Monkey Goes on the Attack in Quiet Neighborhood (Video)

Indianapolis police have captured a ‘very aggressive’ fugitive monkey named Momo who raised hell in his neighborhood after escaping his owner’s house. 

The monkey fled from Wayne Pham’s home in the Irongate neighborhood in east Indianapolis Wednesday evening and and evaded local cops overnight, clambering on neighbor’s cars, necking cans of beer from trash cans and even injuring locals. 

‘Momo the monkey has been captured safely. That was more than enough monkey business for us,’ police said Thursday.

Momo appeared to be disappointed with his rescue in a photo shared by Indianapolis police, where a man is seen grasping him close and holding onto his tail. 

During a sighting of Momo Thursday morning, Pham attempted to lure the animal out of a tree with a peach, reported Fox 59.

Authorities said the escapee was running down a street on the east side of the city when a dog barked at him, causing him to jump into some trees. 

The Indianapolis Zoo told WTHR Momo is a patas monkey, which are well-known as the fastest primate on land, capable of running over 30 mph.

Multiple photos and videos have emerged on social media from neighbors who spotted the escape artist roaming through their yards, clambering on cars and even scratching on doors. 

‘There are reports of minor injuries from the monkey but we can’t confirm it is from bites,’ police said.

Stunned resident Karri Harbert shared a video on Facebook of the escaped Momo nonchalantly walking across the hood of her car.

‘I was starting to get out of my car again and the police (several of them) pulled up and told me to stay in the car that there is a very aggressive monkey on the loose,’ wrote Harbert.

Other videos show him strolling through the neighborhood and roaming around people’s lawns.

Another woman claimed he broke into her garage and drank from her Pepsi can.

‘He ran up in my garage, pinned against the door and I had to take a stool and put it between me and the monkey to kind of dodge the monkey away until I got into the house,’ she said.

Pham posted in the ‘Indy pets: Lost & Found‘ Facebook group pleading for help to find his missing monkey.

‘Please if you see him don’t approach him just call police or animal control,’ wrote Pham.

In the post he shared photos of Momo snacking Lays potato chips, revealing his taste for junk food. 

According to Pham’s previous posts in the group, this is not the first time Momo has made a great escape.

On July 10, he shared that Momo had gotten loose and was later found. 

Indiana is one of the 24 states where it is legal to own a pet monkey. 

Watch the video below:

Three Men Found Dead and Another with Deep Cut on Neck After ‘Taking Magic Mushrooms’

Three men were found dead with gunshot and knife wounds and a fourth one with a large cut on his neck inside an apartment building, apparently under the influence of ‘magic mushrooms.’

Emergency services rushed to an apartment in Roseville, Minnesota, after reports of three people unresponsive and a man with a deep cut on his neck.

Police officers arrived to find three men deceased and a fourth man with a “deep laceration” to his neck, it was reported. Crews were dispatched at around 2:30 a.m. (local time) today.

The three dead bodies had knife and gunshot wounds, police said. Further information on the circumstances under which the people were found unresponsive and how the injury of the man occurred is not yet available. The fourth man found with the cut to his throat was provided aid by police officers before being rushed to a hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Police said there was no threat to the public. Detectives remain on the scene to investigate the case alongside officers from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. The people involved had reportedly taken ‘magic mushrooms’, although this has not been confirmed by police.

The Roseville Police Department said in a statement: “On September 23, 2023, at 2:24 AM, Roseville Officers were dispatched to the 1600 block of Eldridge Avenue on a welfare check. Upon arrival, officers located one adult male with a laceration to his throat. While providing aid, officers located three additional adult males, all of whom were deceased from apparent knife and gunshot wounds.

“The initial male located by police was transported to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. At this time, there is no reason to believe there is an ongoing safety risk to the public. The Roseville Police Department is partnering with the Minnesota Bureau of Apprehension and will release additional details as they become available.

