Hole Opens in NYC Garage Above Amtrak Tracks, Leading to Service Shutdown

A gaping hole has opened up inside a Manhattan parking garage that sits directly above an underground Amtrak line, leading to the suspension of service between New York City and Albany.

The owner of a car parked at the privately owned Hudson View Garage on West 51st Street between 10th and 11th avenues shared a photo showing the wide chasm in the concrete floor, offering an unsettling peek at the tracks below, reported the station ABC 7 NY.

To make matters even worse, the parking garage is located on the first floor of a high-rise apartment building.

The crack was initially discovered in the entrance ramp of the garage Friday, prompting the owner of the garage to alert a city engineer.

Building officials issued a vacate order of the garage, and Amtrak initially planned to install overhead protection above the tracks to keep the service going, but all that changed Sunday.

A massive hole is seen overlooking Amtrak tracks on West 51st Street
A massive hole is seen overlooking Amtrak tracks on West 51st Street.

That morning, a second inspection uncovered cracks in steel beams supporting the building above the garage, leading Amtrak to suspend service between NYC and Croton-Harmon on the Empire Line, which terminates in Albany.

Mayor Eric Adams’ office said the city is addressing the situation with Amtrak.

“We will continue to work around the clock to protect public safety and maintain regular communication with riders,” the office said in a statement.

The garage on West 51st Street will remain closed until further notice, making it impossible for customers to retrieve their vehicles parked inside for the foreseeable future.

Nearby residents expressed concerns about the structural integrity of the high-rise building sitting atop the garage and the Amtrak tracks running underground.

“That makes me really concerned about what is holding up this entire 30-story building,” neighbor Catie Savage told the outlet. “There is just a web of things going on under out feet that we don’t know about.”

Amtrak has not said when the service on the Empire Line will be restored.

Riders traveling between NYC and Croton-Harmon and urged to take Metro-North, which will cross-honor their Amtrak tickets.  

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