Violent Fight Breaks Out Between Fans at 49ers-Giants Game (Video)

The San Francisco 49ers made short work of the New York Giants during Thursday’s game at Levi’s Stadium, but some fans didn’t seem to enjoy the victory so much.

Video from inside the stadium shows a violent brawl that broke out between a group of home fans in the stands. The footage captured men and women trading blows.

One of the men in the video shoved a woman down the bleachers while holding a beer. A security guard eventually arrived and broke up the fight.

It’s not clear at this time what prompted the violence or if anybody was arrested.

Meanwhile, New York’s offense never managed to get going against San Francisco’s tenacious defense. The 49ers won 30-12.


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Popular DJ Tortured and Murdered by ‘Sadistic Thugs’

A popular Turkish DJ was allegedly tortured to death in London by “sadistic thugs” who inflicted 94 injuries on him — including beating him with a bat and stabbing his feet — and locked his girlfriend in a bathroom for two days, disturbing court proceedings revealed Wednesday.

Mehmet Koray Alpergin, 43, and his girlfriend, Gozde Dalbudak, 34, were abducted by six men near Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as they returned home from an Italian restaurant in Mayfair on Oct. 13, 2022, according to the Telegraph.

The assailants had allegedly installed a tracking device on Alpergin’s car, the jury was told.

The couple were put into separate vehicles — Dalbudak at knifepoint — and taken to an empty wine bar on White Hart Lane, the outlet reported.

His naked body — which had been punched, kicked, hit with a bat, and scalded with boiling water while his feet were stabbed, according to prosecutors — was dumped in the woods near Essex on Oct. 15.

It was discovered hours later by a dog walker.

Dalbudak was locked in the bar restroom for two days, jurors were told.

Steffan Gordon, 34, of Northolt; Tejean Kennedy, 33, of Cricklewood Broadway; Samuel Owusu-Opoku, 35, of Wood Green; Junior Kettle, 32, of Archway; Ali Kavak, 26, from Tottenham; and Erdogan Ulcay, 56, from Camden, have been accused of murder, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and perverting justice, according to the Telegraph.

“The prosecution alleges that Koray Alpergin was kidnapped and tortured either so that he might be punished for something that he had done or else forced to give up something that he knew — perhaps the whereabouts of either drugs or money — and which his kidnappers also wanted to know,” lawyer Crispin Aylett said.

“It is obvious that before his death, Koray Alpergin had been stripped naked and horrifically tortured,” he continued.

“From the number and nature of the injuries sustained, the prosecution suggests that it is not hard to envisage a group of sadistic thugs taking it in turns to inflict injury, whether with punches and kicks, hitting him with a bat, scalding him with boiling water, stabbing his feet.”

He alleged the attack was connected to “organized crime” and “almost certainly drugs,” Aylett added.

Jurors were told Alpergin, who owned London-based Turkish-language radio station Bizim FM, was not his usual “happy-go-lucky” self prior to the deadly attack and that he seemed anxious.

The popular DJ was also allegedly in debt, including around $40,000 just for his car, the Telegraph reported.

Mehmet Koray Alpergin.
An autopsy revealed he had suffered 94 injuries and was covered in cuts and bruises. Lawyer Crispin Aylett said, “It is obvious that before his death, Koray Alpergin had been stripped naked and horrifically tortured.”

Kennedy, Owusu-Opoku, Kettle and Kavak deny the murder charge and false imprisonment and kidnapping charges.

Gordon admitted to kidnapping but denied the murder and false imprisonment.

Ulcay and Kavak deny the perversion charges. Owusu-Opoku admitted to it, according to the Telegraph.

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Serial Killer Pleads Guilty to Killing 14 People and Hiding the Bodies in His Kitchen

A Rwandan man has pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including the murder of 12 women and two men, in a high-profile case that shocked the country.

Denis Kazungu, 34, is alleged to have buried his victims in his kitchen.

Police discovered the crime earlier this month after he was evicted from his rented accommodation in Kicukiro, a suburb of the capital, Kigali.

In a packed courtroom, after hearing the guilty plea, a woman cried out for her child who she said was a victim.

This hearing was called to determine whether Kazungu should remain in detention. The judge will deliver a decision on September 26.

Kazungu, who did not have legal representation, looked calm and composed at the hearing and when asked to plea, said in a firm voice that he was “guilty”.

He tried to justify his crimes by alleging that his victims “deliberately infected him with Aids” but not offer any proof of this.

The state of Mr Kazungu’s mental health is unclear, but he appeared sound when he requested the court to put proceedings behind closed doors, a request that the court denied.

“I have done extreme crimes and do not want to be reported in the media,” he said.

Kazungu was arrested after his landlord had reported him to police for defaulting on rent payments for seven months.