In a Saturday morning post on Twitter, MNCrime wrote: “ROSEVILLE: A Minnesota BCA team is assisting officers at an apartment building near Eldridge Ave. & Fry St. after an incident that occurred before 2:30 a.m. Officers were dispatched for a male reportedly with a large cut on his neck and three people unresponsive, possibly under the influence of ‘mushrooms.’ Officers found ‘three bodies’ inside the apartment and a man with a deep laceration to his neck. Further information on this incident is not yet available.”

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Matt Lauer Spotted ‘Giving Advice’ to Accused Sexual Harasser

Matt Lauer stunned locals when he was allegedly spotted having a sit-down chat with accused New York cafe owner Marie Eiffel, the subject of a federal human trafficking lawsuit brought forth by eight ex-employees.

The disgraced Today anchor was accompanied by a female pal while chatting with the owner on Wednesday for “well over an hour.”

An eyewitness said Eiffel feared her business would be done for good after news of the lawsuit was published via the Shelter Island Reporter, revealing claims from ex-employees who alleged she spanked, groped and choked them.

The plaintiffs had been employed by Eiffel in either 2021 or 2022 and were from Malaysia, Thailand, Colombia or Ecuador. Among the defendants is also the New York-based company InterExchange, which sponsored them to work in the U.S.

“The fact they both think it’s okay to be seen together is just mind-blowing,” one source told The Sun of Eiffel and Lauer. “This other woman was with Matt and she was also lending her support. She told Marie not to worry, that she’s ‘not on an island alone’ in this scandal, meanwhile, they are literally on an island, and it is basically #MeToo Island.”

According to the eyewitness, “Matt was telling Marie to try not to obsess about who amongst her employees had leaked to the press that she was facing this lawsuit.” has reached out to a rep for Lauer for comment.

Lauer has been staying low-key in the Hamptons since he lost his job on Today following sexual assault allegations, after which his wife, Annette Roque, officially filed for divorce from Lauer in Suffolk County, New York.

As for Eiffel, accusers claimed that she allegedly “routinely spanked Plaintiffs on the buttocks, groped female employees’ breasts, choked employees, and made sexually harassing, demeaning, and discriminatory comments about their race and looks.”

“In addition, Defendants engaged in wage theft by illegally failing to pay portions of Plaintiffs’ hard-earned wages and withholding Plaintiffs’ tips in violation of the N.Y. Labor Law,” according to the lawsuit.

Eiffel denied the allegations in a statement to the Reporter, claiming she had not been served but hired an attorney upon learning about the suit.

She also provided emails from recent foreign employees who praised her and thanked her for the opportunity of working at her cafe.

One in particular expressed gratitude to Eiffel for giving him the chance to learn “how to take care of myself or how to be independent or improve my English level.” They added, “I am very grateful to have you as my boss and friend.”

Joe Biden’s Mother Hated the Queen?

Joe Biden’s mother despised England so much she once chose to sleep on the floor rather than use a bed the late Queen had slept in.

Catherine Finnegan, known as Jean, and other members of the President’s maternal side of the family were particularly proud of their Irish origins – a trait Biden himself has boasted about on several occasions over the years.

But Mrs. Biden’s background also inspired a certain animosity toward the English and she reportedly ensured to make her position on England and the Royal Family very clear.

The President himself once recalled his mother had even refused to sleep in a bed at a hotel after being informed it had previously been used by Queen Elizabeth II.

Author Georgia Pritchett recalled in her Biden biography that the President once admitted Jean “hated the English” and had written several poems about it.

During a meeting at the White House, Biden went to find the poems to share some extracts with a visiting British screenwriter.

Pritchett continued: “He went off to find them and returned with hundreds of poems describing how God must smite the English and rain blood on our heads.”

The President’s late mother also made him promise he would “not bow” to the Queen before he met her while still serving as a Senator in 1982.

In a 2013 speech, Biden said he was sent into the meeting with firm instructions: “Joey, be polite but do not kiss her ring. Swear to God.”

