Camera Catches Driver Hitting Boy, 6, on Bike Ride with Father

This is the disturbing moment a terrified father begs for his six-year-old son to stay with him after being struck by a drug driver speeding at twice over the limit.

Noah Herring had been on a bike ride with his father James when he was hit by a Mercedes driven by 24-year-old Harry Summersgill, who was driving under the influence of cocaine, cannabis and ketamine.

The boy, wearing a high-vis jacket, had been riding to the park in a cycle lane when Summersgill crossed two lanes of traffic before mounting the pavement and striking him at speeds of over 60mph, in a 30mph zone in Stockton.

Harrowing footage from Noah’s dads Go Pro camera with Richard screaming his son’s name before calling the ambulance.

He tells the operator: “He’s in a lot of pain, he’s in a really bad way. A car’s crashed into us.” Then he tells his son: “Noah, just stay with me, Noah” as the boy cries out in pain.a sign on the side of a road: Noah Herring before he is struck (Durham police) 

Summersgill is later seen being loaded into the back of a police van saying it was a “simple accident” before being told he had tested positive for cocaine.

He was found to be driving under the influence of cocaine, cannabis and ketamine and jailed for three years for the collision on February 28.

Insp Dave Williams, from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said the footage was released with the family’s blessing to prevent anyone from drug driving.

He said: “Noah and James were out riding their bikes and having a pleasant morning when Harry Summersgill, knowingly under the influence of a cocktail of drugs, drove his car and struck Noah at high speed.

“Noah’s family know how lucky they were that day; the outcome could have been much worse and we’re all thankful that it wasn’t.

“To anyone who may get into their car with the intention of driving whilst under the influence; I would urge you to watch this footage and see the horrendous circumstances for yourself.

“No driver should ever take risks like these. It is unacceptable and we won’t tolerate anyone who takes drugs or drinks alcohol and gets behind the wheel of their vehicle.

“Our message is simple. Don’t do it.”

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Mom Who Killed 3-Year-Old for ‘Interrupting Her Having Sex’ Posts ‘Apology’

A 23-year-old woman from Solihull, England, was sentenced to 15 years in prison recently for killing her 3-year-old daughter. Nicola Priest was convicted after killing her daughter, Kylee-Jade, when the girl interrupted her while she was having sex with her boyfriend. Now Priest is raising eyebrows again after disturbing TikTok videos she made following Kaylee-Jade’s death have come to light.

Priest was sentenced early this month for her role in a horrifying incident that happened in August 2020.

The mom was living in an apartment in Birmingham, England, last year, the Daily Mail stated, when things took a terrible turn. At her sentencing hearing, attorney Justice Foxton summed up what happened that night between Priest, boyfriend 22-year-old Callum Redfern, and her daughter.

“On the evening of August 8, you, Redfern, went to Priest’s flat,” Foxton said. “The two of you went to have sex. Kaylee wanted to stay up and play. There is no direct evidence of what happened next.”

“Kaylee was sick more than once during the night as a result of the severe beating,” Foxton continued.

According to BBC News, after the alleged incident, Kaylee-Jade started vomiting.

“The vomiting was the result of the severe beating you were both responsible for inflicting on her,” Foxton said. “No doubt irritated by Kaylee crying, asking to be let out, it interrupted the two of you when you wanted to have sex.

“You lost your tempers and it is clear you were joint participants in that assault,” he added. “You both knew you had seriously injured Kaylee.”

He then accused Priest of not immediately seeking medical help.

“A prompt call could have saved Kaylee’s life,” he said. “You both lied repeatedly during interviews.”

Foxton said that the “severity” of Kaylee-Jade’s injuries made it clear “there was an intention to cause serious harm.”

“You and Redfern were equally responsible,” he charged. “You had ample opportunity to raise any concerns. Kaylee was very vulnerable and you were in a position of trust. You did nothing to summon help.”

After she was sentenced, Redfern’s father branded her an “evil mother” and said “she doesn’t deserve kids,” according to the Daily Mail. He also claimed that his son was misled by Priest and “got caught up in it.”

In one disturbing example of Priest’s cruelty, a text exchange was found from July 24 in which Priest wrote to Redfern that she was “gonna kill her [Kaylee-Jade] … because she keeps leaving the living room or going in the kitchen, so I’ve paled (hit) her one and smacked her for [dirtying] her nappy,” stated BBC News.

