Jude Law was ‘Revolting’ as Henry VIII in New Film

Jude Law wore a horrifying concoction of scents, a pungent blend of “blood, fecal matter and sweat,” to play Henry VIII in “Firebrand,” a historical thriller about the final days of the king and his sixth and last wife Katherine Parr.

“I read several interesting accounts that you could smell Henry three rooms away. His leg was rotting so badly. He hid it with rose oil,” Law said at Monday’s Cannes Film Festival press conference for “Firebrand,” which debuted at the Palais a day prior. “I thought it would have a great impact if I smelt awful.”

So, he found a perfume specialist to create a custom, revolting blend of smells to capture the odor of the king, who suffered from swollen ankles and leg ulcers in his final years. “She makes wonderful scents, and she also makes awful scents. She somehow came up with this extraordinary variety of blood, fecal matter and sweat.”

“Initially,” he said, “I used it very subtly and thought I’d use it myself.” But he then went rogue. “It became a spray-fest.”

The film’s director Karim Aïnouz shook his head as he remembered the stinky brew, which permeated the entire production. “When Jude walked in on set,” he said, “it was just horrible.”

“Firebrand” was greeted at Cannes with an eight-minute standing ovation, which was cut short because Alicia Vikander, who plays Katherine Parr, was motioning for the audience to stop so she wouldn’t cry. Adapted from the 2013 novel “Queen’s Gambit,” the film takes place in blood-soaked Tudor England as Parr outmaneuvers her husband to survive his tumultuous final days on the throne.

Despite embodying a monarch for the film, Law says he’s uninterested in the happenings of the aristocracy. Earlier in the press conference, the actor burst out laughing when he was asked by a journalist to share his thoughts on the British Royal family.

“I kind of see it like theater, although I’m slightly more obsessed by theater,” Law said. “But I’m not one for gossip. I don’t really enjoy it. I find no interest in it, and I don’t really enjoy following tittle tattle stories.”

But he is fascinated with the way the past can inform the current times. “There was something remarkable about looking at the photos of this medieval ceremony and how it applied to today made me feel very modern,” Law continued, alluding to the recent coronation of Charles III and Camilla.

Vikander is equally indifferent about the Swedish monarchy. “I agree with Jude on most things that he said. But yeah, I don’t follow it really myself.”

Though he played a cruel and mad character, Law remembers that he and Vikander kept it light on set. “It sounds really twisted because of course we did awful things to each other,” he said. “But my memory is that we were laughing a lot.”

DUI Crash Video Shows Man Pleading for Help for NFL Star

A man begged cops over and over again at the scene of the Henry Ruggs car crash in Las Vegas to get help for the ex-NFL star “ASAP” … newly released police video shows.

In the footage, which was captured on Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. officers’ body cameras just after Ruggs had crashed his Corvette into Tina Tintor‘s Toyota on Nov. 2, 2021, you can see one of the people at the scene of the fiery wreck was desperate to get aid for Ruggs.

Repeatedly, the man can be heard on camera telling a cop to have medical personnel rush to Ruggs quickly … as 23-year-old Tintor and her dog were dying in a blaze just feet away.

“I know somebody probably in there,” the man said of Tintor’s Rav4, “but this is Henry Ruggs right here. This is Henry Ruggs right here. He plays for the Raiders. He needs help ASAP.”

An officer told the guy to calm down … but he continued to plead for aid for the former wide receiver as cops surveyed the crash site.

“Hey, look, he plays for the Raiders,” the man repeated. “He needs help ASAP, bro.”

Eventually, a cop told the man and others at the scene medical responders were on their way to Ruggs, who was sitting on the street near a curb.

The video also shows just how horrifying the crash was — in the clip, you can hear explosions coming from Tintor’s vehicle as it burned in the middle of the roadway.

After the scene had been cleared, cops were seen on video discussing the crash … with one officer saying he believed he could see skid marks and debris several yards away from where the two vehicles came to a stop following the collision.

As we reported, Ruggs was ultimately hit with five charges over his role in the crash … after authorities alleged he had been traveling at 156 MPH while drunk just moments before he slammed into Tintor.

Ruggs, 24, reached an agreement with prosecutors to close out the case earlier this month … pleading guilty to one felony count of a DUI resulting in death and one misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter. In exchange, the rest of the charges against Ruggs were dropped.

