“Wheel of Fortune” Star Pat Sajak is Mocked by Daughter

Wheel of Fortune star Pat Sajak was not safe from his daughter’s criticism after dropping a “dad joke” during a recent episode.

Sajak, 76, chatted to marathon runner and contestant, John, on Wednesday’s edition of the popular game show.

The contestant explained how he runs “half or full” marathons giving Sajak the perfect opening to make an awkward joke.

“I’m doing a 5K for charity next weekend. Normally, I don’t do it for any less than 10K, but it’s for charity,” he joked.

The clip was shared to Wheel of Fortune’s official Instagram account and featured a buzzer counting down to Sajak’s “incoming” dad joke.

The caption on the post read: “WARNING: The following video contains dad jokes.”

While many fans in the comments appreciated Sajak’s humor, his daughter Maggie could not let the silly joke slide.

She shared the clip to her Instagram stories, writing in the caption: “How generous of my dad!” and added a laughing, crying face emoji.

Maggie, 28, is a country music singer and joined Wheel of Fortune as its social correspondent in 2021.

Part of that role includes sharing exclusive digital content and behind-the-scenes
footage of the show including interviews with players, celebrities, staff, and crew, and sneak peeks at upcoming events.

As the daughter of the famous host, Maggie made her show debut as a one-year-old.

She even stepped in to be the official letter-turner on the puzzle board for one week of shows while Vanna White filled in for Sajak as he recovered from emergency surgery.

Doctors decided to operate on the host in November 2019 when they realized Sajak was suffering from a blocked intestine.

Sajak credited his daughter with helping him in his recovery and getting back on his feet. But she admitted feeling terrified during her father’s ordeal.

“I’d like to say I was a trooper at the beginning. I wasn’t,” she said on a Good Morning America appearance in 2020. “But I pulled myself together, and I’m just so happy he’s back in action and doing what he does.”

As if all that is not enough of an accomplishment, she graduated from Princeton University, and got her Master’s degree from Columbia University. The TV star is also about to finish her final year of law school.

“The Wheel of Fortune staff and crew have always been like an extended family and I’m thrilled to be working with them,” Maggie said on the show’s official website.

“It’s a real privilege to be able to treat the show’s longtime viewers to a look at what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Plus, I get to use the carpool lane with my father.”

Maggie is Sajak’s only daughter and comes from his marriage to photographer Lesly Brown in 1989. The couple is also the parents of Maggie’s older brother, Patrick.

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Second NHL Player Declines to Wear Pride Jersey

San Jose Sharks goalie James Reimer won’t take part in pregame warmups Saturday night, saying the team’s decision to wear Pride-themed jerseys in support of the LGBTQ community runs counter to his religious beliefs.

Reimer said in a statement Saturday that he made the decision based on his Christian beliefs, adding that he “always strived to treat everyone with respect” and that members of the LGBTQ community should be welcome in hockey.

“In this specific instance, I am choosing not to endorse something that is counter to my personal convictions, which are based on the Bible, the highest authority in life,” Reimer said.

Reimer is the second NHL player this season to refuse to take part in warmups with Pride-themed jerseys, with Philadelphia’s Ivan Provorov declining to in January. Reimer was not slated to start in Saturday night’s home game against the New York Islanders, which is Pride night.

Additionally, the New York Rangers opted not to wear Pride jerseys or use Pride stick tape as part of their night in January despite previously advertising that plan.

The Sharks said in a statement that they are proud to host Pride Night, saying the event reinforces the team’s commitment to inclusiveness.

“As we promote these standards, we also acknowledge and accept the rights of individuals to express themselves, including how or whether they choose to express their beliefs, regardless of the cause or topic,” the team said in a statement. “As an organization, we will not waver in our support of the LGBTQIA+ community and continue to encourage others to engage in active allyship.”

The You Can Play Project, which works to promote inclusiveness in sports, said the organization was disappointed in Reimer’s actions.

“Religion and respect are not in conflict with each other, and we are certainly disappointed when religion is used as a reason to not support our community,” the organization said. “Wearing pride jerseys, like any celebration jersey worn, is not about the personal feelings of an athlete; rather the communication from the team that a community is welcome in the arena and the sport.”