In another example, neighbors below Priest’s apartment head a loud banging right before Kaylee-Jade burst into tears. The neighbors claimed they could hear Priest say, “I’ll just say she fell off the bed.”

Things only got worse when Priest and Redfern got together. Police believe “the level of discipline she was subjected to became increasingly forceful and violent during Priest and Redfern’s relationship.”

Redfern’s father also claimed that Priest would sometimes refuse to change Kaylee-Jade’s diaper and would tell her “you can just stay in it” while she went outside to smoke.

The Daily Mail reported that footage caught by closed-circuit TV showed Priest and Kaylee-Jade just hours before the fatal incident in an elevator at their apartment complex. Priest seemed disinterested in Kaylee-Jade as they rode the elevator, checking her phone and the mirror but ignoring her little girl.

In court, Kaylee-Jade was described as a “happy child” who died from serious chest and abdominal injuries. But a medical examination conducted after her death found past injuries that indicated even more abuse, including broken ribs, lower leg fractures, and a broken sternum.

Experts likened the girl’s wounds at the time of her death as to those of a child hit by a car at 40 mph or from falling three stories onto a concrete floor, BBC News noted.

At the trial, both Priest and Redfern blamed each other for what happened that night.

On August 5, both were convicted of child manslaughter, with Priest receiving a 15-year sentence and Redfern receiving a 14-year sentence. Priest was also found guilty of child cruelty relating to previous injuries found on Kaylee-Jade’s body, but Redfern was cleared of that charge.

Priest will serve three years to be served concurrently for the child cruelty offense, and both must serve two-thirds of their jail terms before they can be considered for release.

Recently, a video posted onto TikTok has shed some shocking new light onto this horrifying case.

In the footage shared on the mom’s personal page a month after Kaylee-Jade’s death, it showed her hanging her head in shame and mouthing along to a song where she apologizes to her parents.

“I’m sorry mom and dad. I know I messed up bad,” she mouthed. “I should’ve done, should’ve done better.”

In other videos on the page, she paid tribute to her daughter, including one video where she wrote “I miss you. RIP my darling mommy loves you angel.”

Even her own relatives can’t forgive Priest for what happened.

“Everybody deserves the gift of life. Kaylee-Jayde deserved to show the world who she could have been and what greatness she could have brought to this world,” Kaylee-Jade’s grandmother, Debbie Windmill, told the Daily Mail.

“I could never stop staring at the smile on her beautiful face. I loved every moment watching her develop to nearly school age; preparing to buy my first grandchild her pre-school uniform was something that filled me with such happiness,” she added.

“I couldn’t wait to see her in it, but this opportunity was stolen from me in the most brutal of ways,” she continued. “Nanny will forever hold you in her heart.”

“This is a really horrific set of circumstances and I cannot imagine for one second what Kaylee-Jayde’s family must be going through,” Detective Inspector Adam Jobson said.

“They’ve lost their three-year-old family member at the hands of her own mother and Nicky Priest’s boyfriend, Callum. It is a grim picture,” he explained.

“I don’t think, sadly, we will ever fully know what has happened, we’ll never get that full picture, both have not admitted their own responsibility,” he continued.

“One thing is clear,” he said. “Nicky Priest has failed her daughter, she’s failed to protect her and she should be — being a mother to that little girl — the one person who should have been able to protect her.”

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Security Camera Captures Man Lurking Outside Woman’s Home

A woman in the U.S. has shared terrifying footage of the moment the security camera set up outside her home captured an unknown man lurking outside the property.

Trish Creech from Pittsburgh posted a video of her experience on TikTok, in an attempt to encourage others to get cameras outside their homes.

Her video showcases the moment when, one dark night around midnight, a balding man in a yellow T-shirt appeared outside her home.

“I have never seen this man before in my life,” Trish wrote in a caption accompanying the clip.

In the footage, the man is initially seen loitering around the outside of the property.

A moment later, Creech’s voice can be heard saying “hello.”

Evidently startled by the sound of her greeting, the man proceeds to explain his predicament—but it’s a far from convincing excuse.

“I’m kinda lost,” he claims. “I don’t have a cell phone can you tell me where I am.”

At that point, he starts mumbling something to himself and appears to be walking away.

However, a moment later he returned having taken his yellow T-shirt off.

