Susan Sarandon Under Fire for Heartless Commits

Actress Susan Sarandon was slammed for a series of controversial remarks she made about Israel at a pro-Palestine rally held last week.

The Oscar-winning actress, 77, came under fire after she attended a pro-Palestine rally in New York City on Friday.

While Sarandon chanted “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” alongside hundreds of other anti-Israel demonstrators, the Dead Man Walking actress also claimed that Jews are “getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim” in the United States.

“There are a lot of people that are afraid, that are afraid of being Jewish at this time, and are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country,” she told the crowd outside of Penn Station on Friday.

Sarandon also demanded a ceasefire in Israel’s ongoing assault against the Gaza Strip and accused Israel of indirectly killing Palestinian babies.

“It’s important to listen, it’s important to have facts,” she charged. “You don’t have to go through the entire history of that region, you just have to show the babies that are dying in incubators.”

“Those images are enough to show you that something is drastically wrong,” Sarandon added. “We need a ceasefire now.”

The Thelma & Louise actress drew further criticism after she recently defended accused anti-Semite and Pink Floyd founding member Roger Waters from anti-Israel accusations.

One of the Pink Floyd founder’s concerts was almost canceled in Uruguay because of his own controversial remarks regarding the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

“Despite attempts by the Israeli lobby to cancel the event, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd took the stage in Uruguay, donning a Kufiyyah and advocating for an end to the Israeli genocide in Gaza,” Sarandon retweeted to her nearly one million followers.

Critics quickly confronted Sarandon for her surprising remarks against the Jewish community and Israel, while Muslim American journalist Asra Nomani condemned the Atlantic City actress’s controversial comments.

“Please don’t minimize the experience of Jewish Americans by sanitizing the h— that it is for Muslims living in Muslim countries and vilifying America for the life – and freedoms – she offers Muslims like my family,” Nomani responded.

“Go, live like a Muslim woman in a Muslim country,” the Wall Street Journal writer continued. “You will come back to America and kiss the land beneath your feet.”

As previously reported, tensions between pro-Israel and pro-Palestine supporters have only grown since the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched an attack against southern Israel on October 7.

More than 1,400 Israeli citizens were killed in the devastating attack while hundreds more were kidnapped and taken hostage in Gaza.

Israel has since declared war on Hamas and launched an all-out invasion into the Gaza Strip to “eradicate” the terrorist group.

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  1. Do you mean “comments” ?
    You know editing and proofreading are important part of media publishing.

    As I said before, the USA should not be involved in the ethnic cleansing Israel’s government is effectively implementing in Palestine (Gaza or the West Bank) and the Palestinians deserve their own state and dignity just as much as the Jews.

    1. Nazismith is no liberal, he is a Nazi. It is imperative for Nazis to lie, and this sewer rat qualifies.

  2. This lib POS has a big mouth low talent and is always on the wrong side of things. That makes her the perfect non thinking dim that needs to be tossed to the sh*t pile

  3. I try never to listen to the celebrities. They are ,for the most part, left wing boobs!!! They always have been and always will be. Sarandon should hang her head in disgrace! If she were a republican all of Hollywood would come down on her head and if she still had a career she would be shund.
    God Bless American, please!!!!

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