Marc-Edouard Vlasic wears the Sharks’ Pride Night jersey during warmups on March 18, 2023.
NHLI via Getty Images

Sharks captain Logan Couture's Pride Night jersey.
Sharks captain Logan Couture’s wore the Pride Night jersey ahead of San Jose’s game against the Islanders.
NHLI via Getty Images

Five Minors Die in Fiery Car Crash

Five children ranging from 8 to 17 years old were killed in a “very tragic” fiery car accident on a New York highway, police said.

The Nissan Rogue they were riding in veered off the Hutchinson River Parkway in Scarsdale, slammed into a tree and burst into flames around midnight on March 19, according to a news release from the Westchester County Police Department.

A 9-year-old boy who had been riding in the hatchback escaped and was the sole survivor of the crash, police said. He was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

The five who died — four boys and a girl — were family members, according to ABC7.

Police said they are all from Connecticut.

A 16-year-old boy was believed to be driving at the time of the accident.

He did not have a license or permit at the time, according to CBS New York.

The incident remains under investigation, police said.

“We as parents lost 5 of our children in a very tragic accident and need help deeply with giving them a great home going service,” a GoFundMe page created to raise money for funeral expenses states.

The accident is “an absolutely heartbreaking tragedy,” Connecticut State Representative Mary Welander wrote on Facebook, adding that the family lived in Derby, about 75 miles northeast of New York City.

“I will be working with the mayor and school district to do whatever we can to support the family,” Welander said.

Scarsdale is about 25 miles northeast of New York City.

Rosie O’Donnell Shuts Down Madonna Rumor

Rosie O’Donnell has rejected a claim on social media that her longtime friend Madonna is “troubled.”

Comedian O’Donnell, 60, has been decades-long friends with pop star Madonna, 64, ever since they starred together in the 1992 movie A League of Their Own.

Over the years, Madonna has faced public criticism from a number of social-media users and celebrities alike, with accusations of plastic surgery and other swipes at her appearance. Madonna has also faced ageist remarks about her racy image. Some of her previous projects continue to be criticized by conservative commentators.

Last week, O’Donnell shared two videos on TikTok in which she spoke candidly about partying with Madonna at the singer’s former mansion in Miami.

The TV personality admitted that the gatherings weren’t particularly wild. Spending time with Madonna in the sun-kissed Floridian city inspired her to purchase a property of her own there. O’Donnell now resides in California, however.

While O’Donnell spoke fondly of the time she spent with her superstar friend, a number of her TikTok followers asked whether they remain close.

When one questioned O’Donnell over whether she remained in contact with Madonna, the former co-host of The View responded, “of course.”

“What happened to your relationship with Madonna?” another asked, prompting O’Donnell to write back: “Nothing—still going strong.”

“Are you still friends with her? She seems troubled these days,” read another comment, to which O’Donnell replied: “She’s great—trust me.”

“Love your stories about Madonna,” said one of O’Donnell’s followers. “The hate against her is overwhelming at times.”

“Yes but she’s a rebel, an artist, an outlaw and she always delivers,” O’Donnell said in response, calling Madonna a “one-a-generation star.”

In one of her videos, O’Donnell said that Madonna’s social gatherings “were great parties, the ones in Miami at a beautiful house on Biscayne Bay. I almost bought that house, and then she changed her mind and didn’t want to sell it. But beautiful house—beautiful. She used to let me stay in it all the time.”

Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell exercise together
Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell are pictured exercising together on an episode of “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” on March 13, 1998 in New York City. The two starred together in the 1992 movie “A League of Their Own.” Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

“I had my own house in Miami for many years really because of Madonna,” O’Donnell added. “I never was a person who vacationed in Florida until after A League of Their Own.

“I went and stayed with [Madonna] and I thought, ‘This is how the rich people live.’ … And now my house is decorated almost exactly like how [Madonna’s] houses were decorated when I first met her—white furniture and nice wood.”

In a 2018 interview with The Cut, mother-of-six Madonna spoke about the ageism she has faced. The musician said: “It’s an outdated, patriarchal idea that a woman has to stop being fun, curious, adventurous, beautiful or sexy past the age of 40. It’s ridiculous.

“Why should only men be allowed to be adventurous, sexual, curious, and get to have all the fun until the day they leave this Earth?” Madonna added. “Why should that only be the domain of men? How do we fight this?

“By standing up to men and by standing up to social mores or standards that say we cannot. The more women that do it, it will just be a matter of time.”

Hollywood Actor Unrecognizable as He Transforms for Talk Show Appearance

“Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston rocked a brand-new look during a chat show appearance earlier this week.

