Flight Attendant and Son Found in Shallow Grave with 71 Other Bodies

A flight attendant and her nine-year-old son are feared to be among the dozens starved to death in a Kenyan cult.

Police have so far discovered 73 bodies in shallow graves within the Shakahola forest in Kilifi, eastern Kenya.

Authorities believe they were followers of the Good News International Church who thought they would go to heaven if they stopped eating.

An entire family were found among the dead in a secluded area within the Shakahola forest.

Tragic Beatrice “Betty” Ajenta Charles is said to have quit her successful career in Doha, Qatar, to join the church a few weeks ago.

Betty last saw one of her friends on April 4.

Her son Jason is believed to have starved to death in the cult under his grandparents’ watch in March.

According to the Kenyan Red Cross, 112 people had been reported missing.

While 33 had been rescued, according to the Kenyan Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

It is believed that cult leader Paul Mackenzie Nthenge had convinced his followers that they would go to heaven and “meet Jesus” if they starved themselves.

Betty’s sister Constance Chao had also quit her job in the military to join the church.

It is currently not known whether she was dead or alive.

The sisters’ brother Michael was also unaccounted for at the time of writing, according to reports.

In addition to joining the church, Betty is reported to have sold all her belongings and donated the proceeds to Mackenzie.

Before departing for Kenya on a one-way ticket, she had left a handwritten letter for her husband suggesting that she would not return.

Followers of the self-proclaimed Good News International Church had been living in several secluded settlements across an 800 hectare area of the forest.

Mackenzie was arrested on April 14 following a tip-off that pointed towards the existence of shallow graves containing the bodies of at least 31 of his followers.

Mackenzie, who denies any wrongdoing, was arraigned the following day at Malindi Law Courts.

The judge gave police 14 days to conduct investigations while he was kept in detention.

Kenyan media reported that he is refusing food and water.

There has been no comment from any representative for Mackenzie so far.

National Police chief Japhet Koome said 14 other cult members were in custody.

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TV Presenter has “Heart Issue” Live on Air After being Fired

BBC Radio Devon presenter David Fitzgerald experienced a ‘heart issue’ while presenting his morning program – a day after he was fired in a ‘hunger games’ style round of interviews.

He was on air for half an hour yesterday before his colleague Michael Chequer was forced to take his place.

David’s wife, Queenie Fitzgerald, revealed the news on Facebook and suggested that the news might have triggered his heart problem. 

She said: ‘He was told yesterday that he is being made redundant and then expected to go on air today as nothing had happened!’

‘Talk about cruel as his wide I’m bl**dy fuming with the management of BBC Radio Devon.’

She added: ‘After talking to the consultant today, it’s very possible this was the trigger for his heart problem!’ 

Michael informed listeners on the morning show: ‘It is Thursday morning, Michael Chequer in for David Fitzgerald who is feeling a little under the weather.

‘He has left the studio to get himself checked out.

‘He is absolutely fine, we will keep you updated and let you know. He will be back with you ASAP.’

To the relief of fans, last night David took to Facebook to update them on his well-being.

He said: ‘Just a little heart issue this morning, on the radio… thank you Derriford.’

The presenter also shared a photo of himself on a hospital bed and surrounded by various wires, however, he posed happily with a smile. 

Hundreds of fans took to social media to share their well wishes. One wrote: ‘Recover quickly, always miss you when you’re not on’.

Another said: ‘So sorry to hear that you have had a scare David keep smiling and rest’

A third added: ‘Not quite the sort of radio drama anyone needs! Hope you’re all better soon!’

A BBC Spokesperson said: ‘Fitz is recovering well at home and is hoping to be back on air soon.’

David began working in radio back in 1980, where he gradually moved through ILR and into television by 1986.

By 1994 he was working as a US presenter for Sky News, covering events including the arrest of OJ Simpson, to the Oklahoma bombings.

He also reported on the death of Princess Diana, the Bosnian War, General Elections, and Royal Weddings.

Over the recent years, David has presented BBC shows, written for Spitting Image, and appeared as a question in Trivial Pursuit.

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‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Furious After Show Abruptly Ends

Jeopardy! viewers in central Florida were left outraged when the show ended early before the final round.

Fans of the quiz show complained Tuesday night’s episode finished around three minutes too early on the Orlando-based ABC affiliate network, WFTV 9, meaning they couldn’t see who won the competition.

Many rushed to Twitter to point out the error saying the show cut off before the “Final Jeopardy!” round and that the next program on the listing, Wheel of Fortune, which was due to start at 7:30 p.m. began minutes early.

