Prince Harry and Elton John Sue UK Newspaper

A group of individuals including Prince Harry and Sir Elton John have launched legal action against the publisher of the Daily Mail newspaper over phone hacking allegations.

A law firm acting for some members of the group announced the action on Thursday against Associated Newspapers.

The action claims the individuals “have become aware of compelling and highly distressing evidence” they have been “victims of abhorrent criminal activity” and “gross breaches of privacy by Associated Newspapers”.

The statement released by law firm Hamlims claims breaches of privacy by the publisher, including placing listening devices inside people’s cars and homes as well as commissioning the bugging of live, private telephone calls.

Also in the group is Baroness Doreen Lawrence, David Furnish, Elizabeth Hurley and Sadie Frost, the statement added.

Prince Harry and Sadie Frost are being represented by Hamlins LLP while Sir Elton John and Baroness Doreen Lawrence – the mother of murder victim Stephen Lawrence – are represented by gunnercooke.

The allegations include the commissioning of individuals to “surreptitiously listen into and record people’s live, private telephone calls whilst they were taking place” and the impersonation of individuals to obtain medical information from private hospitals, clinics, and treatment centres by deception.

Additional claims include the accessing of bank accounts, credit histories and financial transactions through illicit means and manipulation.

“These individuals have been the subject of public interest during the course of their careers and personal lives. They are united in their desire to live in a world where the press operates freely, yet responsibly. A press that represents truth, is sourced in fact and can be trusted to operate ethically and in the interests of the British public,” the statement said.

Prince Harry successfully sued Associated Newspapers in the past, with a judge ruling in July that parts of an article in The Mail On Sunday were defamatory.

And in 2021 he accepted an apology and “substantial damages” over false claims he snubbed the Royal Marines after stepping down as a senior royal.

This summer the Duke of Sussex launched a legal challenge against the Home Office over a decision to withdraw his permanent security team amid “tensions” around his exit from the royal family,

His legal counsel argued the decision was unfair because Prince Harry did not know details of how it was made and was not given the opportunity to make representations to the board involved.

A representative previously said that he wants to bring his children to visit from the US, but he and his family are “unable to return to his home” because it is too dangerous. In February 2020, the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures (known as Ravec) announced that the duke, his wife and children would no longer be automatically granted police protection on visits to the UK.

The High Court was told that the duke did not know the committee existed, or that members of the royal household were involved, and believed that its decisions were “independent”.

Meghan Markle also won damages following a three-year legal battle against Associated Newspapers for printing parts of a letter to her father.

Trailer Detaches from Semi Truck Killing Mom and Teen Son

A trailer detached from a semi truck driving down a highway in northwestern Indiana, causing a deadly wreck that killed a mother and her teenage son, investigators say. Angela Oehmen, 36, was driving east on U.S. Highway 30 — near the town of Wanatah — before 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 4, the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office said in a release.

Her 14-year-old son, Joseph, was in the passenger seat of their 2022 Kia, and a second child was in the back seat of the vehicle. Ahead of them, a trucker had just pulled onto the highway after visiting a truck stop, heading in the same direction, the release said.

Suddenly, the trailer came completely loose from the big rig and Oehmen crashed into the back of it. She and Joseph died at the scene, the sheriff’s office said. The child in the back seat, who was not identified, was taken to a hospital with injuries to their upper body.

The truck driver was not injured, according to the release. An investigation is underway. No arrests have been made, and investigators are awaiting the results of a toxicology test. The sheriff’s office did not say what may have caused the trailer to separate from the truck.

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Federal Agents Say They Have Enough Evidence to Charge Hunter Biden

Federal agents investigating Hunter Biden believe they have gathered enough evidence to charge the first son with tax crimes as well as a false statement related to a gun purchase, according to a new report.

The final decision on whether to charge the 52-year-old will be made by Delaware US Attorney David Weiss, who was appointed to the post by former President Donald Trump.

