“Dancing” Groom Dislocates His Elbow at Own Wedding Reception – VIDEO

A couple spent their wedding night on a hospital bed after the groom dislocated his elbow while strutting his stuff on the dancefloor.

Adam Quinn tried to woo his new wife Helen by moshing to a hardcore metal song on a booze-soaked dancefloor at their wedding reception in Sydney, Australia.

In painful footage of the celebrations, Adam is seen tumbling over and smashing his elbow into the ground as his horrified wife flees. Paramedics and his wife – who was still in her wedding dress – then rushed Adam to hospital where he was treated and given morphine for the pain.

Rather than cuddling up in a lavish hotel room for the start of their honeymoon, the couple spent their first night as man and wife in Emergency on a hospital bed.

Sharing a picture of the night on Instagram, Helen is seen lying on her new hubby – who’s hooked up to machines and has his arm wrapped up in a sling. The picture was captioned: “In sickness and in health #weddingday”.

Tom Healy, a videographer who recorded the couple’s big day, caught the moment giddy Adam tumbled on the dancefloor.

The clip starts with the groom telling his new bride how he “loves her very much” before he belts out the lyrics to the metal tune. Adam’s groomsman is at hand to help him zoom around the dancefloor before the momentous slip.

As he goes down, Adam can be seen holding out his arms to break his fall – which is how he injured his elbow.

By sprinting away from the dancefloor, Helen avoided seeing the painful moment. Speaking with reporters, she says: “He came out to me and he was as white as a ghost. He told me that he thought he had broken his arm. It turned out he had dislocated his elbow. We basically just snuck out the back door of the reception. It’s pretty embarrassing and I get a little triggered looking at the photos and watching the video.”

A few hours later, a sheepish Adam recounted the events in another video.

He said: “I was singing a classic love song, I thought it was really romantic. But then I took a spill on a Corona! I think I’ve dislocated my elbow.”

The couple – who were together for six years before their wedding – have a 17-month-old son.

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Man Taken to Morgue in Body Bag… Then He Opens His Eyes

When a man’s body bag was unzipped the day after it had arrived at a morgue, staff were greeted by an unsettling strange sight: There was fresh blood on the man’s hospital gown from a skin tear on his arm, two of his limbs had moved from their original position… and his eyes were open.

A state coroner’s office in Perth, Australia, is now investigating alarming claims from a doctor that the 55-year-old man may have been taken to the hospital morgue while he was still alive.

This horror story concerns the final hours of Kevin Reid, a patient who was in palliative care at the Rockingham Hospital. It came to light after the concerned physician also claimed that hospital officials asked him to backdate Reid’s death certificate in an apparent bid to cover up the incident.

“I believe the frank blood from a new skin tear, arm position and eye signs were inconsistent with a person who was post-mortem on arrival at the morgue,” reads part of the anonymous doctor’s report to the coroner, which was first reported by Business News.

It’s alleged that Reid was placed in the body bag on the night of Sept. 5 without a death certificate having been issued. Other staff at the hospital reportedly confirmed that his eyes had been closed and he’d been dressed in a clean gown before being taken to the hospital’s morgue, where the doctor performed his examination and recorded the death as Sept. 6.

This discrepancy was spotted by a funeral director, who questioned the hospital as to why the death certificate said Reid died on Sept. 6 when the night before his family members were present at the hospital and were told their loved one had died.

It was at that point that the doctor was allegedly asked to backdate the death certificate—a request which the physician refused. The doctor has since quit his role at the hospital, The Guardianreports. “I believe there is governance, compliance and integrity issues,” the doctor’s report for the coroner added.

Opposition health spokeswoman Libby Mettam described the case as horrific. “It is deeply disturbing that a direction may have been given to a doctor to backdate the death certificate,” she said, adding: “It reeks of a cover-up.”

While rare, incidents of people being incorrectly declared dead are not completely unheard of, including in the U.S. In 2020, a 20-year-old Michigan woman was declared dead by paramedics and taken to a morgue in a body bag. Hours later, a funeral walker preparing to embalm her body found her breathing with her eyes open.

Woman Sues McDonald’s for Serving Her Coffee ‘Containing Chemicals’

A woman claims that a McDonald’s restaurant in Alabama served her a coffee containing a “harmful chemical” that damaged her throat and organs.

