Putin in ‘Stable but Serious Condition’ After Alleged Heart Attack

Vladimir Putin is believed to be in “stable but serious condition” and “plugged into machines” after he suffered an alleged heart attack over the weekend.

In a surprising development to come following months of rumors and reports about the 71-year-old Russian leader’s myriad of alleged health woes, Kremlin sources claimed that Putin suffered a “horrific” heart attack in Moscow on Sunday night.

Even more surprising were reports that Putin’s doctors are “not optimistic” about the Russian leader’s recovery.

According to the Telegram channel General SVR, which first reported on Putin’s alleged heart attack on Tuesday, the Russian despot remains “plugged into machines” inside an “intensive care ward” located at his private residence in Moscow.

“The real Putin lies in a room equipped at an intensive care ward in his residence, connected to equipment that monitors his vital parameters,” the channel said this week.

“After the cardiac arrest on Sunday evening, the attending doctors assess the condition of the Russian President as stable and serious and consider the prospects without optimism,” General SVR added.

Meanwhile, Putin’s closest allies allegedly formed a “knightly round table” to organize a succession plan should the Russian tyrant die from the suspected heart attack he suffered on Sunday night.

General SVR reported that should Putin pass away, Russia would be led by top Russian security advisor Nikolai Patrushev and a Putin body double.

“People privy to the current situation from the president’s inner circle held consultations on Monday with representatives of several elite groups, trying to determine the possibility of consolidating into the prototype of a certain ‘Politburo’ headed by the current Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Patrushev and control over Putin’s double, who will ‘temporarily’ represent the president,” the Telegram channel said on Tuesday.

“Now a group of representatives of the leadership of the security bloc, led by Nikolai Patrushev, is generously making promises to organize almost a kind of knightly round table,” General SVR continued, “where everyone will have the opportunity to strengthen their positions in governing the country, and all decisions will be made on the basis of consensus.”

Other Kremlin sources reportedly expressed skepticism about the “knightly round table idea” and noted how it “doesn’t matter who takes over” for Putin because “it will all just fall apart anyway.”

“The collapse of the system without Putin is practically a foregone conclusion,” a Kremlin official allegedly told General SVR.

As previously reported, Putin allegedly suffered a heart attack toward the end of the weekend. Sources said the Russian leader had to be “resuscitated” after “collapsing” in Moscow on Sunday night.

Moscow itself denied the heart attack rumors and insisted that Putin is “alive, well, and healthy.”

The heart attack rumors came just days after a Russian opposition source, Valery Solovey, predicted that Putin would be dead “before the end of autumn.”

“As soon as Putin dies, we will know about it in a few hours,” Solovey said in September. “This will be reported, we will find out about this – because there are too many interested parties, both outside Russia and in Russia itself, for this information to become public knowledge.

“This will happen before the end of autumn,” he added.

Baby Born with Three Heads Puzzles Doctors

A baby girl ‘born with three heads’ because of an unknown medical condition has baffled doctors in India.

Family members were said to be “in shock” following the birth of the infant last week. Her mom delivered the baby at a health center after suffering extreme pain before going into labor. The baby girl has two large protrusions formed from the back of her skull. “The girl child had three heads. She looked like an alien,” said Bijji Thakur, who witnessed the child’s birth.

Her mom had not experienced any complications during her pregnancy, medics said. She was later referred to the District Hospital in Etah as the primary health center lacked proper medical facilities. Doctors said that they would conduct a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan to determine the exact medical condition of the newborn.

“This is a very rare medical condition,” explained Rajesh Thakur, Chief Medical Superintendent, District Hospital, Etah. “The child’s body has not fully developed. We will perform an MRI scan and then perform surgery to separate the ‘heads'”. Although rare, numerous cases of extra heads have been reported worldwide.