As part of the deal, Ruggs agreed to spend 3-10 years behind bars. He’ll learn the exact length of the prison sentence at a hearing on Aug. 9.

Woman Wearing Noise Cancelling AirPods Runs Through Active Shooting Area (VIDEO)

Indy100 – A woman who went out for a jog unwittingly managed to run through an active shooting thanks to her noise cancelling AirPods.

TikToker Christina (@movementwithtina) from Atlanta posted a video of herself jogging as she smiled and posed with a peace sign at the camera.

But she was unaware of the sirens which can be heard in the background of the video.

“POV your AirPods are on noise canceling and your phone is on DND [Do Not Disturb] so you don’t realize you just ran through an active shooting,” she wrote in on-screen text.

In the post caption she added: “The sirens in the back and my blissful unawareness is sending me. But for real this was actually really intense and I’m so sorry for those injured and everyone impacted.”

Since sharing the video, it has gone viral with nearly 6m views, 1.1m likes and dozens of comments from people who warned about the dangers of wearing noise cancelling headphones when out and about.

One person wrote: “Natural selection.”

“As a runner, noise cancelling is SO dangerous. Glad you’re safe, but you should always be vigilant & aware while running!!” another person wrote.

Someone else added: “Everyone’s flaming you in the comments but one time I walked into a crime scene with noise cancelation on.”

“Settings accessibility sound recognition turn it on and choose sounds like sirens etc. And your iPhone will tell you when it sounds something like that,” a fourth person advised.

In a follow-up TikTok, Christina responded to one person who commented: “I’m sorry but AirPods noise cancellation is not that good lol.”

She took the opportunity to detail what happened and noted that “it’s still crazy” for her to say out loud.

“Basically, I live in Midtown, Atlanta, and I went on a 5k run,” the TikToker began.

“I went my usual route and I put my phone on Do Not Disturb – I always do that when I go on my run,” and added she thought she had a setting where important contacts could get through after calling more than once but later found out she didn’t have this setting on.

“I had my AirPods on noise cancelling because I was running through residential streets, and there’s always lots of people out there, and I never had any issues on those streets.

To get to the residential streets, I had to run through main parts of the city to get to those parts. So I ran past caution tape, a bunch of cops, ambulances, all this kind of stuff – swarms of people outside.”

Christina noted that because she lives in Atlanta that she is used to similar scenes – albeit “maybe not on that level,” leading her to believe it was construction or a car accident.

“So I kept running,” she said.

“Then once I realised there were more cops going down the residential streets, clearly they were looking for the shooter. That’s when I kind of started thinking something was up.

“I took a quick break and I looked at my phone, and I saw my boyfriend had tried to call me and had texted me multiple times saying like, ‘Hey, it’s on your route, please answer’.”

Christina then informed her boyfriend she was “totally fine” and ran home in a different direction.

While Christina didn’t discuss the details of the active shooting, she posted her original video on May 4.

On the same day there was an eight-hour manhunt in Midtown, Atlanta for 24-year-old Deion Patterson, a US Coast Guard veteran who was eventually arrested, suspected of fatally shooting a woman and wounding four others in a medical waiting room, CNN reported.


@movementwithtina the sirens in the back and my blissful unawareness is sending me. But for real this was actually really intense and im so sorry for those injured and everyone impacted 🖤 #atlanta #midtownatlanta #midtownatl #runningtok #runningtiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – Christina

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Pest Control Worker Caught Peeing All Over Customer’s Living Room (VIDEO)

When you gotta go, you gotta go, as the saying goes. Who cares if you’re a pest control worker who is supposed to be spraying a home for bugs? Actually, Roger Young of Young’s Pest Control did indeed spray the living room — just not via the normal pesticides.

Instead, he used his own … well, “substances.”

Unfortunately for Young, his decision to pee on a family’s couch and floor was caught on an-home camera. Based on the video, he figured that out and gave the appropriate reaction.

Before peeing all over the home, Young chased around the cat, the recording revealed.

We don’t know why. Perhaps he felt as if the cat qualified as a pest. Perhaps he then peed to mark his territory. Perhaps none of this makes sense.

Anyway, all of this took place in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. Young, 67, was hired by the Haida Village Apartments to help control pests. It seemed like the apartment complex was providing him with regular work.

