in nearby Seaside, Oregon.

The fact that the man put other lives at direct risk due to his failed escape antics isn’t likely to help him in the eyes of the law.

We will update this post over the next 24 hours with any new information about this bizarre story.

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Hiker with Broken Neck Walks to Safety by ‘Holding Her Neck in Place’ (VIDEO)

A Colorado woman is fortunate to be alive after she fell during a Christmas Eve hike in the San Gabriel mountains.

Ruth Woroniecki, 40, of Thornton, Colo., had summited Cucamonga Peak in California and was heading back down the mountain around noon that Saturday when she slipped on a patch of ice and fell 200 feet, the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department said in a press release last month.

The experienced hiker suffered a broken neck, a severe head wound and facial lacerations, according to a GoFundMe for Woroniecki’s medical expenses and charitable work.

Afterward, she was had to walk 150 feet to a nearby clearing in order to meet up with a rescue helicopter, which was hampered by high winds, according to NBC News. Woroniecki said she had to hold her broken neck to keep it stable on the walk to safety.

Woroniecki told the outlet she is happy to have survived the harrowing incident on Dec. 24 with the help of good Samaritans who found her after the fall. “I’m just deeply, deeply grateful,” she said.

Woroniecki was camping with family in the Lytle Creek area when she left for the fateful hike, according to the SBSD.

She doesn’t remember the fall but when Woroniecki came to, she was surrounded by people trying to help, NBC News reported.

One person was sending their GPS coordinates to rescuers while another was wrapping her up with her coat, per the report.

The SBSD confirmed that a nearby hiker who found Woroniecki “activated his Garmin inReach device to get her help.”

A search crew later located Woroniecki and determined a rescue helicopter was her best option, according to the SBSD. However, an air crew was unable to safely send a rescuer down to her exact position due to “gusty winds coming over the Cucamonga Saddle.”

So, Woroniecki was left with no other choice but to hike 150 feet to a nearby clearing, where the rescue helicopter was able to pick her up, the sheriff’s department said.

Woroniecki had assistance from a first-responder, who placed her in a rescue harness “and assisted her to an open area” where she could be reached, according to the December release.

After she was flown out of the area, Woroniecki was transported via ambulance to a nearby hospital for treatment, the SBSD said.

Woroniecki is still recovering from her injuries, according to NBC News, but she’s back on her feet, which is “extremely exciting,” she said, adding that she’s been leaning on her faith the entire time.

“That’s what I was saying about prayer,” Woroniecki told the outlet. She recalled thinking, “Jesus, now, help me. Be with me.”

“And he brought me that sense of hope and comfort,” she added, “and he got me through.”

Chris Mejia of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department told NBC News that the odds of Woroniecki surviving the fall were slim. “For her to be alive,” he said, “that’s a miracle.”


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Missing Hiker Shares Eerie Final Video Before Disappearing (VIDEO)

A Utah hiker has gone missing after sending a friend an eerie final video of a snowy mountain as cops find his empty truck and a trail of footprints. 

Austin Madsen, 32, of Mapleton, was hiking at Mount Dutton in Kanab, Utah, when he disappeared on Thursday after telling his family he was going to Arizona. 

Before his disappearance, he sent a video of the snowy mountain to an unidentified friend, where he can be heard saying: ‘The ocean’s coming back, brother.’ 

His wife, Emily Eliza Madsen, posted the video in a local Facebook group, saying the video showed that ‘last place we heard from him’ and asked the public if they could identify the area. 

‘It’s not common for him to go this long without any sort of communication,’ Emily told 2 KTVU. ‘I talked to him via FaceTime and he was snowshoeing and looked like he was having fun, but then he was looking for the truck… I haven’t heard from him since.’ 

She last heard from him on Friday morning and said he had been facing some mental health problems lately 

The father-of-two was last seen wearing a brown fuzzy hat, black sunglasses, and a camo puffer jacket.

Emily does not believe her husband has been to Mount Dutton before. 

‘He’s a mountain guy, adventure guy, he loves the outdoors,’ she told the outlet, but said his ‘go-to spot’ was running trails. 