These medical conditions are referred to as Encephalocele. According to the NHS, an encephalocele is a rare congenital type of neural tube defect where part of the skull has not formed properly so a portion of brain tissue and associated structures are outside the skull. According to reports, babies diagnosed with encephalocele have a 55 per cent survival rate.

The long-term prognosis for survival becomes less likely if there are other complications, such as associated defects or syndromes or if brain tissue protrudes into the sac.

Approximately 75 per cent of these infants who do survive have varying degrees of mental deficit. Earlier, an expert team of neurosurgeons at Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) successfully operated on an infant with two heads.

According to reports, the father of the newborn had tried to bury him alive, fearing he would not be able to afford his treatment. He was rescued by police near Nowhatta town in Jammu and Kashmir. Doctors were able to separate the abnormal brain from the normal brain, along with skin after three-hours of laborious surgery.

The baby was later adopted by his uncle. In yet another instance, a five-month-old infant, suffering from occipital encephalocele, was given a new life after the giant protrusions around his head were removed following surgery in Sapthagiri Hospital in Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka state.

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‘F*** CNN!’ Reporter Confronted During Live Broadcast

A Palestinian man confronted CNN anchor Sara Sidner in a tense incident on Friday that unfolded on live television.

Reporting from Ramallah, Sidner was explaining how Palestinians in the West Bank feel as Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza intensifies. That’s when a Palestinian man, with a great command of English, confronted her in a scene that unfolded live on the “CNN This Morning” broadcast.

“You are genocide supporters. You are not welcome here, genocide supporters,” the man said, interrupting Sidner’s report and sticking his finger in her face.

“F*** CNN! F*** CNN! F*** CNN!” the man screamed.

More Palestinians began surrounding Sidner and her crew when security guards escorted her out of the madness. Fortunately, she was OK.

“You see that people are very angry. They do not like the way in which CNN has been reporting the story,” Sidner explained as she walked to safety. “You hear that, but we’re fine. But what you are seeing is heightened fear, anger, and frustration with what’s happening.”

Watch the footage below:

The intense confrontation came days after CNN uncritically disseminated Hamas propaganda.

On Tuesday, Hamas claimed Israel bombed al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, killing at least 500 people. We now know that far fewer people died — tragically, between 100 to 300, according to U.S. estimates — and the hospital was not destroyed. A failed rocket launched by terrorists in Gaza fell on the hospital compound, striking a parking lot and courtyard where Palestinians were seeking refuge.

But as the story began to break worldwide, CNN reported on the incident with a chyron that declared, “Hamas: Hundreds Killed in Israeli Strike on Hospital in Gaza.”

CNN, like most other Western outlets, later updated its reporting to reflect the truth. But it was a telling moment that so many reporters and mainstream media outlets rushed to regurgitate what Hamas, a terrorist organization, had claimed.

Scaffolding Collapses Leaving Terrified Workers Dangling 500ft in the Air (Video)

The moment when the scaffolding for a new building suddenly collapsed and left terrified workers dangling 500ft in the air has been captured on video.

The construction workers were left hanging after the structure gave way and fell between two 33-story towers being built. Footage shows how workers on the site were left clinging to ropes suspended from a metal structure.

Harrowing footage shows the men clinging on to ropes hundreds of feet above the ground while their scaffolding lies collapsed beneath them. Ten fire engines were sent to the scene in São Paulo, Brazil on Tuesday. A police helicopter was also dispatched.

Local media say the collapse left eight workers stuck in the air. Footage appears to show how at least four of the workers desperately cling on to cables as they sway above the void. The stuck workers were rescued “a few minutes” after the collapse with the help of an onsite crane, witness Lidiane Dias told local media.

Lidiane, who owns a nearby barbershop, said: “The noise was very loud, a lot of things fell. The structure came down. We couldn’t see where the debris fell because it was inside the construction site.” One worker tragically died from unspecified injuries. It was unclear whether the individual had fallen from the platform or had been struck by falling debris while passing beneath the scaffold. Authorities in São Paulo state have said they are investigating the case.