So it makes you wonder if this is the first time he peed on someone’s couch — or if it is just the first time he got caught.

Young was eventually arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. Police aid when they asked why he did, his response was that he was “having a bad day and was sick of people.”

In other words, he may have been pissed off.


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Andre the Giant Left Passengers “Gagging and Crying” on Plane

Wrestling legend and man mountain Andre The Giant left plane passengers ‘gagging, puking and crying’ and applying their own mask after taking the ‘world’s biggest poo’ mid-flight.

The late and ex-WWF champion turned a 14-hour Boeing 747 trip from Tokyo to the US into a long-haul sh*te after he ‘went to town’ on the toilet.

Andre usually used the bathroom before boarding or even before going to the airport so he’d be ‘good for a day or two’.

Tragically for his fellow passengers, the 7ft 4in Frenchman had to rush to his seat this time due to a delay.

Brutus Beefcake, a fellow veteran in the ring, was on the fated flight and admitted that he ‘couldn’t breathe’ and other passengers ‘screamed’ as the smell filled the cabin.

Known as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ – Andre certainly produced something extraordinary on this occasion in the form of unexpected turd-ulance.

WWE Hall of Famer, Brutus, told Wrestling Shoot Interviews how a then 46-year-old Andre gave as good a performance on porcelain as he did on canvas saying he produced sounds that were ‘not human’ followed by a smell that completely filled the 76-metre long plane.

Brutus recalled: “I’ve never heard anything like it. The sounds that are coming out of there.

“The smell that started coming forward, the back of the plane had a lot of people. There were people falling out of their seats and into the aisles.

“Gagging, puking, crying, screaming, and we were all falling on the floor laughing ourselves sick.

“I couldn’t breathe. He must have half filled-up a garbage bag full of s**t.”

What had he been eating? You may well ask. According to Brutus his ablutions were almost as large as he was.

“He would eat 20 pounds of food per city, and so would s**t 20 pounds,” he said.

“I’ve been in different dressing rooms, like a hockey dressing room where there’d be a wooden bench, and you could put 20 people sitting there,” said Hulk.

“If Andre was to pass some gas, the whole bench would rumble all the way down to the end and vibrate the guy on the end of the bench. He used to think that was quite funny. His placement was very deliberate.”

The French pro wrestler, real name André René Roussimoff, sadly passed away in 1993 aged 46 due to congestive heart failure.

Airline Accidentally Flies Florida-Bound Passenger to Jamaica

A New Jersey woman who intended to visit Florida claims that a gate change caused her to go to Jamaica instead of Jacksonville.

Gloucester County resident Beverly Ellis-Hebard told WPVI that she regularly flies from Philadelphia to her second home in Jacksonville.

She arrived at a gate for her November 6 flight that read “PHL to JAX”.

“I fly once every six weeks. I picked Frontier flights because we flew so often,” she explained.

When she came back, the flight was almost fully boarded and she was rushed onto the plane.

“[The gate agent] said, ‘Come on, come on. Give me your boarding pass.’ I would say I took about ten steps, and she said, ‘Are you Beverly Ellis-Hebard?”‘ the New Jersey resident explained. “I said, ‘You just had my boarding pass. You just checked me in. Yes!’ She said, ‘All right, go! Go.’”

Once she was on the plane, the flight crew told Ellis-Hebard that the Jacksonville flight had a gate change and that their plane was en route to Jamaica.

“I laughed. I said ‘I would love to be going there but I have a beach where I live,’” Ellis-Hebard recalled. “[The flight attendant] said, ‘Look at me. This plane is going to Jamaica.’ And I knew by the look on her face she wasn’t joking.”

Without a passport, Ellis-Hebard was unable to leave the plane once it landed.

She remained in the jetway, which she says is considered U.S. soil.

The flight crew stayed with her until her flight to Philadelphia took off several hours later.

Ellis-Hebard said that the flight mishap was not the only misfortune she experienced on the trip.

When she put her personal travel bag in the baggage sizer, she scraped her arm.

“I put it in and when I went to take it out my arm right here got all scraped up. I was bleeding,” the traveler explained.

“We sincerely regret that the customer was able to board the wrong flight and have extended our apologies,” a Frontier Airlines spokesperson said.

