Star’s Wife Appears to Flip Off Trump at UFC Event

Bill Burr’s wife doesn’t seem to be a fan of Donald Trump’s — that is, assuming this middle finger she fired off was for him … and it very well may have been.

Nia Hill accompanied her comedian husband to the UFC 295 event Saturday night at NYC’s Madison Square Garden — and during one of DT’s on-camera moments on the jumbotron … she flipped the bird, which many have taken to be directly targeted for Trump.

Frankly, it’s hard to tell if this F-U was, in fact, intended for The Donald or not. It looks like Trump is in the same aisle as them, but slightly angled ahead of them as they’re seated.

Nia throws up two single-finger salutes right at the UFC team pans to them … but it seems like she’s perhaps doing it straight to the camera itself, as opposed to DT who’s to her right. Whatever her intention was, right-wing Twitter certainly took it as an insult to the ex-Prez.

As a result, he’s getting a ton of hate from conservatives … ’cause they see his wife’s would-be gesture toward Trump as a reflection of his own politics — even though he holds that pretty close to the vest.

Burr occupies this nebulous comedy space … at times, he comes out swinging against “wokeness” but also rails on right-wingers just as much. Dude’s an enigma, for sure — and more importantly, there aren’t many interviews he’s done where he straight-up craps on DT.

Now, he’s in the crosshairs of MAGA loyalists … who are still very much with 45. The UFC crowd also appeared to welcome his presence … as he rolled in with Dana White, Tucker Carlson and Kid Rock.

Trump goes to a lot of the UFC fights post-presidency, so if you’re anti-Trump … be prepared to see him now and again at some of these. The guy likes to show up and show out.

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    1. There are things to definitely not like about both parties… Republicans at least make financial sense… and Trump’s appeal is he is middle of the road… while evil Hitlerite/Communist/criminal/traitor/liar/warmonger/USAhater Jokementia Bribery has no appeal once you see what he’s really about…

  1. As it was said, who even knows these people.
    It shows how liitle she understands of the politics.
    Reality, unless where involved none of us understand. However a lot of the crap going on right now, would not be happening with President Trump, because he comes from strength, the others have a been bought and paid for under the table.
    Until with have TERM LIMITS we need a president who is not beholding to anyone, both sides are corrupt.

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