Passenger Yells ‘Allahu Akbar’ and Tries to Open Airplane Door in Middle of Flight

A crazed man yelling “Allahu Akbar” tried to open a door in the middle of a flight from Israel to England Monday — before a brave passenger stepped up and tackled him.

Victor Troboloni, an Albanian who was on his way to visit his ailing mother in London, grabbed the hulking, unidentified attacker and held him down with other passengers while crew members zip-tied him.

“It was a very scary situation,” Troboloni told the Sun, before adding that he was thinking, “I might never see my mother again.”

Flight W9 4452 on Hungarian budget airline Wizz Air was forced to land in Belgrade, Serbia, following the incident, according to Israeli news station i24 News.

“The company is dealing with the onward flight of all customers to London,” Wizz Air told the network Tuesday.

“The safety and security of passengers and crew are the company’s top priority. The company regrets the inconvenience caused by this unexpected incident.”

In the aftermath of the security breach, a fellow passenger tackled the suspect and placed him in a headlock, according to cellphone footage obtained by the Sun.

In the clip, the unnamed attacker was seen screaming as Troboloni, 45, takes him to the floor.

“He tried to open the fire exit, he was sitting at the back and it’s easy to open a fire exit, just pull the handle and that’s it,” Troboloni told the outlet.

“I got the guy down. He was very heavyweight … I headlocked him and the stewardesses tied his hands with plastic cable ties … I had to do it.”

Fellow passengers helped Troboloni hold him down until a flight attendant could find cable ties to restrain him until the plane touched down in Eastern Europe.

“I held him for 10 minutes, he got out of breath, he got tired, he was tied up for 45 minutes to 1 hour before we landed in Belgrade,” Troboloni reportedly said.

The suspect yelled “Allahu Akbar,” Arabic for “God is most great,” during the ordeal, the heroic passenger told the UK tabloid. Officials could not offer a motive for the attack or say whether the suspect was connected to any terror groups.

Before punching a male crew member, the suspect was seen pacing back and forth from the pilot’s cabin to the back emergency exit.

“I saw him going up and down, maybe looking for weak points on the aircraft … checking seat numbers,” the plane engineer reportedly said.

“So I know what’s going on midair … you’ve got no escape.

“It was a very scary situation.”

The incident harkened back to a domestic United Airlines flight in March when multiple passengers restrained a lunatic who allegedly tried to open an emergency door and stab a flight attendant.

Last month, Delta passengers rushed to the aid of a flight attendant who was slashed by a man who allegedly threatened to decapitate her after their plane landed in New Orleans, subduing him until authorities arrived.

Watch the video below:

Six Wedding Guests Killed and 43 Injured After ‘Head on’ Horror Crash

Six people have died and another 43 left injured after a bus taking people to a wedding was hit by a truck.

A large lorry carrying sand lost control and veered into oncoming traffic in the incident, which occurred in the Honaz district of Denizli, Turkey at 5:00 am on Saturday.

The truck collided with the bus, killing five people instantly, reports the Daily Star. Another died shortly after.

The rest of the 43 passengers were admitted to hospital, with their present condition not yet known. One of the victims has been named by Turkish media as police officer Birol Kucuk.

Shocking footage from the scene shows the bus perilously dangling over a cliff edge at the side of the road, while passengers’ belongings can be seen strewn across the road.

Fire, ambulance and police crews also attended the scene, while local reports suggested fingerprint analysis may be needed to identify some of the bodies. The lorry was found by the side of the road in a ditch, and the driver was later named as Bekir Atman.

A criminal investigation has been opened by the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office in Denizli. A spokesman said: “While the passenger bus with plate number 48 E 4505 was driving on the Denizli to Ankara highway, in the Ankara direction, at the Prison junction, the truck with plate number 34 DZP 704, coming from the opposite lane, broke the medians and passed the passengers.

A traffic accident occurred as a result of the crash of the bus. According to the initial findings, 42 of the 48 people on the bus were injured and 6 people died. An investigation into the incident was immediately started and 2 public prosecutors were assigned.”

Last month, a passenger bus veered off the road and crashed into a roadside ditch in central Turkey, killing 12 people and injuring 19 others.

Officials said the driver of the bus lost control of the vehicle, which crossed into the oncoming lane and then plunged into the ditch near the central Turkish city of Yozgat on August 21.

The bus was traveling from Siva, which is located around150 miles east of Yozgat, to Istanbul.

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5 Million Bees Fall from Truck – Locals Forced Evacuate to Evade Swarms

Drivers near Toronto, Canada were warned to keep their car windows shut Wednesday after crates containing millions of bees fell off a truck on a highway — leaving the creatures swarming the scene.

Halton Regional Police Service announced on social media that officers were responding to an incident involving 5 million bees on the roadway of Guelph Line, in Burlington, Ontario, which is located about 50 miles west of Toronto. 