“We have provided her with a refund and compensation as well as addressed the matter with airport personnel.”

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Missing Woman Survives 5 DAYS on Lollipops and Wine

A 48-year-old woman who went missing for five days in the Australian bush managed to survive by drinking wine and eating lollipops.

Her ordeal started last Sunday when she set off on what was just meant to be a short day trip, travelling through the bushland at Bright in Victoria’s High Country.

Things started to not go to plan when she hit a dead-end and tried to turn her car around, but it became stuck in the mud.

The woman, who Australian police have named as Lillian, could not call for help because she didn’t have any mobile reception.

She was also unable to walk towards help due to health issues so she had to stay with her car and hope that someone would come and rescue her.

During the chilly nights of the Australian autumn, she used her car’s heater to keep warm.

Police helicopter footage of the missing woman

Police began to search the Mitta Mitta, Wodonga, Bright, and Albury areas after her family raised the alarm on April 30 because they had not received Lillian’s daily check-in call.

After spotting her on Friday, the police helicopter was able to direct a police van to where she was, and they found her “safe and well”.

Wodonga Police Station Sergeant Martin Torpey said Lillian survived partly due to some gifts she had stashed away in her vehicle.

Sergeant Torpey said: “Lillian was found a good 60km away from the nearest town and due to health issues she was unable to try and walk for help so stayed with her car.”

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Hotel Guest Wakes Up to Night Manager Sucking on His Toes

An evening manager of a Tennessee hotel was arrested after he snuck into a man’s room and sucked on his toes, according to police.

David Neal, a 52-year-old manager at the 4th Avenue South Hilton Hotel in Nashville, allegedly crept into a male guest’s room while he was sleeping on March 30 and got intimate with his feet.

According to Nashville Metropolitan Police, Neal made a key card to get into the room and entered around 5 a.m., WKRN reported.

The guest told police he woke up to Neal’s mouth around his toes and immediately confronted him.

He recognized Neal as one of the hotel employees who came into his room the day before to fix his TV, according to police.

Neal admitted to police that he had entered the room, but claimed he did so because he smelled smoke and wanted to make sure the guest was OK.

Police said Neal never reported smelling smoke to security and there were no other reports of guests or staff smelling smoke at the hotel.

The room key was not recovered, cops said. Neal told investigators that he had thrown it away.

He was arrested at his home in Lebanon this past Friday and charged with aggravated burglary and assault, according to police.

He is currently jailed on a $27,000 bond, according to WKRN.

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Tucker Carlson’s Sexual Discussion with Piers Morgan Released

Recently dismissed ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson told a colleague preparing to interview him, “If we’re going to talk about sex, I’d love to hit some of the fine points of technique,” in a new behind-the-scenes video obtained by Media Matters.

The New York Times reported last Wednesday that due to Carlson’s “indiscretion… more evidence of embarrassing and inappropriate conduct could emerge,” highlighting videos obtained by the paper in which Carlson discusses his “postmenopausal fans” and described a woman as “yummy.” Media Matters has also obtained those videos, published below, which paint a picture of Carlson’s behavior on Fox’s set.

Fox cut ties with its biggest star last Monday without warning or public explanation. The rationale for his forced departure remains unclear, but some have speculated that it is related to misogynistic comments Carlson made that were revealed during Dominion’s defamation lawsuit against the network, or that it is related to a discrimination lawsuit filed by a former Carlson producer who alleges that she was subjected to a misogynistic workplace. 

The previously unreported video obtained by Media Matters shows Carlson speaking with Fox Nation host Piers Morgan, who is about to interview him.

“If we’re going to talk about sex, I’d love to hit some of the fine points of technique, but, you know, but it’s your show. It’s totally up to you,” Carlson tells Morgan.

Morgan responds, “We can certainly talk about your sexual technique, especially after your tanning testicles last week,” a reference to Carlson’s endorsement of that practice in his End of Men Fox Nation special as a way to reduce the purported decline in testosterone levels.  

“Not mine,” Carlson replies, adding, “We’ll speak in more general terms, but I’ve got something to add.”

Carlson is wearing the same outfit he wears in the video for an April 2022 interview on Morgan’s TalkTV show. They discussed Morgan’s criticism of Meghan Markle, Carlson’s “gut feeling” that former President Donald Trump wouldn’t seek reelection and whether Carlson himself would run, and Elon Musk’s then-pending takeover of Twitter. Carlson’s sexual “technique” did not come up.