The Washington Post, citing people familiar with the investigation, reported that agents had determined months ago that they had assembled a viable criminal case against Hunter Biden. The newspaper reported that the investigation, which started by focusing on Hunter’s overseas business dealings, has shifted to whether he reported all his income from overseas transactions — as well as whether he lied about his history of substance abuse on a firearm purchase form in 2018.

Hunter Biden himself announced in December 2020 that his “tax affairs” were being investigated by federal authorities in Delaware, and said he was “confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately.”

At some point after that announcement, the first son paid off a tax bill totaling around $2 million.

Joe Biden has repeatedly insisted he has “never spoken” with his son Hunter about “his overseas business dealings.” However, a survey of the elder Biden’s activities while vice president suggests a different story.

In 2015, for example, Joe and Hunter Biden attended a DC dinner where the guest list included Russian billionaire Yelena Baturina and her husband, former Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov, according to records from a laptop that formerly belonged to Hunter Biden.

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“Dancing” Groom Dislocates His Elbow at Own Wedding Reception – VIDEO

A couple spent their wedding night on a hospital bed after the groom dislocated his elbow while strutting his stuff on the dancefloor.

Adam Quinn tried to woo his new wife Helen by moshing to a hardcore metal song on a booze-soaked dancefloor at their wedding reception in Sydney, Australia.

In painful footage of the celebrations, Adam is seen tumbling over and smashing his elbow into the ground as his horrified wife flees. Paramedics and his wife – who was still in her wedding dress – then rushed Adam to hospital where he was treated and given morphine for the pain.

Rather than cuddling up in a lavish hotel room for the start of their honeymoon, the couple spent their first night as man and wife in Emergency on a hospital bed.

Sharing a picture of the night on Instagram, Helen is seen lying on her new hubby – who’s hooked up to machines and has his arm wrapped up in a sling. The picture was captioned: “In sickness and in health #weddingday”.

Tom Healy, a videographer who recorded the couple’s big day, caught the moment giddy Adam tumbled on the dancefloor.

The clip starts with the groom telling his new bride how he “loves her very much” before he belts out the lyrics to the metal tune. Adam’s groomsman is at hand to help him zoom around the dancefloor before the momentous slip.

As he goes down, Adam can be seen holding out his arms to break his fall – which is how he injured his elbow.

By sprinting away from the dancefloor, Helen avoided seeing the painful moment. Speaking with reporters, she says: “He came out to me and he was as white as a ghost. He told me that he thought he had broken his arm. It turned out he had dislocated his elbow. We basically just snuck out the back door of the reception. It’s pretty embarrassing and I get a little triggered looking at the photos and watching the video.”

A few hours later, a sheepish Adam recounted the events in another video.

He said: “I was singing a classic love song, I thought it was really romantic. But then I took a spill on a Corona! I think I’ve dislocated my elbow.”

The couple – who were together for six years before their wedding – have a 17-month-old son.

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Man Taken to Morgue in Body Bag… Then He Opens His Eyes

When a man’s body bag was unzipped the day after it had arrived at a morgue, staff were greeted by an unsettling strange sight: There was fresh blood on the man’s hospital gown from a skin tear on his arm, two of his limbs had moved from their original position… and his eyes were open.

A state coroner’s office in Perth, Australia, is now investigating alarming claims from a doctor that the 55-year-old man may have been taken to the hospital morgue while he was still alive.

This horror story concerns the final hours of Kevin Reid, a patient who was in palliative care at the Rockingham Hospital. It came to light after the concerned physician also claimed that hospital officials asked him to backdate Reid’s death certificate in an apparent bid to cover up the incident.

“I believe the frank blood from a new skin tear, arm position and eye signs were inconsistent with a person who was post-mortem on arrival at the morgue,” reads part of the anonymous doctor’s report to the coroner, which was first reported by Business News.