“@Jeopardy watching in Florida on @WFTV and wheel of fortune started early. We didn’t see final jeopardy. What’s up?” tweeted one viewer.

Another fan tweeted: “ABC Network strikes again! They cut off Jeopardy just before Final Jeopardy and started Wheel of Fortune 3 minutes early! Did anyone else see this?”

And a third viewer wrote: “Uhh my local affiliate just skipped Final Jeopardy and started Wheel of Fortune early????”

WFTV 9 did not address the error on its social media channels. Newsweek reached out to the channel and its parent company, Cox Media Group by email for comment.

The gaffe comes after the long-running show was the subject of a joke on the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live.

During the show’s “Weekend Update” segment, SNL gave recent Jeopardy! contestant Brian Henegar a shout-out. Henegar appeared on Jeopardy! last week but was later trolled on social media over his mustache, with people saying it reminded them of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

“A Jeopardy! contestant this week was forced to quit social media after people said his mustache looks like Hitler’s,” SNL cast member Colin Jost said. “The contestant said he’s so mad, he’s had it up to here,” he joked while doing the Nazi salute.

Henegar who said he would donate some of his final three-day winnings of $68,202 to the Anti-Defamation League following the trolling, took to Twitter to talk about SNL.

“Well…I guess it’s great to make it on Saturday Night Live…I suppose,” he said, and added he would be taking “a break for my personal sanity.”

After the initial trolling, Henegar fired off a number of tweets in which he slammed people’s reactions to his appearance on Jeopardy!

“Right now I’m feeling every emotion under the sun reliving my Jeopardy! appearance,” he said. “And I’m seeing what a bunch of Jerks on Twitter are doing because all they can focus on my looks… So I’m going to be leaving Twitter for a while, see you soon.”

“And second, to all of you jerkolas you thought comparing my appearance to one of the most evil dictators, who ever lived was the height of comedy, when I get my Jeopardy winnings, I will be making a donation to the Anti-Defamation League.”

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Missing 2-Year-Old Florida Boy Found in Alligator – Father Arrested for Murder

A missing 2-year-old boy — whose mother was found slain in the family’s St. Petersburg, Florida, apartment earlier this week — was found dead Friday in the mouth of an alligator. The boy’s father has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Taylen Mosley’s body was found in the mouth of an alligator in a recreation area, St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway said in a Friday evening news conference.

Detectives had been searching the area around Dell Holmes Park Friday afternoon when they “spotted an alligator with an object in its mouth,” Holloway said.

“As the detectives got closer they fired one round to the alligator,” Mosley said. “The alligator dropped the object that he had in his mouth and we were able to retrieve Taylen’s body intact.”

The boy’s father, 21-year-old Thomas Mosley, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of 20-year-old Pashun Jeffery and their son Taylen Mosley, Holloway said.

Taylen’s exact cause of death remains unknown, Holloway said, adding that Jeffery was found stabbed multiple times.

Jeffery and her son had last been seen by family members around 5:20 p.m. Wednesday. Police say later, around 8:30 p.m., neighbors heard a loud commotion near their apartment but police were not called.

The next day, Jeffery’s mother contacted the apartment complex property manager after not hearing from her daughter. That’s when they found her dead.

The FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement had joined local authorities in the search for Mosley, which included dive teams looking in lakes that dot the area, as well as drones doing a grid search.

Thomas Mosley went to his mother’s house about 9 p.m. Wednesday with the cuts on his arms and hands, Holloway said, and then admitted himself to a local hospital.

Family members said Jeffery and Taylen had just moved into the apartment complex about a month ago.

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Prince Harry ‘Closer’ to King Charles than William in Childhood According to Princess Diana

Princess Diana said Prince Harry “is actually closer to his father than perhaps William at the moment” at the time she cooperated with a 1992 biography.

Prince Harry and Prince William’s rivalry took center stage in Harry’s book Spare, released in January 2023, which revealed resentment at the hierarchy between the brothers.

Charles and Harry’s relationship in childhood is though, at times, painted in sympathetic terms.

Princess Diana described a close bond between father and son during Harry’s early childhood—though at an age not covered in Spare, which begins with Diana’s death.

A transcript of tape recordings she made for her biographer Andrew Morton, included in later editions of his 1992 book Diana: Her True Story, show Charles was initially disappointed not to have a daughter.