By then, Creech had begun calling out for her 23-year-old son who was thankfully back home from college at the time.

At this point, the man appears to change tack again, asking her “Where does this road go to?”

According to a caption included at the conclusion of the clip, the man departed shortly after when Creech’s son and their dog turned up on the scene.

The video chronicling Creech’s experience can be viewed here.

While much remains unexplained about the nature of the man’s motives, several TikTokers were quick to note something that was specifically unnerving about him taking off his T-shirt.

Gablues1977 wrote: “He had that shirt wrapped around his hand because he was about to break a window or something to get in.”

Mctarf agreed: “He was planning on putting his fist through that glass! You’re lucky your kid was home.”

Growing2bhappy offered up another perspective on the experience.

“I always worry if I say something out of my ring doorbell, it’ll confirm I’m a woman,” she commented. “So instead I just let my dog bark for me.”

Daintydoodler had an even more sinister thought.

“He may have been watching you and not realized your son was home,” they wrote.

Senayjacksonactress agreed: “He’s been watching you. An what’s weird is that he comes back! He’s dangerous.”

Creech confirmed to her followers that she was on the phone to a 911 operator throughout much of the incident and officers were dispatched to her address soon after.

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Man charged with murdering teenager two days after being released from prison over COVID-19 fears

New Jersey man has been charged with murder just two days after being released from prison through a state effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in detention facilities, authorities said.

Jerry Crawford, 25, a convicted burglar, was released on Nov. 4 on public health emergency credits to mandatory parole supervision, the New Jersey Department of Corrections told the Washington Examiner.

“Without the Public Health Emergency Credits he would have been released on 12/24/2020,” the NJDOC said.

Tonight, I signed an EO allowing vulnerable, low-risk inmates to receive temporary home confinement to protect their health and the health and safety of those working in our correctional facilities, striking a balance between public health, public safety, and victims’ rights.— Governor Phil Murphy (@GovMurphy) April 11, 2020

On Nov. 6, two days after his release, Crawford and another man allegedly shot and murdered an 18-year-old man.

Authorities found the man’s body in a field by an apartment complex with multiple gunshot wounds.

Footage from that apartment complex displayed Crawford, his accomplice, and the victim before the shooting, according to court documents.

Crawford and the other man were indicted last week on first-degree murder charges and first-degree conspiracy to commit murder charges.

Both men are jailed and due back in court this week for hearings.

Crawford was released along with thousands of inmates under New Jersey’s emergency plan following deaths and a “soaring” infection rate in state prisons attributed to COVID-19.

New Jersey was one of the dozens of states that released inmates to curb the pandemic’s impact, and many of those released were arrested a short time later.

Missing Teen Mom’s Body Found Inside Her Freezer With More Than 50 Screwdriver Stab Wounds

A missing mother in Venezuela has been found after a months-long search led to a gruesome discovery. Ana Gabriela Medina Blanco, 19, had been missing for more than five months when her ex-boyfriend decided to take matters into his own hands several weeks ago and go looking for her himself.

After entering her property in search of clues, the man reportedly detected an overpowering stench that led him to a freezer. When he cracked it open, detectives say he was horrified by what he found inside.

Blanco was reportedly last seen in February, though her disappearance did not immediately raise alarm bells.

The teen mother would often travel to the city capital, Caracas, for extended periods of time and only kept “sporadic contact” with her family, according to the Mirror.

Her stepfather also told a local media outlet that he’d recently moved to a different part of the country and didn’t see the teen on a day-to-day basis.

Though the young mom was eventually reported missing months ago, it remains unclear as to whether police searched her residence.

By the sound of things, though, it seems unlikely.

When the woman’s ex-partner finally traveled to her home July 29 in Aragua, it didn’t take him long to find her. The unidentified man, who is also the father of her 4-year-old son, was immediately overwhelmed by the smell of death emanating from the kitchen and rushed in to investigate.

After peeking into the fridge and finding nothing, he then moved on to the freezer — where he found the mother’s body in a horrifying state.

Inside, Blanco was naked and curled up in the fetal position.

Right away, it was clear that she’d been tortured before her death, as her hands were bound and her head was forced between her legs.

Gruesome stab wounds across her body also indicated the brutal manner in which she died: being viciously attacked with a screwdriver. In fact, local reports suggested the young mother was stabbed more than 50 times by her killer before being stuffed into the freezer.