It’s alleged that Reid was placed in the body bag on the night of Sept. 5 without a death certificate having been issued. Other staff at the hospital reportedly confirmed that his eyes had been closed and he’d been dressed in a clean gown before being taken to the hospital’s morgue, where the doctor performed his examination and recorded the death as Sept. 6.

This discrepancy was spotted by a funeral director, who questioned the hospital as to why the death certificate said Reid died on Sept. 6 when the night before his family members were present at the hospital and were told their loved one had died.

It was at that point that the doctor was allegedly asked to backdate the death certificate—a request which the physician refused. The doctor has since quit his role at the hospital, The Guardianreports. “I believe there is governance, compliance and integrity issues,” the doctor’s report for the coroner added.

Opposition health spokeswoman Libby Mettam described the case as horrific. “It is deeply disturbing that a direction may have been given to a doctor to backdate the death certificate,” she said, adding: “It reeks of a cover-up.”

While rare, incidents of people being incorrectly declared dead are not completely unheard of, including in the U.S. In 2020, a 20-year-old Michigan woman was declared dead by paramedics and taken to a morgue in a body bag. Hours later, a funeral walker preparing to embalm her body found her breathing with her eyes open.

At Least 38 Dead After Man Attacks Thai Day Care Center

Thirty-eight people, including 24 children and a pregnant teacher, were died in northeastern Thailand on Thursday after a former police officer who had just appeared in court on drug charges went on a shooting and stabbing spree at a day care center, police said.

As he fled the scene of the massacre, the attacker drove into people and shot bystanders before traveling home where he killed his wife and their child, police said.

The suspect used a 9mm handgun but mainly attacked the children with a knife, a police press conference confirmed later Thursday.

Paisal Luesomboon, a police spokesperson, told the ThaiPBS TV channel that witnesses saw the attacker use a knife and a gun.

“He started shooting, slashing, killing children at the Utai Sawan day care center,” he said.

At least 12 people were wounded, eight of them seriously, and were receiving medical treatment, the office of Police Gen. Surachete Hakparn said.

Among those who died in Uthai Sawan, which is 310 miles northeast of Bangkok in the province of Nong Bua Lamphu, were 19 boys and three girls, police said.

The suspect, whom police named as 34-year-old Panya Khamrab, had served at Na Wang Police Station in Nong Bua Bamphu province until he was arrested with methamphetamines last year, officials said.

Khamrab took his own life after the rampage, the officer in charge of the case, Col. Jackrapat Wijitwaitaya, told NBC News.

The suspect had appeared in court hours earlier Thursday on a drug charge that saw him fired from the police last year.

Khamrab entered the center at lunchtime when about 30 children were present, local official Jidapa Boonsom told Reuters. One teacher who was shot dead was eight months pregnant, she said.

Pictures circulating on social media, which have not been verified by NBC News, show children’s bodies lying in a room with alphabet posters and colorful learning material on the walls.

Police urged people to not share graphic pictures and videos of the scene.

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has also ordered Lt. Gen. Yanyong Wech-Osoth, the commander in chief of the police, to fly to Nong Bua Lamphu to help with the investigation.

Mass shootings are rare in Thailand, but not unknown.

In 2020, a soldier who was angry over a property deal gone sour killed at least 29 people and wounded 57 in a rampage that spanned four locations.

Jon Ungphakorn, a former Thai senator, wrote on Facebook that Thailand should have “strict gun control and restrictions like Japan, England and many European countries,” but added that this would require a citizen-led government to be realized

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Alec Baldwin Reaches Settlement in ‘Rust’ Shooting – Movie to Resume Filming

Alec Baldwin has reached a settlement with Halyna Hutchins’ family about the movie Rust.

Hutchins was working as director of photography on the film when a prop gun the 64-year-old actor was holding accidentally fired at her on set, causing fatal injuries.

In February, the cinematographer’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Baldwin and others involved in the production of Joel Souza’s American Western film.