“Harry arrived,” she said. “Harry had red hair, Harry was a boy. First comment was: ‘Oh God, it’s a boy,’ second comment: ‘and he’s even got red hair.’

“Something inside me closed off. By then I knew he had gone back to his lady [Camilla, now the Queen Consort] but somehow we’d managed to have Harry.

“Harry was a complete joy and is actually closer to his father than perhaps William at the moment.”

Elsewhere on the Morton tapes, she said: “Harry was supposed to be a girl. [Charles] was absolutely amazed and he adores him.”

“[Charles] loved the nursery life,” she said, “and couldn’t wait to get back and do the bottle and everything. He was very good, he always came back and fed the baby. I [breast] fed William for three weeks and Harry for eleven weeks.”

Diana’s comments are particularly striking because so much of her account of Charles in the Morton tapes is searingly critical, painting her then husband as indifferent to the collapse in her mental health.

Charles’ portrayal in Spare is mixed, with Harry saying his father did not hug him at the point he told Harry that Princess Diana had died.

“Pa didn’t hug me,” he wrote. “He wasn’t great at showing emotions under normal circumstances, how could he be expected to show them in such a crisis? But his hand did fall once more on my knee and he said: ‘It’s going to be OK.’

“That was quite a lot for him. Fatherly, hopeful, kind. And so very untrue. He stood and left. I don’t recall how I knew that he’d already been in the other room, that he’d already told Willy, but I knew.

“I lay there, or sat there. I didn’t get up. I didn’t bathe, didn’t pee. Didn’t get dressed. Didn’t call out to Willy or [his nanny] Mabel. After decades of working to reconstruct that morning I’ve come to one inescapable conclusion: I must’ve remained in that room, saying nothing, seeing no one, until nine .. sharp, when the piper began to play outside.”

However, in other places Charles comes across more sympathetically, taking care of his son in the years after Diana’s death.

“He’d always given an air of being not quite ready for parenthood,” Harry wrote, “the responsibilities, the patience, the time. Even he, though a proud man, would’ve admitted as much.

“But single parenthood? Pa was never made for that. To be fair, he tried. Evenings, I’d shout downstairs: Going to bed, Pa!

“He’d always shout back cheerfully: I’ll be there shortly, darling boy! True to his word, minutes later he’d be sitting on the edge of my bed. He never forgot that I didn’t like the dark, so he’d gently tickle my face until I fell asleep.

“I have the fondest memories of his hands on my cheeks, my forehead, then waking to find him gone, magically, the door always considerately left open a crack.”

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Jennifer Aniston Says ‘Friends’ is Offensive Today

Jennifer Aniston is reflecting on the changing world of comedy — and admitted “Friends” probably wouldn’t be deemed ready for prime time today.

“There’s a whole generation of people, kids, who are now going back to episodes of ‘Friends’ and find them offensive,” the “Murder Mystery 2” star admitted in an interview with the international AFP news agency while promoting her new film in Paris

“Friends” aired from 1994 to 2004 and has been criticized in recent years for its absence of diversity in casting and storylines.

Throughout the 10-year run of the show, the sitcom continued to whitewash New York City and rarely featured a character of color. “Friends” only introduced two recurring characters of color, both of whom were brought on as short-lived love interests for Ross.

“There were things that were never intentional and others … well, we should have thought it through, but I don’t think there was a sensitivity like there is now,” Aniston, 54, said about some of the show’s more controversial plot lines that would likely fall prey to “cancel culture” in 2023.

“Comedy has evolved — movies have evolved,” the Emmy-winning “Morning Show” star added. “Now, it’s a little tricky because you have to be very careful, which makes it really hard for comedians, because the beauty of comedy is that we make fun of ourselves, make fun of life.”

She went on to recall how comedians “could joke about a bigot and have a laugh” back in the day. “That was hysterical,” she said, ” and it was about educating people on how ridiculous people were, and now we’re not allowed to do that.”

Aniston also believes that the world would be a much sadder place without humor. “Everybody needs funny,” she pointed out. “We can’t take ourselves too seriously. Especially in the United States. Everyone is far too divided.”

As for the lack of diversity present in “Friends,” star Lisa Kudrow got candid about how the show’s writers struggled with including characters of color during the 10-season run.

“The Comeback” Emmy winner, 59, told the Daily Beast last year how series creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman did not have the resources or the knowledge to write stories about people of different races.

“Well, I feel like it was a show created by two people who went to Brandeis and wrote about their lives after college,” Kudrow explained. 