Now, police are searching for a man known as Josue, whose fingerprints were left on the freezer.

The man, who’s been described by locals as a “jealous and abusive” boyfriend, was reportedly dating the teen mom at the time of her disappearance.

His whereabouts, however, remain unknown, as he appears to be on the run.

As shocking as this case may be, violent crimes have risen sharply in Venezuela, as the country grapples with an economic collapse.

Data from the independent Venezuelan Violence Observatory noted that the homicide rate in 2020 was 45.6 per 100,000, with a total of 11,891 murders recorded, the Daily Mail reported. Luckily, violent crime rates have started to dip this year, but homicide is still considered an ongoing epidemic in the country — one that’s reportedly 11 times more deadly than the coronavirus in Venezuela.

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Volunteer Fire Fighter Burned Alive by Angry Mob After Being Mistaken for Arsonist

An apparent social activist who was attempting to put out a wildfire in Algeria was mistaken by an angry mob to be the arsonist and was burned alive.

Jamal ben Ismael, 35, was killed in the northern city of Tizi Ouzou in Kabylia on Wednesday evening, local media reported. The city is one of the areas that has been hardest hit by the North African state’s forest fires.

France 24 reported that Ismael had traveled to the district from Miliana, in the state of Ain Defla, 150km (over 90 miles) west of Algiers, to volunteer to help put out the flames and evacuate those in danger. However, he was apprehended by a mob that accused him of starting the fire.

In a social media video, the angry mob is seen pulling the activist out of a police car before beating him and burning him.

Friends of the activist on social media rebutted claims of his involvement with the forest fire, instead saying their friend had traveled to help those in need.

Ismael’s father, interviewed by Algerian news channel El Bilad, called for the Algerian people not to be divided by the incident. But he said that he was unable to go to Tizi Ouzou as he fears for his safety there.

“My son is a hero and a martyr, and Miliana has won another hero,” the father said in the televised interview.

He added that he hoped “those who have done this will pay for their deeds.”

Algeria has been engulfed by some of the largest wildfires in the country’s history, which have killed 65 people, including 28 troops. Mountainous regions of northern Algeria have been the worst affected

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has declared three days of national mourning for the dead and suspended all other state activities unrelated to the fire.

Tebboune said on Friday that 22 people have been arrested, suspected of being behind the deadly wildfires.

In a televised speech, he said: “Some fires have been caused by high temperatures but criminal hands were behind most of them.

“We have arrested 22 suspects, including 11 in Tizi Ouzou. Justice will perform its duty.

“It’s a disaster…disaster. But our strength will not collapse.”

Record high temperatures have seen wildfires soar in other countries across the Mediterranean this year, including Cyprus, Greece and Turkey.

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Grandma and Her Companion Killed; Granddaughter ‘Covered in Blood’ is Arrested

A 22-year-old woman was arrested after her 72-year-old grandmother and her grandmother’s boyfriend were found dead in their apartment over the weekend.

At a press conference Monday, Enfield Police Chief Alaric Fox said officers from the department responded to a call on Alden Avenue at 6:34 p.m. Sunday regarding a well-being check. The neighbor who contacted police said they heard “sounds of a disturbance.”

According to the incident report published by WFSB-TV, three Enfield Police officers showed up at the apartment. The officer writing the report said he walked up some stairs and noticed a broken porch window and glass everywhere. The officer continued walking and found a female victim, later identified as Maryrose Riach, “lying in a pool of blood face down.”

The officer, according to the incident report, kicked open the door to the apartment, reportedly saw someone in inside and ordered her not to move. She was identified as the suspect Harlee Swols.

The officer wrote he could “hear a shower running from the bathroom the female came out of and she was fully clothed but soaking wet with water and blood.” That officer held the woman at gunpoint until the other officers arrived inside the unit.

After placing Swols in handcuffs, the officers reportedly found the male victim, Riach’s boyfriend James Bell, “face down on his knees” in the bedroom with “a large laceration to his neck and stab wounds on his arms and back.” An officer attempted CPR on Bell but noted he had “a deep laceration from one side of his neck to the other and across the area of the artery.”

The officer then attempted CPR on Riach. She was transported to Baystate Hospital but died shortly after arriving. Enfield EMS reportedly declared Bell dead at the scene.