Construction firm EZTEC, which is carrying out the project, has stated: “Despite the existence of safety and protection equipment, due to an unfortunate event, one of the workers passed away. The case is under investigation, and at this moment, what is known is that there was an accident on the work and safety platform. The company will follow all recommendations from the competent authorities.”

The 134-meter-tall twin towers are set for completion in 2025, local media report. Scaffolding collapses, especially at great height can have fatal consequences.


To work in construction
byu/berlag intherewasanattempt

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Suspect of Killing 2 Swedish Soccer Fans and Injuring Another Killed by Police (Video)

Police in Belgium on Tuesday shot dead a suspected Tunisian extremist accused of killing two Swedish soccer fans in a brazen shooting on a Brussels street before disappearing into the night.

Hours after a manhunt began in the Belgian capital, Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden told broadcaster VRT, “We have the good news that we found the individual.” She said the weapon believed to have been used in the shooting was recovered.

The federal prosecutor’s office was more cautious, saying in a text message to The Associated Press, “There are strong presumptions but no certainties” that the man was the gunman. He was shot by police in the Schaerbeek neighborhood where the rampage had taken place.

Amateur videos posted on social media of Monday’s attack showed a man wearing an orange fluorescent vest pulling up on a scooter, taking out a large weapon and opening fire on passersby before chasing them into a building to gun them down. He was also filmed calmly loading his weapon as cars drove slowly by.

Questions remain unanswered over how a man who was on police files, thought to be radicalized and being sought for deportation was able to launch such an attack.

“Last night, three people left for what was supposed to be a wonderful soccer party. Two of them lost their lives in a brutal terrorist attack,” Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said at a news conference just before dawn. “Their lives were cut short in full flight, cut down by extreme brutality.”

De Croo said his thoughts were with the victims’ families and that he had sent his condolences to the Swedish prime minister. Security has been beefed up in the capital, particularly around places linked to the Swedish community in the city.

“The attack that was launched yesterday was committed with total cowardice,” De Croo said.

Not far from the scene of the shooting, the Belgium-Sweden soccer match in the Belgian national stadium was suspended at halftime and the 35,000 fans held inside as a precaution while the attacker was at large.

Prosecutor Eric Van Duyse said “security measures were urgently taken to protect the Swedish supporters” in the stadium. More than two hours after the game was suspended, a message flashed on the big stadium screen saying, “Fans, you can leave the stadium calmly.” Stand after stand emptied onto streets filled with police as the search for the attacker continued.

“Frustrated, confused, scared. I think everyone was quite scared,” said Caroline Lochs, a fan from Antwerp.

De Croo said the assailant was a Tunisian man living illegally in Belgium who used a military weapon to kill the two Swedes and shoot a third, who is being treated for “severe injuries.”

Federal Prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw described how the suspect, a 45-year-old man who wasn’t identified, had posted a video online claiming to have killed three Swedish people.

The suspect is alleged to have said in the video that, for him, the Quran is “a red line for which he is ready to sacrifice himself.” 

Sweden raised its terror alert to the second-highest level in August after a series of public Quran burnings by an Iraqi refugee living in Sweden resulted in threats from Islamic militant groups.

Belgian prosecutors said overnight that nothing suggested the attack was linked to the war between Israel and Hamas.

Police overnight raided a building in the Schaerbeek neighborhood where the man was thought to be staying but didn’t find him. Sweden’s foreign ministry sent out a text message to subscribers in Belgium asking them “to be vigilant and to carefully listen to instructions from the Belgian authorities.”

According to Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne, the suspect was denied asylum in 2019. He was known to police and had been suspected of involvement of human trafficking, living illegally in Belgium and of being a risk to state security.

Information provided to the Belgian authorities by an unidentified foreign government suggested that the man had been radicalized and intended to travel abroad to fight in a holy war. But the Belgian authorities weren’t able to establish that, so he was never listed as dangerous.