However, a settlement has been made and Hutchins’ husband Matthew will now serve as executive producer on Rust, which is set to go ahead.

Matthew Hutchins, who shares a son with his late wife, said in a statement: “We have reached a settlement, subject to court approval, for our wrongful death case against the producers of Rust, including Alec Baldwin and Rust Movie Productions, LLC. As part of that settlement, our case will be dismissed.

“The filming of Rust, which I will now executive produce, will resume with all the original principal players on board in January 2023.

“I have no interest in engaging in recriminations or attribution of blame (to the producers or Mr. Baldwin). All of us believe Halyna’s death was a terrible accident.

“I am grateful that the producers and the entertainment community have come together to pay tribute to Halyna’s final work.”

Baldwin’s attorney, Luke Nikas of Quinn Emanuel, added: “Throughout this difficult process, everyone has maintained the specific desire to do what is best for Halyna’s son.

“We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the resolution of this tragic and painful situation.”

Souza was also injured in the prop gun misfire, although he recovered and was released from hospital shortly after.

In the latest news, it’s been revealed that he’ll return to Rust as director, saying in a statement: “Those of us who were lucky enough to have spent time with Halyna knew her to be exceedingly talented, kind, creative, and a source of incredible positive energy.

“I only wish the world had gotten to know her under different circumstances, as it surely would have through her amazing work.

“In my own attempts to heal, any decision to return to finish directing the film could only make sense for me if it was done with the involvement of Matt and the Hutchins family.

“Though certainly bittersweet, I am pleased that together, we will now complete what Halyna and I started.

“My every effort on this film will be devoted to honoring Halyna’s legacy and making her proud. It is a privilege to see this through on her behalf.”

Flight Attendant Steals Passenger’s $8000 Bracelet

Just because an airport’s carry-on security checkpoint is loaded with TSA officials doesn’t mean the belongings you place into bins are safe from theft. Just yesterday, a 60-year-old Republic Airways flight attendant was arrested at Reagan National Airport in Arlington, according to reports, after swiping a passenger’s $8,000 bracelet while going through the TSA line.

The owner of the bracelet had placed her jewelry in a bin that was moving on a conveyor belt, as required by TSA, but after she herself went through security and caught up to the bin, her bracelet was missing.

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority spokeswoman Crystal Nosal said Rebecca Valley, 60, of Wesley Chapel, Fla., works for the regional carrier and was charged with one count of grand larceny. The owner of the jewelry reported that it was valued at $8,000, Nosal said. …

TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said in an email that the victim, who has not been identified, told security workers that her jewelry was missing after she went through the checkpoint.

Officers from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department and TSA examined recordings of the checkpoint and saw “a second traveler in a flight attendant’s uniform pick up the jewelry,” Farbstein said. Police found the alleged thief in the airport terminal.

And just a week before yesterday’s incident, a gentleman was arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport, according to Yahoo!, after pinching another passenger’s wedding band from the TSA security checkpoint. The thief was booked on a flight that was about to take off but authorities got to him first.

“This is a story with a happy ending,” said Federal Security Director Thomas Carter. “The video was sharp and there was a clear image of what the thief looked like. The police understood the urgency in tracking down the man before he was able to fly off.”

Personally, it always makes me nervous putting items in bins that are moving faster than the passengers trying to move through the TSA’s x-ray machines and human scanners. Maybe it’s best to leave the expensive stuff at home — assuming your house doesn’t get robbed while you’re away.

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Kanye West Calls BLM a ‘Scam’ Amid ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt Uproar

Despite fierce backlash from black celebrities — including a walkout from Jaden Smith — Kanye “Ye” West is not apologizing for his controversial “White Lives Matter” attire during Paris fashion week in France.

In fact, the 45-year-old rapper recently doubled down on his criticism of Black Lives Matter in a Tuesday Instagram story.

“Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter was a scam,” he declared, seemingly referencing the group’s multiple multimillion-dollar scandals. “Now its over You’re welcome.”