Police were notified of his disappearance on January 29 and the Mapleton Police Department pinged Madsen’s phone and located it in Garfield County, south of Monroe Mountain. 

On Tuesday, authorities managed to track down his black 2011 Chevrolet Avalanche in the Dry Hollow area on Mount Dutton and a trail of footprints leading into the wilderness, believed to have been left by the hiker. 

However, the search was called off at 2.30am following torrential weather, but was later resumed via helicopter, despite weather conditions making it ‘incredibly difficult.’

‘The rough terrain and deep snow complicated travel throughout the area,’ Garfield County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. 

Police are still searching for the hiker as rescue crews from Piute, Iron, and Sevier counties assist the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office. 


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21 Skiers Buried in Avalanche at Tourist Resort – 2 Reported Deaths

A total of 21 people and their two Kashmiri guides were caught in a massive avalanche and buried under the snow as they were skiing high in the mountains near the tourist town of Gulmarg, according to a police statement.

Two Polish skiers have died after an avalanche at a Himalayan ski resort in Indian-controlled Kashmir, as 21 other people are rescued. The Pirpanjal mountain range in the western Himalayas is a popular skiing destination for both Indians and foreigners. The group were buried under the snow while they were skiing in the mountains.

Avalanches and landslides are common in Kashmir and have caused heavy death tolls for the Indian and Pakistani armies camped near the mountainous and forested militarised Line of Control that divides Kashmir between the nuclear-armed rivals.

In 2017, at least 20 Indian soldiers were killed in three avalanches, and in 2012 a massive avalanche in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir killed 140 people, including 129 Pakistani soldiers.

High-altitude rescue teams rushed to the site on snow scooters and retrieved the bodies of the two Polish skiers, police officer Amod Nagpuri told MailOnline.

Police said 19 foreign tourists and the two local guides have been rescued, adding that the bodies of the two deceased skiers have been transported to a hospital.

“During the rescue ops, 19 foreign nationals and 2 local guides have been rescued,” a police statement said. “Unfortunately, two foreign nationals lost their lives in the avalanche, and their dead bodies have also been recovered.”

The rescued skiers have been treated at a local clinic.

A cable car that transports visitors to the top of Mount Apharwat was closed after the avalanche hit.

The resort is currently covered in several feet of snow after days of snowfall in the area.

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Missing Boy Found in Another Country After Playing Hide and Seek

As anyone who has ever played the game can attest to, finding a decent hiding spot is key to winning at hide and seek; and this teen must have thought he’d nailed it when he managed to find an empty shipping container to hide inside. You can see him eventually being discovered here:

However, once inside the boy nodded off and the shipping container was packed up and sent off on its six-day long journey to Malaysia, with him stowed away inside.

As you can imagine, the boy, who has been identified only as Fahim, was shocked to find himself in the Malaysian port of Port Klang and the staff were pretty surprised by the whole thing, too.

The container left Bangladesh on 11 January and didn’t arrive in Malaysia until 17 January, all the while Fahim was trapped inside with no food and shouting for help.

Fahim was discovered after a member of staff at the port heard knocking noises coming from one of the containers, which prompted numerous government agencies including the Marine Police Force, the Malaysian Immigration Department and the Klang District Health Department to come and check out the shipment.

Footage shared online shows staff opening the container and discovering the teen, who could not speak or understand the local language and was weak and exhausted from the journey.

The teen appears to be confused and disoriented as he tries to get to grips with the situation.

Authorities initially suspected Fahim was the victim of a human trafficking organisation, but an investigation found no evidence of a crime.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution said: “When the vessel arrived at Westport and the container was unloaded, authorities found the boy inside.

“He is the only one found inside the container. A police report has been lodged and the boy, who has a fever, was taken for a medical examination.

“We are now in the process of repatriating him.

“He was the only boy found inside the container. We are not linking this to human trafficking because the initial investigation found that he entered the container, fell asleep and (was transported to) Malaysia.”