She said staff refused to call 911 or let her and emergency responders see the label on the chemical bottle so they could determine the appropriate treatment.

The plaintiff, Sherry Head of Florida, filed a lawsuit against the fast-food giant on September 19 seeking $13 million in compensation.

“The health and safety of our customers and employees is always a top priority,”  Gerry Murphy, one of the restaurant’s owner-operators, told Insider in a comment provided by McDonald’s.

Head ordered a caramel macchiato at the drive-thru of the McDonald’s restaurant at 3520 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan in December 2020. The lawsuit states she was told by one staff member that she couldn’t have the coffee because the machine was being cleaned, but then heard another say the machine was “ready to go.”

The staff member at the drive-thru then told Head her drink could be served. It came with a lid on the cup, the lawsuit stated.

“Plaintiff pulled forward, drank a portion of the caustic chemical liquid, and immediately began to experience a burning and numbing sensation in her mouth and throat,” according to the lawsuit.

At this point, Head removed the lid from the cup “and saw that the liquid was not coffee, but appeared to be some type of chemical,” it stated. 

Head pulled back through the drive-thru line and told employees what had happened, according to the lawsuit, after which the manager “screamed” at staff and said they should have been “more careful.” The manager told Head that it was “fine,” per the lawsuit.

Head then asked to see the label on the bottle of the chemical and asked what she should do, but was refused access to the bottle by the manager, the lawsuit stated.

The lawsuit said the manager refused to call 911 or poison control and slammed the drive-thru window shut, leaving Head to call 911 herself.

McDonald’s staff also refused to grant emergency responders’ request to view the bottle once they arrived, the lawsuit alleged.

“As a direct result of drinking the dangerous chemical concoction served to her by McDonald’s, plaintiff suffered injuries to her mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, digestive tract, and other internal organs,” the lawsuit said.  “McDonald’s conduct towards the plaintiff was atrocious and utterly intolerable.”

Head is seeking $3 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages. The lawsuit was filed against McDonald’s, its Alabama branch, and the two owner-operators of the franchised restaurant.

“Immediately upon learning of this concern, we conducted a thorough investigation to understand the facts,” Murphy told Insider. “We are aware of the complaint filed in the circuit court of Houston County, Alabama.”

The lawsuit listed a series of other instances where McDonald’s allegedly served cleaning chemicals to customers in drinks including iced tea, hot chocolate, lattes, and Coke.

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Plane Passenger Shot Mid-Air from Bullet Fired from the Ground

A passenger on a plane was hit mid-air by a bullet that had been shot from the ground, piercing right through the fuselage.

The man had been travelling on a Myanmar National Airlines plane, which was was about to touch down in Loikaw, Myanmar when he was struck yesterday.

A photo shows the victim in his seat, slumped over and holding a tissue to the right side of his neck and cheek, while blood-soaked tissues lie beside him. He was rushed to hospital on landing.

Another image shows the hole in the fuselage made by the bullet, which struck the plane when it was flying at an altitude of 3,500ft around four miles north of the airport, reports The Sun.

All flights to the city, which is the capital of Kayah state, were cancelled indefinitely, said Myanmar National Airlines’ office in Loikaw.

The country’s military government have laid the blame on rebel forces, though rebel groups deny having anything to do with the shooting.

Major General Zaw Min Tun, a spokesperson for Myanmar’s ruling military council, told state TV: “I want to say that this kind of attack on the passenger plane is a war crime.

“People and organisations who want peace need to condemn this issue all round.”

There has been intense fighting between military and rebel groups in the eastern state of Kayah since the army overthrew the country’s democratically elected government last February and took control.

The coup led to peaceful protests – which the new government ruthlessly cracked down on. This in turn caused thousands of civilians to form militia units as part of a People’s Defense Force in order to retaliate.

The military government claimed Karenni National Progressive Party – a militia fighting the government – and its allies in the People’s Defense Force were responsible for the shooting.

But Khu Daniel, a leader of the Karenni National Progressive Party, was adamant his party had not ordered its fighters to shoot at civilians or passenger planes.

“The military always blames other organisations for the shootings. Our armed wing didn’t shoot the plane this morning,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force, another rebel group, called the allegations nothing more than “defamatory propaganda against the revolutionary forces by the Military Council.