And he wrote in his autobiography Promises to Keep: “When I told my mother I was going to have an audience with the Queen of England, the first thing she said was: ‘Don’t you bow down to her.’

“‘Remember Joey,’ she’d say, ‘you’re a Biden. Nobody is better than you. You’re not better than anybody else, but nobody is any better than you.'”

And Biden appeared to keep his promise to his mother as he did not bow to the Queen when he met her again for the first time since his inauguration in June 2021.

But despite Jean’s stance on the Royal Family, Biden admitted during his visit that the late Queen reminded him of his mother.

He said: “I don’t think [the Queen] would be insulted but she reminded me of my mother, the look of her and just the generosity.”

And he last year paid his tribute to Elizabeth II after her death, describing her as a “source of comfort and pride for generations”.

He said: “Queen Elizabeth II was a stateswoman of unmatched dignity and constancy who deepened the bedrock Alliance between the United Kingdom and the United States. She helped make our relationship special.

“We first met the Queen in 1982, traveling to the UK as part of a Senate delegation.

“And we were honored that she extended her hospitality to us in June 2021 during our first overseas trip as President and First Lady, where she charmed us with her wit, moved us with her kindness, and generously shared with us her wisdom.”

Goodwill Manager Calls Cops After Finding ‘Ancient’ Human Skull in Donation Box (Video)

A human skull with a false eye was recently found in a box donated to a Goodwill in Arizona, according to local authorities.

Police responded to the scene in Goodyear on Tuesday after learning “an actual human skull” may have been left there, according to Arizona Republic and ABC affiliate KNXV-TV.

A manager at the Sarival and Yuma Goodwill informed police about the odd discovery, according to the Goodyear Police Department.

GYPD Public Information Officer Lisa told KNXV-TV that the skull was found among “other taxidermy items” and never made it to the store’s floor.

“This is an unusual one,” Berry said.

The box the skull came in is believed to have been dropped off over the weekend, Berry told KNXV-TV.

Police agreed that the skull appeared to be a human skull upon observing the item at the scene, she said in a video posted on social media.

The skull was then transferred to the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office for further evaluation, Berry explained.

The GYPD said the medical examiner’s “initial findings confirm” that the skull belonged to a human and that it “appears to be historic.” 

Police said the skull “doesn’t appear to be linked to a crime” either. The “ancient” skull seemingly does not have “any forensic value at all,” Berry said in the video.

“Goodwill did do the right thing. Anything suspicious should always be reported,” said Berry, per KNXV-TV.

An investigation into the skull is ongoing, according to the Republic.

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Flight Forced into Emergency Landing After Passenger Poops ‘All Over’ Aircraft

A Delta flight from Atlanta to Barcelona was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing after a passenger “had diarrhea all the way through the plane.”

The Airbus A350 aircraft was two hours into a transatlantic flight from Georgia to Spain on Friday when the pilot asked to come back because of the fecal fiasco.

“This is a biohazard issue,” the pilot said to air traffic control recorded from and shared on X.

“We’ve had a passenger who’s had diarrhea all the way through the airplane, so they want us to come back to Atlanta.”

The identity of the passenger remains a mystery, but the passengers and crew were transferred and Flight DL194 finally made it to Barcelona at 5:10 p.m. the next day — eight hours later than scheduled, according to Flightradar24.

It is not known if the passenger who had the diarrhea problem was aboard the plane when it touched down in Spain.

An alleged Federal Aviation Authority flight strip was posted on Reddit, which appeared to confirm the situation involved “biohazard” all over the plane.

News of the sick passenger’s unfortunate mishap and the flight delay went viral on social media.

Cleaning crews were able to scrub down the aircraft once it landed in Atlanta since flight records show it was used for another flight.

Delta officials confirmed there was a “medical issue” on the plane and it had to be redirected to Atlanta to be cleaned, according to Insider.

The company, however, did not elaborate on the medical reason.

“Our teams worked as quickly and safely as possible to thoroughly clean the airplane and get our customers to their final destination,” a Delta spokesperson said. “We sincerely apologize to our customers for the delay and inconvenience to their travel plans.”