A police official told Rwanda’s private newspaper The New Times that he put up a fight when they evicted him.

“He apologized and cried excessively, which raised our suspicions,” the official said.

“We detained him and I personally took him to the police. It is at the police station where he confessed to having killed some people, prompting Rib [Rwanda Investigation Bureau] to investigate his residence.”

An Rib spokesperson said he lured his victims, mostly sex workers, to his home and would then rob them. He then “strangled them to death and buried them in a hole dug in the kitchen of his rented house”.

Investigators are yet to reveal the names of all of Kazungu’s suspected victims.

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Feces-Covered Man Arrested at New Buffalo Bills Stadium Site

A construction site at the home of the new Buffalo Bills stadium received an unexpected visitor on Sunday as the team took on the Las Vegas Raiders, authorities said.

Police were called to the area via Eric County Community College security as they handled the area outside the fencing.

As authorities approached, the Eric County Sheriff’s Office said a 29-year-old naked man who was covered in feces jumped into a pit at the construction site in Buffalo, New York. 

Officials said the man was under the influence of a mixture of drugs including alcohol, LSD, cocaine, and marijuana, and needed to scale a 10-foot fence to get into the site.

Erie County Sheriff John Garcia explained the situation in a press conference Monday.

“When you’re taking LSD, cocaine, and marijuana, you’re going to not read the signs. You’re not going to read anything,” Garcia said, via WIVB-TV. “You wouldn’t be in a porta potty jumping inside it, covering yourself with human excrement, you wouldn’t be doing that. This is a very isolated issue.”

Authorities said the man was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

The Eric County Sheriff’s Office said a 29-year-old naked man who was covered in feces jumped into a pit at the construction site.
The Eric County Sheriff’s Office said a 29-year-old naked man who was covered in feces jumped into a pit at the construction site.

No one else was injured.

“We always try to stay four, five plays ahead because our job is to try to prevent incidents like that to occur but when someone takes LSD, cocaine, and marijuana and they’re drinking, from running into traffic to scaling a 10-foot fence, we can’t prevent everything,” Garcia added.

The sheriff said the people the man was with left him and entered Highmark Stadium for the game, according to the Buffalo News.

He said officials wanted to speak to anyone who was with him or interacted with him.

The new construction site is located across from Highmark Stadium.

The man was not identified.

He was charged with criminal trespass and released on an appearance ticket.

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Serial Killer is Targeting Models in LA

Two aspiring models based in Los Angeles were found dead inside their luxury apartments within the last week, prompting fears of a serial killer on the loose, has learned.

Police have yet to determine whether there is any link between the two deaths of Maleese Mooney on September 12 and Nichole “Nikki” Coats on September 10. Local influencers are now warning other models to be wary of meeting up with strangers or going to do photo shoots alone without notifying anybody of their whereabouts.

A flyer has been making the rounds that advises women to “stay safe” by sharing their location or contact information on the people they are going to meet up with. Women have also been advised not to give out their exact location when going on dates.

As we previously reported, Mooney’s case is being considered a murder while Coats’ is still considered a “suspicious” death pending a Los Angeles County Coroner’s report.

Coats told loved ones she was going out on a date on September 8 and was tragically never seen or heard from again. “This is senseless and I want some answers because my daughter is gone,” said her devastated mother, Sharon Coats, during a press conference. “It’s not fair. I want everybody to find out who did this to her.”

“I believe it was murder, I really do,” added Coats’ aunt May Stevens while an LAPD did not confirm circumstances surrounding her death. “One of her legs was up in the air in a kicking position. That’s not somebody who just laid in their bed and died.”

As for Mooney, LAPD Central Area uniformed patrol officers responded to a radio call for a Welfare Check at the 200 block of South Figueroa Street and found her deceased inside of her luxury apartment. An investigation conducted determined she was murdered.

Mooney’s exact cause of death is unknown, pending a post-mortem examination, which will be conducted by the same coroner’s office, a news release stated.

Family members related to Mooney said she had only moved into her new place a month ago and also worked as a real estate agent at Beverly Hills-based agency Nest Seekers, with a cousin telling KTLA, “When a week went by, we just knew something was off.”

“Her messages weren’t delivering and we knew something was up because we all have a special relationship with Maleesa.”

“Maleesa has always been someone who is a peacemaker in our family, someone that’s always been the backbone, and making sure everyone’s getting together, loving on each other,” her devastated sister Jourdin Pauline said. “This is a really big piece of us that’s gone now.”

78-Year-Old Kills Neighbor for Trimming Trees on Property Line

A property dispute in Florida led a 78-year-old man to killed his 42-year-old neighbor, police said.

A 78-year-old Florida man is accused of killing a 42-year-old neighbor who was trimming trees over a property line the Volusia County men shared.