The man was also suspected of threatening a person in an asylum center and a hearing on that incident had been due to take place on Tuesday, Van Quickenborne said.

Belgian Asylum State Secretary Nicole de Moor said the man disappeared after his asylum application was refused so the authorities were unable to locate him to organize his deportation.

A terror alert for Brussels was raised overnight to 4, the top of Belgian’s scale, indicating an extremely serious threat. It previously stood at 2, which means the threat was average. The alert level for the rest of the country was raised to 3.

De Croo said that Belgium would never submit to such attacks. “Moments like this are a heavy ordeal,” he told reporters, “but we are never going to let ourselves be intimidated by them.”  


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McDonald’s ‘Destroyed’ After Giving Free Meals to Israeli Military and Hospitals (Video)

A mob of protesters in Lebanon “destroyed” a local McDonald’s restaurant, according to a social media post — after McDonald’s locations in Israel announced they were donating thousands of meals to the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli hospitals and residents amid the nation’s expanding war with Gaza.

A post on X, formerly Twitter, featured a video of an unruly crowd outside a McDonald’s in Sidon, Lebanon, home to Hezbollah, an Iran-backed terror group which has voiced support for the attacks by Hamas on Israel that left more than 1,200 dead, including women and children.

“People did not appreciate this PR move by an international corporation and destroyed one of the McDonald’s outlets,” the user captioned the clip, which showed dozens of people waving Palestinian flags were pushing to get into the restaurant.

The extent of damage to the Lebanese burger joint wasn’t immediately clear.

The mob appeared to have missed the fact that McDonald’s locations in Israel are owned and operated by McDonald’s Israel, a local franchisee, as opposed to Chicago-based McDonald’s.

Indeed, McDonald’s franchisees in four Arab states — the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman — announced their support of the Palestinians.

The violent footage emerged after McDonald’s Israel posted on its Instagram story that it “donated and continues to donate tens of thousands of meals to IDF units, the police, hospitals, residents around the Strip and all rescue forces,” according to Business Insider.

“We continue donating thousands of meals daily to our forces across the country. In addition to a 50% discount to soldiers and security forces who come to our branches,” the franchisee added.

McDonald’s Israel said in another post that it opened five restaurants solely for the purpose of providing 4,000 daily meals to locals and the IDF, which consist of an army, navy and air force, per Insider.

It also shared photos of McDonald’s workers preparing meals and packages to be delivered to a military base in Southern Israel, cars loaded with McDonald’s meals and hospital workers receiving the food delivery, Insider reported.

As of Thursday, the Israeli Golden Arches had handed out 12,000 meals to IDF and Israeli residents, Insider saw on McDonald’s Israel’s Instagram page, which has since been made private.

In response, calls for a McDonald’s boycott are spreading throughout the Middle East. “Dear Pakistan, Let’s BOYCOTT McDonald’s. Spread as much as you can,” one user wrote.

Franchisee McDonald’s UAE took to social media to say it was “deeply saddened by the events in the region” and it’s donating 1 million in AED currency towards its “Tarahum for Gaza” campaign.

Similarly, McDonald’s Oman, which is situated on the Arabian Peninsula and borders Saudi Arabia, shared a statement on X notifying its followers that it “stands with Gaza.”

The Oman outpost said that it ” donated $100,000 towards the relief efforts for the people of Gaza,” adding that “McDonald’s Corporation never interferes in politics and always adheres to absolute neutrality and does not adopt any political positions for commercial interests around the world.”

The four Arab McDonald’s financial contributions reportedly totaled upwards of $2 million USD.

In addition, the fast-food chain’s franchisee in Turkey announced a “humanitarian aid” of $1 million “to the people of Gaza who are victims of war, especially women, children and the elderly.”

McDonald's opened five restaurants in Israel solely for the purpose of providing 4,000 daily meals to locals and the IDF.
McDonald’s opened five restaurants in Israel solely for the purpose of providing 4,000 daily meals to locals and the IDF.