He added that the runway and the rest of the airfield is surrounded by infantry battalions and high security areas, making it very difficult for People’s Defence Force members to carry out such a shooting.

The government said it had increased security around the airport.

Surgeons Remove 63 Spoons from Man’s Stomach

In a bizarre incident, Doctors in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar, India removed more than 63 steel spoon handles from the stomach of a 32-year-old patient who they believe had become addicted to swallowing cutlery.

The patient, identified only by his first name, Vijay, was rushed to a hospital at the weekend after complaining of severe stomach pain and had undergone a two-hour-long operation in a private hospital.

On being asked by the doctors, the patient, who is in the ICU for post-surgery recovery, said that he had been eating spoons for a year.

Dr. Rakesh Khurana, the doctor who operated upon Vijay, told reporters, “We asked him if he ate those spoons and he agreed. The operation lasted for around 2 hours and he is currently in ICU. Patient has been eating spoons for 1 year.”

His family alleged that Vijay was forcibly fed the spoons.

The man was unable to eat or drink and complained of feeling weak at the time of admission, prompting doctors to take X-rays and CT scans to determine the cause of the pain, a doctor informed.

The doctor further informed that the man broke the head off the spoons before consumption. They believe that the patient is suffering from a psychological condition, known as pica, which causes a person to crave and compulsively eat non-food items such as coal, metal, clay or dirt.

No complaint has been filed yet in this matter.

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Dog Poop Sends Owner to the Hospital

A woman and her beloved dog became a lot closer in the most unexpected way.

Amanda Gommo, 51, was taking an afternoon nap when her chihuahua, Belle became ill and had diarrhoea.

The mom-of-three was asleep with her mouth open top and tailing with Belle who accidentally took a poo on her face.

Amanda ran to the bathroom to be sick but it was too late. She ended up in hospital with a gastrointestinal infection passed on from the pooch.

“I was having my afternoon nap with Belle, like I always do, when I suddenly felt something squirt in my mouth,” Amanda, from Bristol, UK said.

“I rushed to the bathroom and my son was in the shower, so before I washed it out I had time to take a quick snap!

“It was disgusting, and I was hurling violently for hours after – I just couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth.”

Amanda’s daughter took Belle to the vet where the dog was diagnosed with a nasty stomach bug and put on antibiotics.

Later in the day, Amanda started experiencing the same symptoms as Belle. She phoned emergency services who sent an ambulance to her home.

She was prescribed painkillers for her stomach cramps by the paramedics and instructed to drunk lots of water to flush out any potential infection.

After their visit, her symptoms became progressively worse, and 48 hours later, Amanda’s cramps had spread all over her body.

Amanda’s mum then rang emergency services who dispatched another ambulance, and this time she was transported to Bristol Royal Infirmary and immediately hooked up to a drip and given medication.

There, doctors diagnosed Amanda with a gastrointestinal infection that had been passed through Belle’s feces into her mouth days earlier.

She was kept under observation for three days while they rehydrated her with the electrolytes and glucose that she’d lost throughout the horrific ordeal.

Amanda said: “From the moment I got ill to when I was put on the drip, I couldn’t eat a thing.

“The cramps got worse and worse until I could feel them all over my body – even in my legs. They sent an ambulance the second time, and I was so dehydrated from being sick and having diarrhea that my kidneys had shriveled to half their size.”

“I was kept in hospital for three days until they’d flushed the infection out through a drip. My discharge note said that I’d suffered a gastrointestinal infection caused by a dog defecating in my mouth – something doctors had never witnessed before.”

“I’ve been drinking two Lucozades a day, plenty of tea and loads of water since it happened, and I’m happy to say both me and Belle are on the mend.”

“I’ve forgiven Belle for her little accident and I still love her with all my heart, but I will definitely be more mindful of what position we sleep in in the future!”

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Worker, 63, is Found Boiled Alive in Freak Accident

POLICE have opened an investigation after a food plant worker was mysteriously found boiled to death inside a huge cooker.

Authorities were called to Lassonde Pappas food processing plant in Cumberland County, New Jersey on Monday following reports of a freak workplace accident.

They discovered the remains of 63-year-old Dale R. Devilli, who was pronounced dead at the scene.   

Authorities say they are not treating the death as suspicious, but have refused to rule out foul play.

A spokesperson for Lassonde Industries Inc said the company were heartbroken by the incident.

