‘Stranger Things’ Star Faces Backlash Over Political Stickers

Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp is facing backlash for promoting “Zionism is Sexy” stickers.

Schnapp, 19, who is a Jewish-American, was seen laughing with friends in an Instagram video as they held up the stickers, of which some read “Hamas is ISIS.”

The Netflix star and his pals made funny faces to the camera as they posed with the stickers, an act that’s now led to cancellation calls for the actor, famous for portraying Will Byers in the popular Sci-Fi series.

“Zionism” is a term used to define the Jewish nationalist movement of 1897. After the Holocaust and the end of World War II, the Zionist movement led to the formation of Israel in the 1948 War, also known as The Nakba, which means “catastrophe” in Arabic.

The video of Schnapp and his friends promoting Zionism followed global protests calling for an Israeli ceasefire as the humanitarian crisis in Gaza reaches a point of no return — and as both Jewish and pro-Palestinian critics condemned the Zionist movement as genocide.

After the controversial clip made its rounds on social media, one X user responded, “Not even surprised anymore, he just wants his career to be over at this point.”

Another user wrote, “he’s so open about this it’s actually concerning & scary. he needs to stop.”

“Noah Schnapp can sit in fancy cafes with his friends, be pro-genocide & Islamophobic openly but still talk about ‘being scared as a Jew’ while people are getting called terrorists & get arrested over just saying free Palestine,” another X user replied.

The user was referring to a previous Instagram post from Schnapp in the immediate aftermath of the October 7 attacks that read, “As a Jewish American, I am afraid.”

Another outraged X user chimed in, “seeing these rich people with huge smiles on their faces as they support a genocide from the comfort of a cute little coffee shop is disgusting.”

On Instagram, Schnapp disabled comments to his previous text post about being “afraid” and users diverted their comments to his most recent post.

“Really? Do you really shared a story promoting zionism as sexy???? WTF?!?” one Instagram user commented. Another outraged user asked, “Noah…..why is killing innocent civilians sexy??”

After the October 7 Hamas attacks, the Zionist movement has come under intense global scrutiny as Israel continues a ruthless offensive campaign on the Gaza Strip, where over 2 million displaced Palestinians, almost half of whom are children, live.

According to reporting from Al Jazeera, an estimated 11,200 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli strikes in a little over a month.

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  1. He’s right! there is only one side, the side of good. The other side wants to forget about the 1400+ Israelis (also americans and other nationalities) that were brutely killed by terrorist Hamas, they also destroyed homes and displaced people, Still 5000 in hospital , many with life threatning wounds plus people who have burned that if they make it (live) they will have to deal with the rest of their lives. these Isreali’s have been traumatized. they will never be the same . Having murders come into there home and kill some of them in front of the others and take the others as hostages. the palestians who support them are just as guilty as Hamas! this happened to infants, children, women, men and the elderly NOT SHOULDERS! INNOCENT CIVILIANS! where Israel goes out of its way to help Gazan civilians get out of harms way! Most have- Hamas uses them as human shields and doesn’t care about them at all. so before you cry about the people in Gaza LEARN the TRUTH!! and yes the Jews all over the world are afraid and have a right to be, just like the Israeli army has a obligation to defend it’s people and yes their land!!!

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