The Chicago-born rapper was addressing the controversy that began after he donned a T-shirt emblazoned with “White Lives Matter” while staging a surprise Yeezy fashion show that showcased his Season 9 clothing line. Various models, including Lauryn Hill’s 23-year-old daughter Selah Marley, also hit the runway in shirts bearing the slogan, which was created by white supremacists in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. It has since been labeled a “hate slogan” by the Anti-Defamation League.

Needless to say, the inflammatory fashion statement sparked a firestorm of backlash from celebrities of color, including Temple University Professor Marc Lamont Hill and Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

“I Had To Dip Lol,” tweeted Jaden after walking out of West’s fashion show in protest. He continued his criticism in a series of follow-up tweets: “True Leaders Lead. I Don’t Care Who’s It Is If I Don’t Feel The Message I’m Out. Black Lives Matter. We Demand A More Progressive Future.”

“Kanye West decision to wear a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt is disgusting, dangerous and irresponsible,” Marc Lamont Hill fumed on Twitter. “Some of y’all will rush to defend him. You should ask yourselves why.”

In response to the outrage, West doubled down on his anti-BLM antics. Along with the aforementioned statement, the “Jesus Walks” singer also posed with conservative pundit Candace Owens for a photo that showed them wearing matching “WLM” shirts, which also feature the Pope’s face on the front.

Both celebs have been outspoken in their criticism of Black Lives Matter, which has come under fire after BLM leaders allegedly embezzled money from the organization to fund lavish lifestyles. Last month, BLM head Shalomyah Bowers was accused of “siphoning” more than $10 million in fees from donors to pay his consulting firm.

Black Lives Matter issued a statement after, denying wrongdoing. “Under Shalomyah Bowers’ leadership and the work of Bowers Consulting, BLMGNF has charted a path of responsibility,” the statement read. “The exact opposite of what Melina Abdullah and BLM Grassroots’ baseless lawsuit claims.”

Meanwhile, in March, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors allegedly used charity funds to pay her brother and child’s father eye-watering sums of cash for various services, according to tax documents filed with the IRS.

Cullors issued a statement after, admitting to throwing parties with funds but denying further wrongdoing.

“The idea that [the foundation] received millions of dollars and then I hid those dollars in my bank account is absolutely false,” she said. “That’s a false narrative. It’s impacted me personally and professionally, that people would accuse me of stealing from Black people.”

25 Wedding Guests Killed After Bus Tumbles Down Gorge

A bus carrying a marriage party crashed and killed at least 25 people when it plunged down a steep gorge in India today.

A group of 45 to 50 people were celebrating a wedding as they rode the bus near Timari village in India’s Uttarakhand region.

The region’s chief minister said officials are overseeing a search and rescue operation.

It’s thought the death toll could rise further as some passengers were admitted to hospital in critical condition.

“State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) teams have been mobilised and rushed to the accident spot”, said chief minister Pushkar Singh Dhami.

He added: “We are trying our best to rescue the people and take them to the hospital at the earliest. Local villagers are helping in the effort.”

Speaking with the Times of India, unidentified officials said rescuers are struggling with the difficult terrain around the site of the crash.

Just last month, another gorge crash saw at least 16 young children slain after their schoolbus plunged into a ravine.

Another 20 were left injured after the bus – which was reportedly packed way beyond capacity – launched off a hillside and tumbled 100ft down a ravine in India’s Jammu and Kashmir state.

The death toll rose over the course of the day after multiple victims were admitted to hospital in critical condition, police said.

The majority of the victims were students of a government school in the northern region.

Two young lads aged five and 14, two teen girls, and a woman were among those who tragically died at about 8.30am Wednesday.

The minibus veered off the road when the driver lost control of the wheel, reports claimed.

It’s also been claimed the bus was carrying far too many passengers when it rolled down the Himalayan ravine.

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