Investigators believe Edward S. Druzolowski fatally shot Brian J. Ford shortly after 7 p.m. Sunday.

“Druzolowski told detectives he threatened to shoot Ford, and when Ford didn’t leave, he shot him,” the Volusia Sheriff’s office reported.

The alleged shooter was taken into custody and held on a second-degree murder charge.

“The first two deputies on scene attempted life-saving measures until EMS arrived, but Ford was pronounced deceased on scene,” according to the sheriff’s department.

The incident occurred in DeLeon Springs, which is home to roughly 2,600 residents. Its most celebrated son is former Mets ace Jacob deGrom.

PHOTO: Edward S. Druzolowski has been taken into custody on a charge of second-degree murder after shooting his neighbor who was trimming trees along their property line on Sept. 17, 2023, in DeLeon Springs, Fla.
Edward S. Druzolowski has been taken into custody on a charge of second-degree murder after shooting his neighbor who was trimming trees along their property line on Sept. 17, 2023, in DeLeon Springs, Fla.

Hollywood Actor Caught in Shocking Criminal Operation (Video)

Actor Gabriel Jarret has allegedly been caught in a pedophile sting operation.

The 53-year-old actor is best known for appearing in 1985’s Real Genius alongside Val Kilmer.

He also appeared in films Last Days and Apollo 13 and TV shows The West Wing and 21 Jump Street.

Jarret is accused of sending ‘sexually explicit’ messages to who he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

According to MailOnline, Jarret was caught by social media vigilantes Creep Catcher Unit who set up a decoy account and claimed to have been in contact with Jarret for more than a year.

Creep Catcher Unit’s main mission is to ‘expose online predators’.

The outlet reports that Jarret was supposed to meet a ‘teenager’ in Santa Monica on Sunday night and references screenshots in which the actor allegedly chatted with who he apparently thought was an underage person.

The Creep Catcher Unit was said to be waiting for Jarret, who insisted he thought the girl was 18.

Jarret allegedly also said he was only meeting with the person to tell them to stop messaging him.

In a since-deleted video, MailOnline claims Jarret said: ‘I’m not meeting a 13-year-old girl.

‘I’ve got someone that was calling me again and again, and I told her again and again, you know, you need to stop this. And she started getting insistent, whatever. And I’m here to tell her to stop.’

‘She said she was 18,’ he reportedly added.

The vigilantes are said to have sent the footage along with other ‘evidence’ to the Santa Monica Police.

Messages seen by the outlet are said to have started back in May 2022 and in them, Jarret allegedly grooms the supposed underage girl.

The phone number allegedly used by Jarret apparently matches one he previously wrote on court documents filed in LA in 2018.


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Girl Finds Hidden Camera in American Airlines Plane Toilet

An American Airlines flight attendant has been accused of hiding a camera in an airplane bathroom to spy on a teenage girl, according to her family.

The Lewis and Llewellyn LLP law firm said a 14-year-old girl was waiting to use the bathroom on an American Airlines flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Boston Logan International Airport on September 2.

While she was waiting to use the bathroom in coach, a male flight attendant allegedly told her she could use the bathroom in first class as “it’ll be quicker.”

The girl’s family told Fox26 that when she arrived at the first-class bathroom the same flight attendant stopped her and said he needed to go inside to wash his hands as garbage collection was about to start.

According to the network, the girl recounted that the flight attendant was in the bathroom for around a minute and when he came out he told her the seat was broken.

The girl’s father said when his daughter entered the bathroom she saw red tape that indicated the seat was broken, but while inside she noticed a phone was being held up by the tape.

She took a photo of the phone that was taped to the toilet seat, which also showed its light on.

The flight attendant is then reported to have reentered the restroom after the girl was finished inside.

When the girl returned to her family, she told her mother about the phone that was supposedly recording inside the bathroom.

The mother then warned a woman in first class who was about to use the bathroom, stating: “Don’t go in there. My daughter’s just been in there, there’s a camera in there.”

Both parents later claimed that as of Saturday, September 16, American Airlines had not contacted them since the alleged incident.

The mother told Fox26: “[We] never heard a word from them. That’s been very surprising to me.”

She later added: “One of the things you shouldn’t have to worry about is that a member of the flight crew when you’re legally obligated to follow their instructions and who are trusted with your safety, they’re going to target one of your kids and obtain child pornography on a plane. I mean, it just blows your mind.”

According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, one in nine girls and one in 20 boys under the age of 18 experience sexual abuse or assault in the U.S. It added that 82 percent of all victims under the age of 18 are female.

Family attorney Paul Llewellyn of Lewis and Llewellyn LLP told the network: “It is shocking that a sexual predator could brazenly prey on a minor while she used the bathroom on a flight. This outrageous act should have never occurred and must never occur again.