“We are devastated by the loss of our friend and colleague and our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time,” they said.

According to the federal inspection database, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration is also investigating Devilli’s death alongside their counterparts from police.

Lassonde Pappas, a Canadian company that produces fruit and vegetable juices, confirmed they had been employing Devilli for several years as a millwright, according to an online obituary.

“He will be remembered for his years of expertise and vigorous work ethic,” the tribute read.

“He hardly ever missed a day of work and took pride in his job.”

The obituary also confirmed that Devilli was married and is survived by his wife of 28 years and their two daughters.

It comes after a string of tragic workplace incidents across the US.

In April, a young woman was crushed to death while operating a mixing machine at a North Carolina bread factory.

Officials said Bibiana Arellano Delabra, 22, was operating a large industrial mixing machine when “something went wrong” and crushed her.

While in June, a plant worker in Virginia died after his excavator toppled over leaving him trapped and covered in rocks.

The worker, 50, was found dead after being found stuck in the cab, WDBJ reports.

He had been working for Lhoist for just nine weeks, Virginia Department of Energy officials revealed.

Officials revealed that he was trapped on Level 7 of the mine and the excavator was engulfed in limestone rock, according to WDBJ.

They added that there were no chemicals involved outside of those found in limestone.

American Airline’s Passengers Hear “Moaning, Grunting” Noises on PA System

The in-flight announcement system of American Airlines has been acting strangely. Many passengers claimed to have heard strange moaning and grunting noises, and the airline’s explanation of what was happening seems implausible at best. Nobody is aware of the perpetrators’ identities or methods or what is causing this “phenomenon”.

Emerson Collins, an actor and producer, according to BoingBoing, posted the first video on September 6 on a flight to Denver. However, Emerson is among several passengers who have had similar experiences on different American Airlines flights. 

Similar incidents have been reported by other passengers since July. According to Gary Leff from ‘View from the Wing’, American Airlines said it was a mechanical issue. “American Airlines inspected the Boeing 737-800 as well as the PA system itself after these reports. They tell me, ‘Maintenance determined the sounds were caused by an issue with the PA amplifier. There was no external access to the system,’” Leff said. 

Some passengers who have had similar experiences have highlighted the matter on Twitter. One said, “”Currently on AA1631 and someone keeps hacking into the PA and making moaning and screaming sounds the flight attendants are standing by their phones because it isn’t them and the captain just came on and told us they don’t think the flight systems are compromised so we will..” Another said, “My wife and I experienced this during an AA flight in July. To be clear, it was just sounds like the moans and groans of someone in extreme pain. The crew said that it had happened before, and had no explanation. Occurred briefly 3 or 4 times early in the flight, then stopped”

The Airbus 321 papers in this thread were discovered by professional reverse engineer, hardware hacker, and security expert Andrew Tierney (aka Cybergibbons), who is also perplexed.

This report, made by a flight attendant on an internal American Airlines message board and spotted by an aviation monitor, suggests some kind of remote exploit that has not yet been identified. However, there was no in-seat entertainment, at least on Emerson Collins’ flight, which rules out it out as a potential attack vector.

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Homeless Man Caught Throwing Feces at Business Owner – WATCH VIDEO

A homeless man in Los Angeles has been caught on video throwing his own poop at a business owner.

Paul Scrivano, owner of the Blue Dog Beer Tavern near Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, shared footage of the man, known for openly defecating in the area, throwing a bag full of his feces onto the hood of Scrivano’s SUV. He has complained many times about this man openly defecating in front of his property

“Every single day, every single morning, I’m wiping that off my property before I have to do business,” Scrivano told reporters while showing the video of the homeless man. “Every day is like an adventure of ‘One Flew Over the Cuckcoo’s Nest.’ It is like literally a psych ward,” Scrivano added. “That’s OK – pooping on the street, peeing on the street, having sex on the street. Making threats without a weapon. That’s OK now,” he added angrily.

Mentioning the issue of the growing transient crisis in the area, Scrivano said, “The solution is – that person who thinks he works for the FBI and who terrorizes my neighborhood, is given the choice as to whether he wants housing or not, It’s not a choice anymore. When people are suffering, you give them care. If they’re really suffering, you pull them into care or you lose them.”