According to the incident report, Swols had wounds on her hands, which were “covered in blood,” and had “blood all over her clothes and was showing no emotion at all” when speaking with the officer. The report said she was not questioned at the time and received medical attention for her hand.

Swols reportedly had a protective order against her by the victims due to an incident on July 7, 2021.

Chief Fox said during his press conference that officers arrested Swols for violating the protective order. According to the Hartford Courant, Judge David P. Gold reportedly told Swols during her arraignment Monday to expect “much more serious charges.”

She was being held on $1 million bond.

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‘Evil’ mother made daughter, 3, perform TikTok dances weeks before killing her

Nicola Priest, aged 23, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for manslaughter last week. She also received a concurrent three-year sentence for child cruelty.

Her 22-year-old boyfriend, Callum Redfern, received 14 years for manslaughter, at Birmingham Crown Court.

The prosecution alleged the couple inflicted a fatal beating on young Kaylee-Jayde, who interrupted them whilst they were trying to have sex.

Kaylee-Jayde was found dead at the Birmingham flat she lives in, on August 9 2020.

The court heard she was subject to a “sustained and ferocious assault”, which left her with brain injuries and a punctured lung.


Nicola Priest and her boyfriend were found guilty of manslaughter (Image: West Midlands Police )

Just weeks before her death, Kaylee-Jayde appeared in TikTok videos made by her mother.

In one Priest grabs her daughters head, and moves It from left-to-right in rhyme with music as she dances.

In a second Kaylee-Jayde’s arms are grabbed by her mother, who then makes her replicate dance moves.

The court heard Priest only called 999 after her daughter had died.


Kaylee-Jayde with her mother just hours before her death (Image: West Midlands Police)

Addressing Priest and Redfern Mr Justice Foxton QC, who delivered the sentence, said: “On the evening of August 8 you Redfern went to Priest’s flat.

“The two of you went to have sex. Kaylee wanted to stay up and play. There is no direct evidence of what happened next.

“Kaylee was sick more than once during the night as a result of the severe beating. You lost your tempers and it is clear you were joint participants in that assault. You both knew you had seriously injured Kaylee.

“You, Priest did nothing to seek medical help. A prompt call could have saved Kaylee’s life. You both lied repeatedly during interviews.”

The judge added: “From the severity of the injuries caused by the assault it is clear there was an intention to cause serious harm. The injuries were caused by a ferocious assault.

“You and Redfern were equally responsible. You had ample opportunity to raise any concerns. Kaylee was very vulnerable and you were in a position of trust. You did nothing to summon help.”

After the court passed judgement Redfern’s father, Andrew, described Priest as an “evil mother” who “doesn’t deserve kids”.

TikToker shares hack for preventing flies from bins

The court was shown text messages exchanged between Priest and Redfern exchanged in July, just weeks before Kaylee-Jayde’s death.

Addressing Redfern Priest said: “I’m gonna kill her… because she keeps leaving the living room or going in the kitchen, so I’ve paled [hit] her one and smacked her for s**tting in her nappy.”

Redfern responded: “Good – give her one from me.”

Detective Inspector Adam Jobson commented: “This is a really horrific set of circumstances and I cannot imagine for one second what Kaylee-Jayde’s family must be going through, they’ve lost their three-year-old family member at the hands of her own mother and Nicky Priest’s boyfriend, Callum. It is a grim picture.

“’I don’t think, sadly, we will ever fully know what has happened, we’ll never get that full picture, both have not admitted their own responsibility.

“One thing is clear, Nicky Priest has failed her daughter, she’s failed to protect her and she should be – being a mother to that little girl – the one person who should have been able to protect her.”

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R. Kelly Sex-Trafficking Trial Begins in New York

Two years after R. Kelly was jailed on multiple sexual assault and misconduct charges, his trial in New York begins with jury selection after months of Covid-related delays. The multi-platinum-selling and Grammy-winning singer and producer, who has been accused of abusing multiple women since the early 1990s, is also awaiting trial in his home state of Illinois.

On Monday, a federal court judge in Brooklyn will question potential jurors about whether they can be unbiased about Kelly, considering the widely publicized accusations against him. The courtroom is operating under pandemic precautions, limiting the press and the public to overflow courtrooms connected via video.