The Hollywood star was unrecognizable as he appeared on The Tonight Show to be interviewed by Jimmy Fallon, donning a blond wig and a pair of sunglasses to help him transform his image.

Known for his huge role as terminally ill drug-dealer Walter White on hit series Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston looked world’s away from his character and his usual self.

The Emmy award winner, 67, changed into costume on the show for a bit where he got on stage and danced while DJing – completely disguising his appearance.

He donned sunglasses, a blond wig, fake chest hair and a pink shiny jacket for the skit as he and Jimmy danced for the studio audience.

The actor’s hilarious get up was inspired by a famous singer songwriter, who Bryan had said he’d like to play in a biopic in a previous interview.

Chatting to Jimmy when probed on the topic previously, he said: “I think I resemble him, I’m old and craggy.

“So yeah, I think I can do Willie Nelson.”

Jimmy persuaded Bryan to don a Willie Nelson inspired wig and bandana in another funny bit, much to the delight of the laughing and cheering studio audience.

The looks are worlds away from his famous character’s statement style.

Walter White appeared with a bald head, glasses and groomed facial hair for the whole of the Breaking Bad series.

Meanwhile Bryan boasts thick dark grey hair in real life and has a long moustache and is spectacle-free.

Elsewhere in his Tonight Show interview, it was revealed that a pair of tighty-whitey underwear from Breaking Bad recently went up for auction and sold for $32,500.

Despite the pair being used as set decoration and never actually being worn by Bryan, they still fetched the absurd price.

The actor pointed out the pair was never actually worn and joked with Jimmy: “The ones that are soiled go for much higher.”

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Lawmaker Emergency Lands Plane on Long Island Beach

A New York state assemblyman landed a small plane on a Long Island beach after the aircraft experienced engine failure.

Assemblyman Clyde Vanel said he landed the airplane at the nearest safe location while he was out practicing maneuvers in his airplane.

A video shows the plane making the emergency landing on Long Island’s Shoreham Beach.

“As per my training, I landed the airplane at the nearest safe location, while attempting to minimize damage to persons or property. I am thankful that I was able to walk away without injury,” Vanel said in a post on Twitter

“The FAA’s training on emergency procedures works. For all my fellow pilots, follow the emergency procedures – it will save your life,” he added.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that a single-engine Beechcraft V35 made an emergency landing on the beach in Shoreham, New York, due to a reported engine issue around 2:15 p.m. on Friday. Two people were on board the flight. 

The FAA said it is investigating the incident.

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Actor Peter Hardy Found Dead on Beach

Peter Hardy, an Australian actor who appeared in episodes of Neighbours and McLeod’s Daughters, died in an apparent snorkeling accident last week. He was 66. The actor died at a Western Australian beach days before another man drowned at the same beach.

Hardy was identified as the man who drowned at Fremantle’s South Beach on Thursday, March 16, reports Australia’s 9 News. His friend Andy Burns said Hardy was visiting from London, where he lived in a canal boat. Hardy was reportedly visiting his elderly mother. Fremantle is a port city in the Perth metropolitan area.

On the morning of March 16th a dear friend was taken from us… the amazing and beautiful Peter Hardy drowned while…Posted by Andy Burns on Friday, March 17, 2023

“Words cannot express how deeply I feel this loss, We’ve been close friends since living together in Neutral Bay Sydney in the mid-80s,” Burns wrote in a heartbreaking Facebook post. “He was a superb actor a wonderful singer and [a] guitarist he also played drums and sax. He always loved performing in the theatre as well as film and TV.” Burns sent his condolences to Hardy’s friends, family, and his girlfriend Lyssa.

Another man was pulled from the water near the same spot where Hardy was found on Sunday at around 1:30 p.m. The man’s identity has not been revealed, but he is believed to be in his 30s. A maritime rescue vessel found the man unresponsive about 50 meters offshore, police said. He was taken to a nearby harbor where paramedics performed CPR, but the man could not be revived. Police are still investigating the two drownings.

Hardy began acting in Australian film and television shows in the mid-1980s, according to his IMDb page. One of his first major roles came in 1995 and 1996 when he starred as Sid O’Reilly in Swar. in 1997, he starred n three episodes of the long-running soap opera Neighbours. The Perth-born actor also starred as Phil Rakich in 44 episodes of McLeod’s Daughters from 2006 to 2009. He also starred in a stage production of Mamma Mia!.