Officer Ryan Anderson told The Canadian Press, that police had received a call around 6:15 a.m. that the bees had gotten loose and said the creatures had created “quite the scene,” reported the Associated Press,

“Crates literally on the road and swarms of bees flying around,” he added. “The initial beekeeper that was on scene was apparently stung a few times.”

Police warned passing drivers to close windows and for pedestrians to “avoid” the area until they cleared the bees. They were eventually able to clear out most of the bees from the area thanks to an “overwhelming response from beekeepers coming to help,” they said in a follow-up tweet.

Anderson told The Canadian Press that six or seven beekeepers arrived on the scene to help deal with the situation approximately an hour after police put out a notice on social media, reported AP.

While the majority of bees had “been safely collected” and the crates “hauled away,” police also said some crates would be left behind for the bees that scattered off to “naturally return to.” 

They asked that people continue avoiding the area and not approach or touch the crates left behind for the bees and said those would eventually be collected once the animals returned home.

Beekeeper Terri Faloney uses her hand to remove bees from a car after a truck carrying bee hives swerved on Guelph Line road causing the hives to fall and release bees in Burlington, Ontario, on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2023
Beekeeper Terri Faloney uses her hand to remove bees from a car in Burlington, Ontario.Carlos Osorio/The Canadian Press via AP

A colony of honey bees in the summer can contain anywhere between 50,000-80,000 bees, which can fly up to 15 mph, according to the Canadian Honey Council, a national organization of the beekeeping industry. 

It also noted that a queen bee may lay 2,000 eggs per day during her busy season, with the average life of a honey bee during the working season lasting about six weeks.

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Prince Harry was Left Lying in Fetal Position After Afghanistan

As part of his latest Netflix film, Prince Harry has admitted he was left curled in the “foetal position” and “bouncing off walls” after he left Afghanistan.

Prince Harry says he was left curled in the “foetal position” and “bouncing off walls” after he left Afghanistan.

The Duke of Sussex, 38, makes the admissions in his new project ‘Heart of Invictus’ – his latest Netflix show, which delves into the life of injured and ill military veterans who take part in the Paralympic-style Invictus Games he founded.

He says in episode two of the series about the aftermath of his tours of duty in British Army, which saw him become a helicopter pilot: “I can only speak from my personal experience – my tour of Afghanistan in 2011 flying Apaches.

“Somewhere after that there was an unravelling and the trigger to me was returning from Afghanistan.”

Harry adds in the show he felt he was also left without a support network in the wake of his mum Princess Diana’s death in a Paris car smash in 1997 when she was aged 36.

Harry, who has son Archie, four, and daughter Lilibet, two, with his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, 42, added about his post-Afghanistan trauma: “But the stuff that was coming up was from 1997 – from the age of 12.

“Losing my mum at such a young age, the trauma that I had, I was never really aware of… when it all came fizzing out I was bouncing off the walls.

“I was thinking what is going on here – now I’m feeling everything as opposed to being numb.

“The biggest struggle for me was that no one around me could really help.

“I didn’t have that support structure that network or that expert advice to identify what was actually going on with me.

“Unfortunately like most of us, the first time you really consider therapy is when you’re lying on the floor in the foetal position probably wishing that you dealt with some of this stuff previously.”

The show comes after Harry used his memoir ‘Spare’ to open up about the trauma he felt in the wake of Diana’s death and his mental health struggles growing up in the royal family.

Helicopter Carrying 23 Marines Crashes Killing At Least 3

Three U.S. Marines died in an aircraft crash off the coast of northern Australia on Sunday while transporting troops during a routine military exercise, officials said.

Five others were “transported to Royal Darwin Hospital in serious condition”, Marine Rotation Force – Darwin said in a press release.

They were among 23 Marines on the MV-22B Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft when it crashed, the statement said, adding the cause of the crash was being investigated.

The crash occurred on the remote Tiwi Islands at approximately 9.30 a.m. (0130 GMT), the statement said.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese called the incident “tragic”, saying the Osprey was supporting the Exercise Predators Run 2023 military exercise. No Australian personnel were not involved in the crash, he said.

“Our focus as a government and as a department of defence is very much on incident response and on making sure that every support and assistance is given at this difficult time,” the prime minister told a previously scheduled press conference in Western Australia.

About 2,500 personnel from Australia, the U.S., the Philippines, Indonesia and East Timor were taking part in the exercises.

The U.S. and Australia, a key ally in the Pacific, have been stepping up military cooperation in recent years in the face of an increasingly assertive China.

“Australian and US personnel have stood shoulder to shoulder for more than a century,” Albanese and the Defence Minister Richard Marles said in a statement.

“This incident is a reminder of the significance of the service undertaken by our personnel and those of our partner nations.”