The trial in the New York City borough of Brooklyn is a racketeering case centering around accusations that Kelly ran an elaborate criminal enterprise in which his managers, security and other employees helped him recruit women for sex at his concerts and elsewhere, including fast-food restaurants. Kelly has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing; defense attorneys have claimed the women, many of whom have accused the singer of abuse and imprisonment, were groupies.

While the accusations against Kelly date back to the early years of his career — and include his annulled 1994 marriage to the late singer Aaliyah Haughton, whom he allegedly married when she was just 15 via a false I.D. — he was acquitted of multiple charges against him in 2008 and continued to record, tour and, according to the most recent charges, abuse women. Accusations against the singer began to resurface in 2013, but it was only in early 2019, when the Lifetime documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” first aired, that public opinion swayed strongly against the singer and he was eventually arrested and jailed on updated charges. He was arraigned in Brooklyn in July of 2019.

However, Kelly, 54, has spent most of that time in a federal jail in Chicago. He was moved last month to the federal Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Last week, a defense attorney asked that court transcripts be provided for the singer because “His funds are depleted.”

Opening statements are scheduled to begin on Aug. 18.

Kelly’s relationship with Aaliyah will also be a subject of the Brooklyn hearing. Kelly was introduced to the singer when she was 12 by his manager Barry Hankerson, who was Aaliyah’s uncle. Kelly allegedly began both a professional and personal relationship with the singer when she was underage, producing her debut album “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” and allegedly marrying her via a false I.D. acquired through a bribe, and, court papers say, getting her pregnant. She is identified as “Jane Doe #1” in court papers because she was still a minor at the time of the relationship.

“As a result, in an effort to shield himself from criminal charges related to his illegal sexual relationship with Jane Doe #1, Kelly arranged to secretly marry her to prevent her from being compelled to testify against him in the future,” the papers say, according to the Associated Press. Aaliyah broke off contact with Kelly shortly after the marriage was annulled and continued her career, releasing two albums under Hankerson’s Blackground label before she was killed in a plane crash in 2001.

While most of Aaliyah’s recordings have been absent from streaming services due to disputes between Hankerson and her mother (his sister), last week Blackground announced plans to begin re-releasing the recordings. It was unclear at the time of this article’s publication whether the announcement was timed to coincide with the beginning of Kelly’s trial.

Kelly is also up on sexual misconduct charges in Illinois and Minnesota. He has pleaded not guilty to those as well.

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah AKA Montana Child Murderer

The over 300 pound Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was one of the world’s worst child serial killers.  Bar-Jonah was a sick pedophile, a kidnapper, and a killer and molester of young boys. But the heinousness of his crimes did not stop there. He was also said to have been a cannibal and that he had even served the flesh of some of his victims to neighbors at a barbecue! 

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was born David Paul Brown in Worcester, Mass., in 1957, and there were early signs that he wasn’t a normal child.

In 1964, Bar-Jonah received an Ouija board for his seventh birthday. Using the promise of trying the board out, he lured a five-year-old neighbor into his basement. There, he tried to strangle her. Luckily, the girl’s screams alerted Bar-Jonah’s mother, who ran downstairs and forced him to let her go.

His mother likely assumed that the boy didn’t know what he was doing, and nothing came of the incident. But in 1970, Bar-Jonah decided to try again. Promising another neighbor, a six-year-old boy, that they could go sledding, Bar-Jonah lured the child to a secluded area. He then sexually assaulted him.

This became a pattern for Nathaniel Bar-Jonah. But as he grew older, he developed a more sophisticated technique to gain access to victims.

In 1975, Bar-Jonah approached an eight-year-old boy on his way to school. Claiming to be a police officer, Bar-Jonah lured the boy into his car, where he began to sexually assault and strangle him.

Luckily for the boy, a neighbor looking out their window saw the boy being abducted and called the police. Bar-Jonah was arrested but was only sentenced to a year’s probation.

The light sentence emboldened Bar-Jonah, and three years later, he abducted another two boys from a movie theatre after claiming to be a police officer and telling them they were under arrest. He handcuffed the boys before taking them to a secluded area and molesting them.

Trying to silence a potential witness, Bar-Jonah began strangling one of the children. When he was convinced that the boy was dead, he put the other victim in his trunk and drove away. Though he was left for dead, the boy had actually survived the attack and ran to get help. Bar-Jonah was soon found by the police with the other victim still in his trunk. This time, Bar-Jonah was charged with attempted murder and sentenced to 18-20 years in prison.