“And for shows especially, when it’s going to be a comedy that’s character-driven, you write what you know. They have no business writing stories about the experiences of being a person of color.”

However, an “embarrassed” Kauffman, 66, attempted to make amends in 2022 with a $4 million donation to her alma mater, Brandeis University, to fund an endowed chair in the school’s African and African American studies department, one of the oldest in the country.

Along with millions of other Americans, the writer-producer said the 2020 murder of George Floyd pushed her to reckon with the country’s racist past and her own part in perpetuating systems of racism.

“I knew then I needed to course-correct,” she explained at the time.

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Hero Girl Gunned Down by Nashville Shooter was Trying to Pull Fire Alarm

A nine-year-old girl has been hailed as a hero after she died trying to ring a fire alarm to stop a school shooter from slaying classmates at an elementary school.

Evelyn Dieckhaus tried to pull the alarm to stop shooter Audrey Hale from opening fire at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.

The young girl has been described as a “shining light” and her family have said they are “completely broken”.

In a statement, Evelyn’s family said: “Our hearts are completely broken.

“We cannot believe this has happened. Evelyn was a shining light in this world.

“We appreciate all the love and support but ask for space as we grieve.”

Friends of William’s family have set-up a GoFundMe fundraiser to help cover funeral costs.

The child was also described as “unfailingly kind and gentle”. He and Hallie were also aged just nine.

Organiser Rachael Freitas wrote: “Our friends are walking through the unimaginable…losing their son at the Covenant School shooting.

“Will had an unflappable spirit. He was unfailingly kind, gentle when the situation called for it, quick to laugh, and always inclusive of others.

“He loved his sisters, adored his parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and was always excited to host friends of every age.

“Sweet Will knew no strangers, and our hearts our broken for his family as they try to find their way forward.”

Shooter Hale, 28, was a former student at the Covenant School, authorities have revealed.

Hale entered the premises after shooting through one of the doors at approximately 10:13 am on Monday.

The suspect was armed with two assault-type rifles and a hand gun.

Hale was later shot dead by police officers at the scene.

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Whales Sink Sailboat in Pacific – Crew Left Floating in Ocean for 10 HOURS

For Rick Rodriguez and his three friends, it was a long-awaited adventure: A three-week sailing trip crossing the Pacific Ocean to Polynesia on his sailboat, Raindancer.

Rodriguez, a 31-year-old former professional yacht captain, was eager to take out his boat, which he’d lived on for a year, fixing it up in preparation for many voyages ahead.  What the group didn’t anticipate was hitting a giant whale, which caused the boat to sink. Forced onto life rafts, the group floated on the water for hours before being rescued. The story of the dramatic rescue involves a volley of distress signals, text messages, and a fateful Facebook post. Read on to find out what happened. 

Thirteen days into their trip, Rodriguez and his friends were eating a lunch of vegetarian pizza; the ship had good winds and was sailing at about 6 knots. Suddenly, they heard a loud bang. “The second pizza had just come out of the oven, and I was dipping a slice into some ranch dressing,” Rodriguez recalled to the Washington Post.

“The back half of the boat lifted violently upward and to starboard.” The ship had hit a giant whale. “It just happened in an instant. It was just a very violent impact with some crazy-sounding noises and the whole boat shook,” Rodriguez told Today. “It sounded like something broke and we immediately looked to the side and we saw a really big whale bleeding,” he said.

In the impact, the boat’s propeller was ruptured and the fiberglass around it shattered. Within five seconds of the impact, an alarm went off indicating the bottom of the boat was filling with water. It sank completely in just 15 minutes. Rodriguez and his friends were able to scramble onto a life raft and a dinghy. They spent 10 hours drifting on the water, floating about nine miles before a ship rescue them from the Pacific Ocean just before dawn. “There was never really much fear that we were in danger,” Rodriguez told the Post. “Everything was in control, as much as it could be for a boat sinking.”

What happened after the impact was a study in quick thinking. After the alarm went off, Rodriguez made a mayday call on the VHF radio and set off the ship’s Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB). The distress signal was picked up by officials in Peru, who alerted U.S. Coast Guard District 11 in Alameda, California. Meanwhile, the others gathered safety equipment, emergency gear and food. They filled “water bottles, tea kettles and pots” before the salt water rose above the ship’s sink, Rodriguez told the Post.

“There was no emotion,” he said. “While we were getting things done, we all had that feeling, ‘I can’t believe this is happening,’ but it didn’t keep us from doing what we needed to do and prepare ourselves to abandon ship.”