McDonald’s Kuwait representatives shared that it “stands with our brothers and sisters in Palestine, especially in Gaza” in a statement that also announced a $250,000 donation to the Kuwait Red Crescent Society to help with relief efforts in Gaza. 

Representatives for McDonald’s Corp. did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

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40 Dead, 167 Missing After Tragic Boat Accident

Some of the 189 people rescued after a boat capsized in the Democratic Republic of Congo have told the BBC how they managed to survive.

“All my body was under the water, except my head. I clung to a wooden part of the boat until some people arrived with a canoe to save me,” said Korami Mopole.

More than 40 bodies have been recovered so far, while rescue workers are searching for 167 people still missing.

The boat was reportedly overloaded.

There were more than 300 passengers and cargo on board as it travelled along the River Congo, said a civil society group involved in rescue and recovery efforts.

Another survivor of Friday’s tragedy, Michael Busakasa, told the BBC that shortly after the boat left the port in the city of Mbandaka on Friday evening, the crew noticed that the weight was unevenly distributed.

They started moving cement bags to try and balance it. But this didn’t work. Then a canoe that the boat was carrying was removed and “immediately the boat started to sink”, he said.

Mr Busakasa, his mother and sister were taking their father back home after he had been in hospital.

“I don’t know how to swim, but my father, my mother and myself were all at the front, at the entrance – that part was still floating and that’s what saved us with the help from people who came to our rescue.”

Boats are a common mode of transport in DR Congo because of the lack of roads.

However, boat accidents are frequent due to overloading, a lack of maintenance and travelling at night.

Many passengers also do not wear life jackets.

Officials say that the boat was sailing at night in breach of safety regulations.

Prominent DR Congo opposition leader and presidential candidate in December’s election, Moise Katumbi, said he was saddened by “this tragedy”.

He said it was a “direct consequence” of the government “which tolerates the overnight navigation of dilapidated and overloaded boats”.

UN-linked Radio Okapi reports that the provincial government of Equateur, where the accident happened, said it would provide psychological support for children who were injured in the accident and lost their parents.

The radio station said that more than 40 bodies had been so far recovered but the local civil society organisation, Conscious Generation, said that the number was 50.

A survivor told Radio Okapi that the boat, which had left the city of Mbandaka for the Bolomba area in the north-western Equateur province, stalled and lost balance due to overcrowding.

While the crew attempted to rebalance the boat, it overturned with the passengers and cargo before sinking, the survivor added.

On Sunday, the vice-governor of Equateur province provided body bags and coffins for the burials of some of the victims.

Prince Harry and Meghan Slammed for Statement on Israel Massacre

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been slammed for their response following Hamas’s brutal attack on Israel.

Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir said the couple should “take a lesson” from Prince William and King Charles who issued statements condemning Hamas.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s full statement read: “At The Archewell Foundation, with Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we stand against all acts of terrorism and brutality.

“We are supporting our partners and organizations on the front lines in Israel to provide the urgent aid needed, and to help all innocent victims of this unconscionable level of human suffering.”

In response, Jan Moir said the statement was “terribly, terribly neutral”.

In comparison, the Prince and Princess of Wales’s statement read: “[They] are profoundly distressed by the devastating events that have unfolded in the past days.

“The horrors inflicted by Hamas’s terrorist attack upon Israel are appalling, they utterly condemn them.

“As Israel exercises its right to self defense, all Israelis and Palestinians will be continued to be stalked by grief, fear and anger in the time to come.”

King Charles’ spokesman issued a statement this week saying His Majesty was “appalled by and condemns the barbaric acts of terrorism in Israel”.

Discussing Harry and Meghan’s statement, Jan Moir wrote: “In a statement released on Wednesday, the breathless couple condemned ‘all acts of terrorism and brutality’ following the Hamas attack on Israel. So caring yet also so terribly, terribly neutral — just in case they antagonize someone who might be useful in the future.