Four Australian soldiers were killed last month during large bilateral exercises when their helicopter crashed into the ocean off the coast of Queensland.

Cruise Ship Crashes into Oil Tanker as Passengers Panic

A P&O cruise packed full of British people has crashed into an oil tanker, leaving passengers “in tears” as they feared for their own lives.

The cruise ship snapped its moorings off the coast of Palma in Mallorca after ferocious gale-force winds “suddenly hit” the Britannia, sending it hurtling into the tanker in the Balearics, according to passengers on board the ship.

The huge £473m vessel is understood to be anchored less than a mile from the shore following the accident. Passengers were told to assemble at emergency points as they were warned “this is not a drill” by the captain. 

The instruction came after a loud bang was heard and debris was seen floating in the water.

One woman, aboard the ship with her partner and two children, told WalesOnline: “We have now been told we’re allowed to leave our cabins but we can’t do anything on the ship and all the crew are in their life jackets and doing all of their emergency things.

“The side of the boat is battered.”

‘This is not a drill’

She added: “We were docked overnight in Palma and the wind was so strong our anchors broke and we blew out into another ship.

“We were up browsing on our phones in bed and heard the big horn after the bang. It was panic stations, I was bawling my eyes out.

“We went out onto our balcony and could see debris in the ocean and all the damage to the side of the boat and our lifeboat. The captain said: “Everyone to their muster stations, this is not a drill.”

“Lots of people were running around looking panicked. Then they came around again and said everyone needs to get back to their cabins. We’re still none the wiser. I can’t see how they’ll be able to sail it again after this.”

Poolside furniture was strewn across the deck as staff ran around trying to keep customers calm.  It’s reported thousands have been kept waiting in the cabins of the 140,000 tonne ship awaiting further updates.

The ship, it appears, fell victim to a brutal storm which saw flights grounded as a result. 

The collision came as flights across the islands have experienced cancellations and delays because of the extreme weather. 

The Britannia, a 330-metre high ship able to carry up to 3,647 passengers, left Southampton on August 18 for the Mediterranean cruise trip, which stops at Cadiz and Ibiza. 

A spokesperson for P&O Cruises said: “We are aware of an incident involving Britannia on Sunday morning while the ship was alongside in Palma de Mallorca.

“We are working to assess the situation. The captain is keeping all guests updated.”

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TV Star’s Parents ‘Both Killed in Car Crash on Family Estate’

The parents of TV property star Phil Spencer have been killed in a car crash, it has been reported.

The deaths of the mother and father of the Location, Location, Location star were reported on Saturday after a crash on their farm in Kent on Friday.

Richard, 89, and mother Anne, 82, were pulled from a vehicle that careered into a river but died later, The Sun reported.

The river is on their estate in Littlebourne, near Canterbury, where Phil grew up.

Phil’s parents were said to driving on an access road to a local pub for lunch.

A neighbour told The Sun that the crash happened near a small stone bridge that locals believe to be dangerous.

The presenter’s Location, Location, Location co-star Kirstie Allsopp said it was a :great source of solace” to Phil that his parents were together when they passed.

She told the paper: “I’ve spoken to Phil and it’s tragic for the Spencer family, but his parents were together and that’s something that is a great source of solace to them all.

“The family is very loving and close. There are four children, Phil, Robert, Caryn and Helen, and they had eight grandchildren.”

She continued: “This is awful for all of the family, but they were together at the end and they were lovely people.

“They were on their way to the pub on a Friday afternoon in Kent, where they lived, they were in the place they loved, with the person they loved. They were both people of Christian faith. Phil and his siblings are all consoling each other at this difficult time.”

Emergency response teams were called to the scene including an air ambulance. A woman in her sixties was also in the car and suffered minor injuries.

Kent Police said they were called at 12.36pm to a report of a single-vehicle collision.

A spokesperson said: “Officers attended along with other emergency services and a man and woman in their 80s were taken to a local hospital where they were later pronounced deceased.

“A third person, a woman in her sixties, was in the vehicle and sustained minor injuries. The next of kin has been informed and a report will now be prepared for the coroner.”

6.3-Magnitude Earthquake Interrupts News Anchors on Live TV (Video)

News anchors on Colombian TV were were forced to abandon their reports mid-broadcast after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake shook capital city, Bogotá.

Initially they attempted to continue as cameras filming them began swaying, before it became too much, and hosts got up to leave the studio.

The initial quake was followed by a 5.1-magnitude quake minutes later as people crowded the city’s streets.

No major damage has been reported from the quake, however, one woman died after falling from an apartment block.


King Charles Gifts Harry’s Nemesis a New Role

King Charles III has handed a former palace aide who butted heads with Prince Harry a prestigious new role after granting him a six-figure payout when he left the royal household in May.

Sir Edward Young (now Lord Young of Windsor)—who was formerly the principal private secretary to Queen Elizabeth II and then joint principal private secretary to Charles—stepped down after which he was rewarded by the new king with a number of honors.