They escaped with enough water for about a week and with a device for catching rain, the Post reported.  They had about three weeks worth of food, and a fishing pole. Alana Litz, a member of the crew, described the ordeal as surreal. “Even when the boat was going down, I felt like it was just a scene out of a movie.

Like everything was floating,” she said. Rodriguez fired off text messages to his brothers and to a friend, Tommy Joyce, who was sailing in a “buddy boat” in the area as a safety measure. “Tommy this is no joke,” Rodriguez wrote in a text message. “We hit a whale and the ship went down. We are in the life raft. We need help *ASAP.”

After Joyce shared the incident on a Facebook boat watch group, a civilian ship, the Rolling Stones, came to the group’s rescue. Geoff Stone, 42, captain of the Rolling Stones, told Today they were about 60 or 65 miles away when the crew realized they were the closest boat. Nine hours later, the crew was able to see the light from the group’s dinghy bobbing in the darkness. “We were shocked that we found them,” Stone said. “There was dead silence,” Rodriguez told the Post.

 “They were curious what kind of emotional state we were in. We were curious who they were. I yelled out howdy” to break the ice.” The group said they feel lucky to be alive and glad their experience made the escape as smooth as it was. Rodriguez tried not to think about the loss of his ship, which he considered a good friend. “I feel very lucky and grateful that we were rescued so quickly,” he said. “We were in the right place at the right time to go down.”

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“Creed” Star Jonathan Majors Arrested for Strangulation, Assault and Harassment

Majors, 33, was taken into custody after a woman told police she was assaulted, but the Emmy-nominated actor denies any wrongdoing.

He has been charged with strangulation, assault, and harassment, NYPD confirmed to The U.S. Sun.

New York police responded to calls of a domestic fight in a Chelsea apartment late Saturday morning.

A 30-year-old woman told responding officers that she was attacked, and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries to her head and neck, police said.

Meanwhile, Major was taken into custody without incident.

He is now no longer in custody and looks forward to proving his innocence, sources reportedly told TMZ.

“He’s done nothing wrong,” a representative of Majors told the outlet.

“We look forward to clearing his name and clearing this up.”

The Santa Barbara, California, native is most known for starring in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as the villain “Kang the Conqueror.”

In Majors acting debut, he portrayed gay activist Ken Jones in ABC’s miniseries When We Rise, while still earning an MFA in acting from Yale.

A few years later, he gained prominence after starring in The Last Black Man in San Francisco. In the same year, he also appeared in films Captive State, Gully, and Jungleland.

The rising star was present at the Oscars this year, and just announced that he was set to play former basketball player Dennis Rodman in the movie 48 Hours in Las Vegas.

He has one daughter who lives in Atlanta with her anonymous mother.

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“Wheel of Fortune” Contestant Defends Pat Sajak After Viral Tackle (VIDEO)

Get out of here, trolls! The wrestler who Pat Sajak tackled earlier this week on Wheel of Fortune opened up about the viral interaction, saying it’s “unfair” that the longtime host is facing such harsh criticism. 

During Tuesday’s (March 21) episode, Sajak put his wrestling skills to use against big winner Fred Jackson, who works as a professional wrestler, as well as a drama teacher and bar trivia host.

Sajak asked the other two contestants, “Do you want me to body slam him for you? I can do that,” before pinning Jackson down. This shocking move prompted many viewers to take to social media and share their thoughts on the silly interaction.

While chatting with TMZ, Jackson opened up about the internet’s response to the lighthearted stunt. “I loved that moment,” he said.

“Seeing the criticizing that [Sajak] gets online is a little unfair. I was the one who was put in the hold and I was perfectly okay with it,” Jackson continued. 

The wrestler added that he understands if “it’s not your sense of humor” but believes that name-calling and wanting Sajak to retire is “taking it a little too seriously.”

Jackson also confirmed that the encounter was “as organic” as viewers saw it. He described feeling “elated” about his big win before Sajak came from behind to pin him down. The contestant shared that the game show host is “stronger than he looks” and had a “tight” hold on him, but clarified that the interaction didn’t hurt. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cpku9FcO-Pz

“He has a much bigger knack for pro wrestling than I think anyone would give him credit for,” Jackson joked. 

In the following Wheel of Fortune episode, Sajak grew impatient with another contestant and snapped at her to “solve the darn puzzle.” However, the situation remained friendly as she went on to guess correctly. The two joked about the interaction later in the segment when the host accused her of pretending to not know the answer to draw the drama out. 


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