An American Airlines spokesperson told Fox News Digital: “American Airline flight 1441 from Charlotte to Boston was met by law enforcement upon arrival.

“We take this matter very seriously and are fully cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation, as safety and security are our highest priorities.”

Newsweek has contacted the family’s lawyers and American Airlines via email for comment.

Teens ‘Laughed’ as They Fatally Hit Cyclist with Car (Video)

Two teens were heard laughing on a video as they deliberately plowed their car into a bicyclist in Nevada, killing him.

The 17-year-old driver and his passenger were cruising down a street in Las Vegas on August 14, coming up behind Andreas Probst as he rode his cycle in the bike lane.

The passenger, who was filming with his cell phone, began chuckling with the driver as they plotted to run over Probst– a retired California police chief.

You can hear them say, “Ready?” and Yeah, hit his ass.”

Moments later, the driver crashed into Probst, causing him to fly up onto the windshield before tumbling to the ground.


Probst was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The teens fled the scene, but the driver was soon arrested for the hit-and-run.

The charges were later upgraded to include murder when the video recently surfaced online, showing the crime was intentional.

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Brian Laundrie Text After Killing Gabby Petito Released

Text messages sent by Brian Laundrie days after killing Gabby Petito have reportedly been revealed.

Laundrie, who admitted to killing Petito in a note later found in the area where his body was located by authorities, had reportedly texted a friend detailing his “fun” travels on the cross-country trip that resulted in his fiancée’s death, according to messages reviewed by the Messenger.

“Trip was good,” Laundrie wrote to a friend named Ben on Sept. 4, 2021, after he returned to Florida without Petito but before she was reported missing and his his own eventual disappearance.

“Gab and I had fun. Tired now, gonna sleep for a week,” he added.

“We made a lot of content,” Laundrie wrote, referencing the couple’s shared YouTube travel channel. “It was once in a lifetime.”

Witnesses in Utah, where the couple was stopped for an alleged domestic violence incident during their cross-country roadtrip, told police that they saw Laundrie — believed to have later strangled and bludgeoned Petito to death in the Bridger-Teton National Forest several weeks prior to his own death — hitting the 22-year-old in public. Officers made contact with the couple near Arches National Park, but no charges were filed, despite a Utah statute that requires police to make an arrest or issue a citation in relation to potential domestic incidents.

Petito, who appeared to be visibly shaken while speaking to police, told officers that Laundrie had grabbed her face while gesturing toward her neck, but authorities deemed her to be the aggressor and didn’t appear to view Laundrie as a potential suspect at the time, despite witnesses calling 911 alleging that he had hit her in public. On September 30, 2021, police released bodycam footage which showing Petito telling an officer that an argument with Laundrie got physical on August 21, 2021.

Officers pulled over the van Laundrie and Petito were traveling in on their cross-country trip and Petito told officers that she initially slapped Laundrie before he retaliated.

“I guess, but I hit him first,” Petito said when asked by an officer if Laundrie hit her in the face.

“Where did he hit you? Don’t worry. Just be honest,” the officer asked.

“Well, he grabbed my face,” Petito said.

“Did he slap your face? Or what?” the officer responded.

“Well like, yeah he grabbed me with his nail, and I guess that’s why I definitely have a cut right here because I can feel it when I touch it, it burns,” she said, while holding her jaw and crying.

The video then shows Laundrie recanting his side of the incident.

“She gets really worked up, and when she does she swings, and she had her cellphone in her hand, so I was just trying to push her away,” Laundrie said.

The Parker & McConkie law firm, which represents Petito’s parents in a lawsuit against Laudrie’s parents, shared a selfie taken by Gabby in which she appears to have blood, swelling and visible marks on her face just prior to the traffic stop. On October 12, 2021, Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue — who performed an autopsy on Petito — announced her death was ruled as a death by strangulation and the manner of death to be a homicide during a press conference.

Dr. Blue said Petito’s death is believed to have occurred 3-4 weeks prior to her remains being found on September 19, 2021 and confirmed to match her days later. Dr. Blue confirmed the ruling was made while working alongside local and federal authorities.

Laundrie, the lone person of interest in connection to Petito’s disappearance and death, was discovered weeks later at the Carlton Reserve campsite near his family’s Florida home and confirmed to have died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, his family’s attorney, Steve Bertolino, confirmed to TMZ. Laundrie was the center of a publicized search by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local authorities at the Carlton Reserve prior to his remains being discovered.

Police later confirmed that a confession letter written by Laundrie was also found. Petito’s parents had previously been rewarded $3 million in relation to a wrongful death lawsuit against Laundrie’s parents in November 2022, CNN reported at the time.

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