“I’m devastated to say that my brother, Peter Hardy, passed away suddenly this morning,” Hardy’s brother, Michael Hardy, wrote on social media, via The Independent. “Rest in Peace, my beloved little brother.” 

Walmart Killer’s Gesture Leaves Crowd Gasping

A suspected murderer who allegedly plowed into shoppers at a Walmart, killing a veteran, has left a courtroom stunned with his actions toward a judge.

Khalil Pugh, 18, gave the judge two middle fingers and was then carted out of court by bailiffs after being denied bail for his alleged involvement in the senseless crash.

Pugh’s gesture sparked audible gasps from the horrified audience, and one apparent family member walked up to the man to tell him to “get his act together,” local CBS affiliate WCTV reports.

“That’s what you call having no remorse,” an officer said after the outburst.

Thomasville police are seeking to try him for murder after evidence suggested the crash was intentional, investigators said.

Pugh zoomed a gray Toyota Camry through the parking lot of a Georgia Walmart and smashed it into the front doors just before noon on Wednesday.

The violent crash took the life of Florida veteran Kenneth Kennedy, 66, who served in the Army for 25 years and worked for the U.S. Postal Service for another 17.

Local reports found that at least three others were injured in the crash but a straight number has yet to be confirmed by officials.

Pugh attempted to run away but was caught by shoppers near the scene, authorities say.

Surveillance footage captured the car going well above the speed limit before smashing into the building, the local outlet reports.

A shocking mugshot of the suspect shows him smiling eerily in the wake of the fatal crash.

According to police, the suspect had gotten in trouble previously for attempting to steal cars at a separate location.

Another individual was in the passenger seat and was taken in for questioning.

It’s unclear if the person will be hit with charges.

Pugh is facing 11 charges including malice murder, felony murder, homicide by vehicle, aggravated assault with intent to murder, driving under the influence, and reckless driving.

Anyone who may have witnessed the crash has been asked by police to come forward.

Meanwhile, Kennedy, an active member at a Monticello church, is set to be laid to rest on Monday at the Tallahassee National Cemetery.

Family and friends are remembering him as a loving family man.

“He never met a stranger and was a true friend to all who knew him,” his obituary states.

He is survived by his wife, daughter, and two grandchildren.

On Friday, the suspect was seen holding up his middle fingers at a judge in a disgusting court outburst
On Friday, the suspect was seen holding up his middle fingers at a judge in a disgusting court outburstCredit: WCTV

Pugh was escorted out of the courtroom after the outburst
Pugh was escorted out of the courtroom after the outburstCredit: WCTV

Oprah “Distances Herself” from Harry and Meghan with Unexpected Coronation Bombshell

Oprah Winfrey has revealed whether she thinks Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should attend King Charles’ Coronation.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have confirmed they have been invited as part of the 2,000-strong congregation at Westminster Abbey – but we still don’t know whether they will actually attend.

Harry and Meghan, who were recently told they must leave Frogmore Cottage shortly after the momentous weekend, may decide to stay in California while celebrations take place in the UK.

There are a number of key issues to address, with relations between Harry and his family at an all time low and the historic event awkwardly taking place on Prince Archie’s birthday.

Now Oprah, who attended the Sussexes’ wedding back in 2018 and famously secured that controversial interview three years later, has given her opinion on the Coronation saga.

Presenter Gayle King, who is also a good friend of Harry and Meghan, asked the chat show legend: “Do you think they should go, do you think they should not go? Is it something you’d like to comment on? I’m listening.”

Speaking on CBS Morning, Oprah replied: “I think they should do what they feel is best for them and for their family. That’s what I think.

“That’s what the bottom line comes down to. What do you feel like is the right thing for you?”

Quite tellingly, Oprah then added: “They haven’t asked me my opinion. No they have not.”

Some viewers agreed with Oprah’s comments – and said the couple should be supported with whatever they choose to do.

One person tweeted: “I agree. At the end of the day, whether we want them to go or not go to the coronation; it is ultimately their decision and not ours. I will support whatever decision they make.”

“I agree Oprah! They should do what feels right for them as a family. Not an easy decision- tough place to have to make such decision,” added another.Oprah has had her say on the Coronation

However, others suggested that Oprah might have been trying to separate herself from Meghan and Harry.

“Sounds like Oprah is distancing herself with this comment,” someone tweeted.