While in prison, Bar-Jonah began meeting with a psychiatrist. After hearing him describe his fantasies, which revolved around murdering, dissecting, and eventually eating children, the psychiatrist recommended that he be moved to a mental hospital.

But in 1991, a judge concurred with psychiatric evaluations that had somehow found him to not be a dangerous threat. Inexplicably, the judge agreed to release Bar-Jonah on probation if he moved to Montana to live with his mother, though it was recommended that he seek psychiatric help.

There, his crimes escalated to horrific levels – eventually earning him the name of the Montana Child Murderer.

An Evil Let Loose on Society

That short-sighted judge let an evil loose on society – a lurid pedophile with no remorse nor inclination to stop acting on his perverse fantasies. Just days after being released, Bar-Jonah – who at the time was still going by David Brown, spotted a seven-year-old boy sitting in a parked car. He forced his way into the car and tried to smother the boy by sitting on top of him. Luckily, Bar-Jonah was stopped by the boy’s mother and quickly arrested. 

Somehow, in yet another miscarriage of justice, after his arrest, no one from the Massachusetts court followed up with the probation officers in Montana. This allowed Bar-Jonah to melt into the local community. By now, he had changed his name from David Brown to Nathaniel Benjamin Levi Bar-Jonah, claiming that he wanted to know what it felt like to live with the persecution that Jewish people experienced (he alternatively claimed that he had always been Jewish, and the actual truth may never be known for sure).

But the name and possibly his religion was the only thing that changed about Bar-Jonah. In 1996, 10-year-old Zachary Ramsay disappeared on his way to school. His parents filed a missing person report, but the local police department wasn’t used to this sort of crime. With few leads, the case went cold.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was living in a nearby apartment complex. There, he’d secretly been luring young boys from the area inside his apartment before sexually assaulting them. He’d even installed a pulley from the ceiling where he hung at least one of them by the neck. Yet, these crimes went undiscovered for years. One woman grew suspicious after her child suddenly became withdrawn and angry after spending time with Bar-Jonah, but no one thought that someone in the sleepy little town of Great Falls could be molesting children.

And no one suspected that Bar-Jonah was a murderer.

But neighbors did notice that the food Bar-Jonah made for them was full of strange meat that they couldn’t identify. When asked, Bar-Jonah claimed that it had come from a deer he shot, though no one knew Bar-Jonah to ever go hunting.

Another Arrest and a Shocking Discovery!

In 1999, he was arrested outside a local elementary school carrying a fake gun and dressed as a police officer. At first, the charge was simply impersonating a police officer. But when the police searched Bar-Jonah’s home, they made a shocking discovery.

Inside Nathaniel Bar-Jonah’s home, investigators discovered thousands of photos of children cut from magazines and a bizarre journal written in code. Even more importantly for the investigation, they also found a piece of human bone.

The journal was sent to the FBI to be decoded while the police began looking into the possibility that Bar-Jonah had murdered Ramsay. Meanwhile, other neighbors now came forward with allegations that Bar-Jonah had been molesting their children, and Bar-Jonah was quickly charged with kidnapping and sexual assault.

The FBI managed to crack the ciphers and found that it detailed the torture and murder of several boys and also contained bizarre “recipes” for cooking their flesh. “Barbequed Kid,” “Sex A La Carte,” “My Little Kid Dessert,” “Little Boy Stew,” “Little Boy Pot Pies,” and “Lunch is Served on the Patio with Roasted Child,” were all entries in Bar-Jonah’s twisted writings. 

Worse yet, investigators believed that these dishes were allegedly served at barbeques which he held in his yard for the local community.

A meat grinder at his house contained human hair, and upon deeper investigation, 21 more human bone fragments were found at his property.

Bar-Jonah was convicted of kidnapping, aggravated assault, and sexual assault of three boys, although he was suspected of being a serial child murderer. However, there was no specific evidence that connected him to the death of Zach Ramsay or any other missing child. Zach’s mother refused to believe that her child was dead nor that Bar-Jonah could have killed him, and she would not testify at the trial.

Bar-Jonah received 130 years behind bars without the possibility of parole.

However, morbidly obese at over 300 pounds, he died in April 2008, aged 51, from a heart attack.

Zach Ramsey was never seen again.

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