When the homeless man was asked as to why he threw feces at Scrivano’s car, he said, “This guy gotta understand, I’m half paralyzed, I’m blind. I have had no car for nine years. You’re bothering me, I don’t need help, he needs help!”

Reacting to the issues, Attorney Larry Spade, chair of the Homelessness Committee for the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association, said businessmen have to deal with homeless people defecating in front of their business.

“Homeless people will camp out in front of a store, make it there home, bring their possessions, use it as a bedroom, use it as a bathroom. In the morning, when the business owners try to open up, they have to deal with a homeless person blocking the entrance to their business, And then they have to deal with cleaning up hazardous waste. Right in front of their business. Right in Sherman Oaks. Right on Ventura Boulevard,” Spade said.

“There has to be a balance between those two rights, and right now, that balance is tipping mightily in favor of the homeless to the detriment of the people that live here and work here. We’re not insensitive to these issues, but it’s gotten to the point where it’s beyond control and something’s gotta give,” Spade added.

However, this is not the first time Scrivano raised the issue. He said he has repeatedly raised the issue with city officials and has sent the footage of homeless people making threats and exposing themselves in public to LA City Councilwoman Nithya Raman. But instead of taking action on the issues, Raman blasted Scrivano and asked him not to send ‘graphic material’ of unhoused people.

“The reality is the people experiencing homelessness are still individuals there on the street because they don’t have a home,” Raman said, admitting that mental health plays a role, but the crisis was getting worse due to a lack of housing. “This issue is a humanitarian crisis, and it’s a crisis for the entire city of Los Angeles,” she added.

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Man Emerges from Casket Two Days After Being Declared Dead

In a wild story out of Nigeria, a man was declared dead and set to be buried, when he suddenly came back to life two days later, crawled out of his casket, and recounted a vivid near-death experience wherein he visited Heaven.

According to a local media report, the amazing story began on September 5th when Godwin Ugeelu Amadu sought medical treatment for severe chest pain. While visiting the doctor, his condition worsened to the point that he apparently appeared to have passed away and he was subsequently declared dead. Fortunately for the man, he had given his children strict instructions regarding his burial, which ultimately may have ironically saved his life.

Amadu insisted to his family that he not be embalmed and that he should be buried two or three days following his death. The man’s children dutifully followed his instructions and set about having his grave ready for services on September 7th.

As Amadu had served as a doctor for the village where he lived, his son Jacob explained, “sympathizers around the community were crying while others assembled in different locations discussing the sad event of his passing.” After mourners paid their respects at his open casket, it was brought into a nearby building to prepare the box for burial, which is when the man’s tale took a shocking turn.

“We suddenly saw the casket shaking and eventually fell and my father woke up to the surprise of many people in the village,” Jacob recalled. The sight of Amadu inexplicably alive again understandably shook the mourners, his son observed, “a lot of the men and women who had gathered ran away, believing that it was his ghost.”

Jacob tentatively approached his father and soon realized that he was still alive, albeit shaken by whatever he had experienced and, as such, he initially remained silent. It was not until a few days later that Amadu recounted what had occurred and his account is truly breathtaking.

Amadu indicated that at the moment of his perceived death, his chest pain suddenly stopped and he felt a profound peacefulness come over him. “The clouds opened up and I saw something like a giant golden satellite suspended in space,” he said, “there I was greeted by a 75-foot-tall angel who stood in front of the gate.”

Alongside this entity were two similar companions, who convened with each other and “later allowed me into the city of Heaven.” Amadu claims, upon entry, he was greeted by “a childhood friend who died 22 years ago” and provided him with a proverbial tour of the ethereal realm, where the new arrival encountered other departed loved ones and even some of his ex-girlfriends.

Similar to many who have had near-death experiences, Amadu said that he also had something of a ‘life review,’ showing him “all the events leading to my death.” His visit to the ‘other side’ was brief, however, as soon “Christ appeared and raised me up from death,” whereupon the man felt the sensation of waking up and being extremely cold.

“Heaven is indeed an interesting place,” Amadu mused, expressing mixed emotions about having to leave the awe-inspiring ‘other side,’ where, he said, free food is in abundance and the denizens “are all there enjoying life to the fullest.” As one might imagine, the man’s story has made him something of a sensation in his village, where he has given up work as a doctor in order to devote “the rest of my life on earth to the service of God.”

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