Another replied: “I like how Oprah was very clear, ‘they haven’t asked me… my opinion.’ So in other words, whatever they do, I have nothing to do with it. Gail an Oprah have this whole conversation rehearsed. lol”

While a third group of commenters claimed none of them should have been talking about the situation.

Hitting back, one person replied: “They haven’t asked for your opinion? So why give it? The Royals are none of your business.”

“I think it would be great if @GayleKing and @Oprah stopped expressing their opinion on the ‘family business’ of the royal family and our monarchy,” agreed another.

Oprah has been a close friend of Meghan and Harry, having attended their wedding in 2018 and interviewed the couple from her home in 2021.

One of the biggest talking points that emerged from Harry and Meghan’s explosive chat with Oprah Winfrey was when they revealed a senior royal questioned the color of their unborn son’s skin.

The couple sent shockwaves through the British monarchy when they spoke of their disgust at “concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he’s born”.

It even prompted William to defend the royals by saying: “We are very much not a racist family.”

Another claim that sparked confusion from the interview was that the couple married two days before their Windsor wedding in the garden of Kensington Palace.

In their Netflix docuseries, Harry and Meghan revealed that Oprah was one of the only people to visit them at Nottingham Cottage.

Harry said Oprah came over for tea and was stunned by where they were living, telling them: “No one would ever believe it.”

Oprah, who was the couple’s neighbour in California, is one of the possible candidates to be Princess Lilibet’s godmother and once said she “loves” her name.

But when asked about speculation that she was a shoe in for godmother in 2021, she said: “I don’t need to be a godmother, I’m a godmother by default.”

“I’m a neighbour, I’m a friend and all that, you probably need someone younger to be the godmother!”

Although it doesn’t necessarily rule her out, as Harry and Meghan are highly unlikely to take that as a valid reason to not pick such a great role model.

One of the names thrown into the godmother hat is Serena Williams, who is a close friend of the Sussexes and was also a guest at their 2018 wedding.

Other possibilities could be Meghan’s old friend Jessica Mulroney, Amal Clooney or Ellen DeGeneres.

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‘Downhearted’ Sir Rod Stewart is Unable to Sing After Sudden Illness

Sir Rod Stewart has updated fans on his condition after a sudden illness forced him to cancel a show in Australia.

Earlier today, the 78-year-old announced that he was unable to play his scheduled show in Geelong, Australia, as part of his A Day On The Green tour supported by Cyndi Lauper and Jon Stevens.

In a follow-up Instagram post, Sir Rod has now revealed that a viral infection has left him unable to sing.

“Hello my friends,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’m absolutely downhearted that I’m disappointing my fans who bought tickets to A Day On The Green. Late this morning I was advised that I have a viral infection and my throat is too irritated to sing.

“I’m only human and sometimes get sick just like you do. My greatest joy is performing for you, so I’m doing everything I can to get on the mend and get back on stage.”

Fans rushed to offer support to Stewart, and some revealed the hitmaker was struggling to sing earlier this week.

“You could see he struggled on Tuesday night towards the end but still brilliant concert,” one fan commented.

Another added: “Take it easy Rod! We totally understand! We all want you to be well and at your best very soon.”

“You’re in our hearts, you’re in ours souls. Get well soon! Bless you,” a third wrote.

Earlier today, Sir Rod shared his bad news just six hours before he was due to appear on stage.

“Live Nation and Roundhouse Entertainment regret to announce that tonight’s performance by Rod Stewart, Cyndi Lauper and Jon Stevens at Mt. Duneed Estate, Geelong will not go ahead due to illness,” the statement read.

“We apologize for the disappointment and inconvenience for ticket holders. A further announcement regarding the concert arrangements will be made early next week.”

The statement was posted with a broken heart emoji.

It is currently unclear how the mystery illness will affect the rest of the tour as Sir Rod is booked to play in Adelaide on Tuesday.

Earlier this month, Sir Rod vowed not to retire from performing as it’s “what the good Lord put me on this earth to do” but said he wants to do less shows.

“I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t love it,” he told New Zealand radio network Newstalk ZB.

“But I want a new challenge. I’m not retiring though. If there’s a charity show and I have to sing Maggie May and Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? I’ll do it tomorrow.”

He said he was preparing to tour New Zealand in April– and revealed he takes four suitcases of clothes on the road.

He said: “I’ve always been a bit of a show-off when it comes to clothes. I’ve always thought it to be an extension of your personality.”

The packing has already begun, he said, adding: “A lot of it has already gone with the amps and the guitars.”

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