Delta passengers had a rough week in the air— another flight en route to Milan, Italy, had to be redirected to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Aug. 29 when it hit severe turbulence, injuring 11 passengers.

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Outrage After Reality TV Star Films Himself Running Over Deer in ‘Sick Video’

The ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ reality show star and farmer from Victoria, Australia who went on the Seven Network program in a bid to find love has been outed by someone who claims to follow him on Snapchat.

A user who reportedly follows Trewin on the platform came forward alleging he shared a video of himself in a car ‘literally running over a sambar deer’.

The social media user made the claim in a message to So Dramatic!’s podcast and the issue was discussed in episode 304.

They claimed: “Matt Trewin thought it would be funny to put a Snapchat Story of him literally

Deer hunting is legal in certain areas of Australia, however, you must have a deer hunting license according to Full Force Hunting.

It’s website states: “There are many locations all over Australia where creative sport hunters can pursue any of the six native species, providing that they act responsibly and considerably to the wild animals in the hunting area. Knowledge is vital for successful deer hunting in Australia along with expertise, ethics, and a strong passion for the natural environment.”

The footage has reportedly been seen by So Dramatic! and according to the outlet, Trewin can be seen in the vehicle at what appears to be night time – ‘around 9:30pm’ the outlet reports – deliberately setting out to hit the animal with the car.

While it’s okay to hunt some deer in certain areas, it’s not considered ethical to hunt the animal while in a vehicle and you’re not allowed to hunt them when it’s dark either.

According to section 47 of the Wildlife Game Regulations Act: “A person must not hunt, take or destroy game during the period commencing a half-hour after sunset on any day and ending a half-hour before sunrise on the next day.”

Section 49 reads: “A person must not hunt, take or destroy game from an aircraft or motor vehicle.” Both breaches result in the person who abused the rules being fined 20 penalty points.

In a statement to So Dramatic!, Trewin said he ‘can’t help if [the deer] are on the road’.

The farmer said: “I have a game hunting license and I also have permits to remove them from private property.”

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Woman URINATES on Floor of Spirit Airlines Plane (Video)

A woman was caught urinating on the floor of a plane after complaining that staff had prevented her from using the bathroom for two hours. 

Video posted online showed an unidentified woman squatting in the corner of what appears to be a Spirit Airlines jet urinating as a flight attendant, wearing Spirit Airlines’ black and yellow uniform, films her.

The woman yells at the flight attendant, saying she has needed to pee for two hours, but was told she was not allowed to and the bathroom doors were closed.

The incident comes amid a spate of unruly passengers onboard planes in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

In the short video posted online Thursday, the woman claims she was denied bathroom access onboard a flight.’I need to piss two hours, you tell me you cannot, you close the doors,’ she tells the flight attendant filming her. 

The flight attendant filming her then says she should ‘say hello to the camera for me,’ to which the woman says the flight attendant should ‘blame yourself.’

Your plane is stopped, I said I cannot hold the pee.’You can do whatever you want,’ she tells the flight attendant. ‘You can send a warrant, arresting me is better than this.’

The flight attendant, meanwhile, tells her she should drink some water ‘because your pee smells disgusting.’ At the end of the 20-second video, the passenger gets up and pulls up her pants, before she starts to walk away. 


The woman claims in the video she was denied access to the bathroom for two hours. She is seen here lifting her pants at the end before she walks away

The incident comes as passengers continue to have outbursts on flights, as travel booms internationally following the COVID pandemic.

Earlier this month, an unruly business class passenger was kicked off a transatlantic United Airlines flight after he started complaining that his meal choice was unavailable. 

Multiple people, both in the air and on the ground once the flight diverted, recorded the man ranting about how he didn’t get his desired meal – saying he was ‘treated like s**t’ after forking out $1,000 extra for a business class ticket. 

Passengers are usually offered a full three-course meal in addition to more food throughout the flight. 