The boy was taken to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah for treatment and was said to be in a stable condition. The process to get the boy back to his home country is now underway.


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Man Crushed to Death by Pop-up Urinal Outside ‘Harry Potter’ Theater

A man has died after being crushed by a pop-up urinal in London’s busy West End.

The tragedy occurred shortly after 1 p.m. local time Friday outside the Palace Theatre, currently home to the popular production of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.”

The victim was thought to be performing below-ground maintenance on the hydraulic public urinal when he was crushed.

The urinals are usually concealed below the street level during the day before they emerge from beneath the pavement for use in the evenings.

The devices “were brought into use by Westminster City Council about 20 years ago in an attempt to discourage street urination,” according to the BBC.

Emergency crews quickly responded to reports of injury, with an air ambulance seen dramatically landing in London’s Trafalgar Square. However, medics were unable to save the man, who died at the scene.

His name and age have not yet been released to the public.

London’s Metropolitan Police Service released a statement that read in part: “His next of kin have been informed. Cordons remain in place at the location.”

Following the tragedy, the Palace Theatre announced they would keep the public updated on a possible cancellation of Friday evening’s performance of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” However, no cancellation was confirmed.

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Diver Attacked by Great White in front of Fishermen Off Coast of Mexico

A diver has been decapitated by a Great White shark in waters off of the coast of Mexico in front of shocked fishermen.

In the first deadly shark attack of 2023, Manuel Lopez was diving for molluscs off of San Jose Beach in Tobari Bay on the west coast of Mexico when he was attacked by the shark on 5 January.

Lopez, a man in his 50s, had his head separated from his body by the 19-foot-long (5.7 meters) shark.

Fisherman Jose Bernal told Tracking Sharks that Lopez “was diving when the animal attacked him, ripping off his head and biting both shoulders”.

Lopez had been diving at a depth of about 59 feet (18 meters) to gather ax tripe, a scallop-like mollusk, at the bottom of the ocean when the shark struck.

Bernal said that several sharks had been spotted in the waters in the days leading up to the attack, adding that the fishermen had been looking out for the animals.

“Local divers had been warned about the presence of sharks in the area and most had not been out for several days,” he said.

Some people had been refraining from entering the waters due to the shark sightings. But the seafood shortage prompted demand to rise in the area, leading to Lopez’s decision to dive.

While fishermen are able to claim a 7,200 pesos yearly stipend, it’s not enough when there’s no income coming from the sea, Tracking Sharks reported.

Lopez was using a source of air from the surface, which is common in that area, which involves a compressor that “pumps air to the diver via a collection of hoses connected to the diver along with ropes, with the diver often pulling the boat along the surface using their tethered supply lines,” according to Tracking Sharks,.

Great White Sharks can become as large as 20 feet long (6 metres) and weigh up to two tonnes, with as many as 300 serrated teeth.

Having a strong sense of smell, the sharks can swim as fast as 35 mph (56 kph), usually hunting seals, sea lions, dolphins, as well as turtles.

Experts say that humans may be mistaken for seals, particularly when wearing wetsuits, and attacks on humans are often seen as “experimental”.

Sharks tend to move away after a single bite when they understand the human wasn’t their intended target, but a single bite is often deadly.

“Great white sharks are most prevalent in the Gulf of California during December and January when pregnant female sharks enter the area,” Tracking Sharks noted. “The sharks will often search for fat-filled sea lions to feed upon due to their high caloric count.”

Hero Father Loses Both Legs Protecting Family

A father is now a double amputee and his daughter is recovering after being seriously injured during a family holiday at a popular Californian ski resort.

Dave Miln and his wife Clare were taking 3-year-old Isla and 1-year-old Anna to ski lessons at Mammoth Mountain in Northern California on the morning of Dec. 15 when a motorized snow blower collided with him and his family.

The Australian Defence Force veteran, who had been living in San Diego, Calif., threw his body over his children in an attempt to prevent them from being pulled into the machine.

According to GoFundMe started to help the family following the horrific incident, Dave was able to keep Anna unharmed, but Isla suffered sustained significant injuries.