“Or perhaps there is a more noble reason behind their careful impartiality? That would be marvelous, if true.

“Yet in a word salad splashed with their usual oily dressing of corporate banal-speak, the Sussexes added that they were ‘supporting our partners and organizations on the front lines in Israel to provide the urgent aid needed’.

“There isn’t a situation in the world that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can’t make worse by eagerly inserting themselves into the narrative.”

Woman Dragged into Meat Grinder in Front of Horrified Daughter

A woman died after being dragged into a meat grinder by her hair in front of her daughter at a butcher’s shop.

The 50-year-old, named only as Ana, died in the most horrific circumstances in the town of Missolonghi, western Greece, while cleaning the machine on September 29.

Ana, originally from Albania, and her 18-year-old daughter, who has not been named, worked together as shop cleaners and went to the butcher’s to clean the meat grinder when the woman was pulled into the machine.

It appears as though it was a large industrial meat grinder and that a button must have been pressed accidentally causing it to start. Local media reported that the woman’s hair was then caught in the machine, leading to her being dragged inside with her daughter watching on helplessly. The daughter ran to the street and started to shout to people to help and a passer-by entered the store where they discovered the horrific scene.

The police, an ambulance and the fire brigade rushed to the scene but there was no chance of pulling her free, while the operation to free her body from the machine took hours, and was only finished just before midnight.

Police have now launched an investigation which includes watching CCTV from the shop. It is understood that the owner of the butcher’s shop went to the police and has reportedly been arrested.

The woman had been living with her daughter, her 10-year-old son and her mother in Greece for two years where she moved after separating from her husband. A person who knew Ana told local media: “She was a very good woman. She worked from morning to night to provide for her kids.”

Another person said on social media: “A terrible news saddened our hearts today with a huge loss for the family and also for us friends of Ana who left like a bird, like a beautiful flower with full dreams for her life.

“With the dreams for her children who she worked long hours for so that they would not be deprived of anything to educate them, to give them the path of knowledge. But her dreams were shattered today on the last day of her life. You will always be in our hearts, you will be a friend a sister to us…”

Ana’s daughter was taken to hospital in a state of shock before later being discharged. She and her 10-year-old brother have been at a friend’s house since the tragedy.

Airports on High Alert After ‘Bomb Warning’ in the Philippines

The Philippines has placed all its commercial airports on heightened alert after an anonymous warning that bombs could go off on planes headed out of Manila, including to several tourist hotspots, its civil aviation authority said Friday.

“Immediate enhanced security measures” were being implemented at 42 commercial airports across the country, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) said in a media advisory, adding the warnings were being verified.

The warning had been sent by email to air traffic services about a threat to flights out of the capital Manila headed to Davao, Bicol and the popular tourist regions of Palawan and Cebu.

“While the information is currently under validation, immediate enhanced security measures are being implemented across all airports,” CAAP said.

CAAP did not say when the warning was made.

On Friday the aviation regulator released to media an Oct. 4 memo of the order given to airport security managers to beef up security, thoroughly inspect baggage and conduct round-the-clock surveillance after receiving the email threat.

The Oct. 4 memo included a screenshot of what it said was the threat, which did not contain the word “bomb” but said “an airplane will explode” at Manila’s international airport today and “please beware”.

“Cebu, Palawan, Bicol and Davao will also be hit”, the anonymous email said.

A source at Philippines Airlines, who declined to be identified because they were not authorized to speak to media, said the flag carrier was operating “business as usual”.

A spokesperson at Cebu Pacific Air said the airline was “following usual protocols”.

Transport Secretary Jaime Bautista said patrols had been increased and K9 units deployed at all terminals of Manila’s international airport, and law enforcement agencies were coordinating closely.

“There are no expected impact to any scheduled flights and we would like to ensure the traveling public that protocols are in place to ensure everyone’s safety and security,” Bautista said in a statement.

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