5 thoughts on “Megan Fox Discusses Letting Her Son Wear Dresses

  1. In today’s world feeling like the opposite sex seems normal today. If this 8 year old little boy wearing dresses at times, it’s hard for his boy schoolmates to understand and so he is made fun of. I think his mother is doing a disservice to him because since he is constantly made fun of, it will probs let make him be afraid of who he is.

    1. Your no better than the boys in school. Narrow minded, there are men who wear dresses, call them robes, or long shirts. He may grow out of this fashion, he may grow up be the best fashion designer because has 1st knowledge of flow, fit , feel of fabric.

  2. Megan needs to learn the boys at school are right boys don’t wear dresses. It seems like she complains a lot most of it brought on by her own poor choices. Megan seems to blame it everyone else but herself.

    1. Don’t judge someone, someone said about wearing their shoes. How would like to criticized for every decision you made, make or going to make

  3. Letting Noah wear dresses doesn’t strike me as wrong unless he is made to wear dresses. That doesn’t seem the case. It is sad he is being made fun of because he has a passion for clothes. If it was my son, I think I would encourage him to make his own designs and then get someone to make them… while I have him enrolled in sewing classes. His tastes will change through the years and who knows he may become a well known designer who is comfortable in his own skin, or he may totally change direction. Why not encourage his talents??

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