Clare raised the alarm and authorities were to quickly get the couple’s oldest daughter to a local hospital.

Dave, however, spent over an hour in the machine until rescuers were able to free him, “remaining conscious the entire time,” resulting in a double amputation, one above the knee of the left and below the knee on the right, according to family friend and GoFundMe organizer Tsen Bogan.

Christina Ackerman, the assistant to the chief of the Mammoth Lakes Police Department, confirmed to PEOPLE that officers responded to a call at 9:08 a.m. on Minaret Road, which is in the vicinity of the popular ski area Mammoth Mountain.

Dave was transported to Reno to treat his extensive wounds. The heroic father additionally suffered a variety of fractures and has undergone over 10 surgeries in the past three weeks, with many more expected to come.

Despite his life-changing injuries, “Dave still maintains his dark sense of humor and razor-sharp wit,” Bogan wrote. “[He has] shown strength and resilience beyond comprehension.”

Isla, meanwhile, also required multiple surgeries but is expected to make a full physical recovery. “The family has banded together with positive determination for the future.”

Bogan gave an update on how the family is doing on Saturday, noting that medically, Dave has a long path to recovery which he will now continue in his native Australia.

In a previous update, Bogan explained, “Isla is still in her wheelchair but appears to be slowly getting back to her old self smiling more and asserting herself a little more. She is such a strong and brave girl.”

Bogan also filled readers in on how uninjured little sister Anna is doing now. “Anna is doing her best to be…a little sister who knows her sister can’t chase her…for now.”

As for Dave’s wife Clare, she is managing to look after the family by being “brave, courageous, and quite frankly using every ounce of strength she has to hold life together,” Bogan reported. “She is doing her best keeping the girls busy with visits to see Daddy, trips to the park and play dates with friends to keep the fighting spirits of the girls up.”

The GoFundMe, which as of Monday afternoon raised more than $60,000, is targeted toward the long journey of rehabilitation for Dave.

Some of the planned uses for funds include “vehicle modifications for Dave, household equipment and modification and other bits and pieces that Dave will need in adapting to his disability.”

“While Dave learns to run again (and we all know he will!) please donate generously so their strength and energy is focused purely on healing together,” Bogan wrote.

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Suspect Trys to Abduct Lowe’s Worker Mid-Shift (VIDEO)

A shocking incident occurred at a Lowe’s hardware store in Oklahoma when a suspect attempted to kidnap a female employee. The disturbing event was captured on surveillance footage, in which the suspect, identified as Quincy Wilson, can be seen approaching the employee from behind and grabbing her by the throat.

He then proceeded to attempt to force her into his SUV parked just outside the store entrance. The employee struggled and fought back, but Wilson overpowered her and began dragging her away in a headlock, as her feet skidded across the floor. Just as it seemed as if the situation was becoming dire, the employee managed to catch the attention of a co-worker who came to her aid, allowing her to escape Wilson’s grasp. The suspect then fled the store before police arrived, but they were able to recover his SUV vehicle.

Bartlesville police were able to identify the man in the video as Quincy Wilson and arrested him in Tulsa, 45 miles south of Bartlesville, on Wednesday. Bartlesville police captain Andrew Ward told local news station KTUL that an alleged kidnapping from a workplace was extremely rare and that the incident appeared to be random.

However, he also mentioned that police had received a call earlier in the day where a person matching Wilson’s description had walked into a nearby office and turned off the lights. This, along with the fact that the SUV had been parked in a secluded loading bay directly outside the hardware store’s side entrance, led the police to believe that the attempted kidnapping was premeditated.

According to inmate records on the Washington County Jail, Mr Wilson is facing one charge of kidnapping and is currently in custody on $150,000 bond. The victim of the attempted kidnapping is said to be shaken but thankfully, physically unharmed from the incident.

The community is in shock, and many are calling for stricter security measures to be put in place to ensure the safety of employees and customers at all retail stores. The investigation is still ongoing, and the police are urging anyone with information about this incident to come forward.


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