Charles granted Young a peerage, made him a Lord in Waiting, and appointed him a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath and a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order.

Recently released royal accounts in the annual Sovereign Grant Report also revealed that Young had received £145,000 to £150,000 [$184,000 to $190,000] in March 2023 as a “compensation payment” for his long service.

On Wednesday, it was formally announced in the Court Circular (official register of royal engagements and appointments) that, in addition to these recognitions, Charles has handed Young an upgraded position as a “Permanent Lord in Waiting.” This role, traditionally given to senior courtiers, will see the former aide become a regular feature at major royal events, as well as being called upon to represent Charles on formal occasions.

As a permanent Lord in Waiting, Young could also be asked to represent the king at the funerals of other high-ranking courtiers or government officials.

The former aide became a figure of increasing public interest in recent years. A lawyer acting for Prince Harry in his legal case over the government decision to remove his state-funded bodyguards named Young as a party the prince had come into conflict with.

In his capacity as principal private secretary to the late Queen Elizabeth, Young sat on the Home Office committee that ultimately decided to remove Harry’s security. The prince said that he should have been told who was on the committee. Harry added that Young hadn’t passed on information that he was willing to pay for his own police protection, which he had disclosed in a meeting known as the “Sandringham Summit.”

In a July 2022 hearing connected with the lawsuit, the prince’s lawyer, Shaheed Fatima, told the judge: “There were significant tensions between the claimant and Sir Edward Young.”

These tensions between Harry and palace aides at the time of his split from the monarchy and move to the U.S. with Meghan Markle and the couple’s young family in 2020, were highlighted by the prince in his memoir, Spare.

Published in January 2023, Harry described the three most senior courtiers he came into contact with as “the bee,” “the wasp,” and “the fly.”

Though Young was not named by the prince, several news outlets, including the Times of London, identified him as “the bee.”

Harry described him in caricature as: “Oval-faced and fuzzy and tended to glide around with great equanimity and poise, as if he was a boon to all living things. He was so poised that people didn’t fear him. Big mistake. Sometimes their last mistake.”

Buckingham Palace made no comment on Harry’s record-breaking memoir or the claims made within it.

At the time he stepped down from his working role as Charles’ joint principal private secretary in May, Young made a rare public comment, saying: “I am honored to have served two sovereigns through historic times, and grateful for all the support and friendship of colleagues along the way. I am deeply touched by their kind words and tributes as I venture beyond the Palace gates, but look forward to staying in close contact in years ahead.”

Huge Satellite Plummets Down Steps Away from Homes in Horror Crash (Video)

Dramatic footage shows fiery plumes of smoke filling the air as baffled locals stare at the huge smoking wreckage that dropped in the Taizi Temple village in China

A huge satellite has plummeted from space and crashed in China, causing a huge fireball to erupt after it crash-landed in the north of the country.

A resident of Taizi Temple village reported that the wreck fell at around 6:50 am Wednesday behind their home and the remnants have not been cleared yet.

Villagers were warned that debris might fall but the huge noise of the crash still shocked them.

No casualties were reported and an official in Taizi Temple village said that the satellite remnants did not cause any damage. It’s understood the debris is likely to be recovered and processed by the launch base. Officials said the site has been secured, and specialized personnel are dealing with the situation.

It comes after a huge satellite crashed back to Earth in July after scientists controlled its re-entry. The British-built spacecraft called Aeolus had an unprecedented return after completing a transformative space mission. It was not destined for re-entry but was running out of fuel and time.

The plan was for the satellite to reach 93 miles above Earth before the controlled entry would begin and it was hoped the satellite would enter somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean and then burn up while re-entering Earth’s atmosphere. Following a huge round of applause in the ESA’s briefing room, the agency confirmed that Aeolus landed almost exactly where they expected it to.

Aeolus had been in orbit since 2018 and was the first spacecraft to measure our planet’s winds from space. Since it ran out of fuel earlier in the month, the spacecraft had been falling toward Earth with gathering speed. “This is quite unique, what we’re doing. You don’t find really examples of this in the history of spaceflight. To our knowledge, this is the first time we have done an assisted re-entry like this,” head of ESA’s Space Debris Office Holger Krag said during a press briefing.

Simonetta Cheli, the ESA’s director of Earth observation, said the satellite was a “real success story”, having lasted beyond its estimated deployment of three years. The team hope the mission will act as a turning point for how to manage spacecraft at the end of their life as around 2,000 of the approximately 10,000 craft in space are defunct.

Holger Krag, head of the ESA’s space safety office said: “Space sustainability must be a global effort, and we must significantly improve the way we design and operate missions today.” The ESA wants all of its launches to be “debris neutral” by 2030, meaning anything deployed in space has to be returned once the mission concludes.

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