TUCKER CARLSON: Everyone in this company is thrilled that you’re doing this. I’ve gotten more calls from people about it.

PIERS MORGAN: Oh, that’s great. Well, I got to say, when I came to New York a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t believe how welcoming and friendly everybody was. It was fantastic. I loved it.

CARLSON: Yeah, they really mean it from the owners on down. It’s cool. It’s cool to see it. I like that. It’s a good — you know, people are nice in this company, I think. They’ve always been nice to me, anyway.


MORGAN: I completely agree. Everyone’s been very, very friendly and very nice and I really appreciate it. But thank you so much for coming on.

CARLSON: Yeah I bet that doesn’t change. Of course! Of course.

MORGAN: It’s just great to have you on my show. I mean, I’ve been on yours enough times. It’s great.

CARLSON: I think it’s totally cool. So let’s —– is, if we’re going to talk about sex, I’d love to hit some of the fine points of technique, but, you know, but it’s your show. It’s totally up to you.

MORGAN: We can certainly talk about your sexual technique, especially after your tanning testicles last week.

CARLSON: Not mine! We’ll speak in more general terms, but I’ve got something to add.

Media Matters also obtained the videos first reported by the Times.

Carlson, in the first video on the set of his Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox News show, tells someone who is off-camera, “You wouldn’t. Okay? I’m not, you know what, I’m not qualified on that score. I will say, I thought his girlfriend was kind of yummy.”

He goes on to say that he is “just kidding, in case this is being pulled off the bird,” a slang term for a communications satellite. He continues, “Hey, Media Matters for America, go fuck yourself,” adding, “I don’t even know what his girlfriend looks like. And if I did, I would not find her yummy.”

In the second video, Carlson, on the set of his Tucker Carlson Today streaming show, tells someone off camera, “I can never assess my appearance. I wait for my postmenopausal fans to weigh in on that.” He is apparently about to record, as a staffer is fixing his hair. As he puts on his earpiece he quips, “What, they want to control me from afar? Okay, I’m putting the leash on.” 

Apparently responding to something he hears from off-camera, Carlson laughs, and shouts, “Fuck it, we’ll do it live!” a reference to an infamous behind-the-scenes clip from his Fox predecessor, Bill O’Reilly.

Media Matters published leaked video yesterday of Carlson privately criticizing the Fox streaming service he headlined, saying that “nobody watches Fox Nation because the site sucks.” The video shows Carlson prepping for an interview in which he said he would be “speaking to an exile in Romania and welcoming him back into the brotherhood of journalists” – an apparent reference to his August 2022 sitdown with arch-misogynist Andrew Tate.

ABC Makes Embarrassing Blunder During Knicks-Heat Game (VIDEO)

ABC’s broadcast of the Knicks-Heat game on Sunday used a stock image that contained the World Trade Center, according to Awful Announcing and other recordings of the segment.

“We mistakenly used an old stock image and we apologize,” an ESPN spokesperson told The Post in a statement.

During halftime of Game 1 at Madison Square Garden, the broadcast cut to a shot with the Statue of Liberty in view and what appeared to be the Twin Towers in the background, near the bottom of the screen.

The broadcast had shown a video of Stephen Curry ahead of the Warriors’ Game 7 on Sunday against the Kings, a broadcast that followed the Knicks-Heat game on the network.

But then, a few seconds later, the screen with the Statue of Liberty and Twin Towers appeared, and it remained for at least eight seconds as a message was read about MetaQuest presenting ABC’s halftime report.

That would make the stock footage used by ABC more than 21 years old.

Last year, Fox Sports also made an insensitive error on its “Baseball Night in America” broadcast when it placed the Yankees and Red Sox logos over the two memorial pools at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, where the North and South towers stood.

“During last night’s telecast, we used poor judgment on the use of a graphic,” a Fox Sports spokesman told Deadline in July 2022. “We sincerely apologize and regret the decision.”

Game 2 of the second-round matchup between the Knicks and Heat is at the Garden on Tuesday in which New York will be looking to even the best-of-seven series.

The Knicks fell 108-101 in Game 1 at the Garden.

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