The airline later confirmed that flight UA20 from Houston to Amsterdam was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Chicago because of passenger disturbance on July 9. 

The decision to divert the aircraft and remove the man, who was recorded harassing staff and other passengers, was made before the Boeing 777-200 was over the Atlantic Ocean.

The unidentified man in question was only around 2 hours and 30 minutes into the flight before he was forced to disembark. After the flight was refueled, the passengers were able to continue their transatlantic flight to Amsterdam. 

On another flight this month, two women began brawling in mid-air.

Video posted online showed the women getting into a frenzy, screaming and yelling at each other while being physically restrained by other passengers. 

Their antics caught the ire of those on board as frustrated travelers begged the women to ‘shut up’ and ‘get some class’, which only fueled their mania and led one to even strike a man on the head as she moved down the aisle. 

After hours of attempts to calm them failed, Frontier Airlines flight 2143 from Philadelphia to Las Vegas was diverted to Denver so the women could be hauled off by police. It is unclear if they faced any charges. 

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Man Dies During Nose Job After Clamp Goes into His Brain

A hotel worker has died after a clamp went into his brain while he was undergoing an operation on his nose in Peru.

Luis Fernando Dávila Castañeda was declared brain dead in hospital following the rhinoplasty procedure at a private clinic in the city of Tarapoto.

It has led to outrage from the family of the 40-year-old and authorities have confirmed they are investigating the case for possible medical negligence.

The surgery was carried out by Carlos Larios Villasis, in the San Martín clinic, and he contacted the family after Luis suffered irreversible brain damage, but they claim he also hung up when they persisted with questions, according to local media.

Luis was an administrator at the Hotel Boca Raton where his boss Edwin Puerta said that he knew that he was going to have rhinoplasty. He told how he contacted the hospital afterwards and they said that the operation had gone on for longer than normal with the patient now in a serious condition.

An X-ray showing the clamp
An X-ray showing the clamp ( Image: Jam Press)

He was transferred to a state hospital where medics discovered that he had the clamp in his brain and then announced that he was brain dead on July 7.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office immediately launched an investigation with the Peruvian National Police carrying out checks at the clinic and tried to interview the surgeon over alleged medical negligence.

But they could not find Carlos Larios Villasis with the family of the deceased patient having said that he had travelled to the capital Lima.

Luis’ uncle Héctor Quintana said: “We want justice. We hope the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office will thoroughly investigate the matter to determine who is responsible.”

He also wrote on facebook: “Good afternoon to everyone, the Davila Castaneda family wants to thank from the heart everyone who supporting us and also feeling the irreparable pain of losing Luis Fernando, especially Edwin Puerta, the owner of Hotel Boca Raton and the person who in general has been in all moments been available to help out.” Authorities are now investigating possible medical negligence ( Image: Jam Press) The investigation into Dávila’s death is ongoing.

Many people have taken to social media to offer their condolences to the family and pay tribute. One person wrote wrote on Facebook : “My sincerest condolences and I wish you all the strength at this time of so much pain.” Another said: “Still feeling the loss of someone we knew well. He had so much to live for, rest in peace Luis Fernando.”

Fallen Tree Traps Over 100 People in Agatha Christie’s House

A fallen tree blocking a nearby road trapped more than 100 people on Friday at the home of Agatha Christie, the late crime writer regarded as the best-selling novelist of all time.

One visitor to Christie’s Greenway House in England told DevonLive she arrived around 11:30 a.m. and had been stuck for hours.

“There is only one road in and out of Greenway,” Caroline Heaven said. “There is about 100 of us trapped here, at least 100, and the staff. It’s a shame really. They are doing a great job, they are giving us free teas and things. It’s a bit bleak.”

A spokesperson for National Trust, the owner of the home, confirmed to the Mirror that a “large tree” fell onto Greenway’s “single-track road” and has been obstructing all traffic in and out of the area.

The spokesperson said local police and highway officials were working to “get this resolved quickly as possible.”

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