Wynonna Judd’s CMA Awards 2023 Performance Leaves Fans Worried (Video)

Fans worried for Wynonna Judd’s well-being Wednesday after a CMA Awards 2023 performance at least one labeled “bizarre.”

The country music icon, 59, appeared unsteady while joining country newcomer Jelly Roll for a duet of his hit “Need a Favor,” to open ABC’s broadcast of the show.

Judd, who lost her mother and singing partner Naomi Judd to suicide last April, seemed “off” during the performance, according to fans on social media platform X.

“Am I the only one concerned for @Wynonna,” one fan asked.

“Something is wrong with her. Hope she is ok!!” another echoed.

“It was seriously bizarre,” a third fan admitted. “I wonder what’s going on? She barely moved once she got a death grip on him.”

“Wynonna Judd is holding on to Jelly Roll for dear life #CMAawards,” another declared.


Last year, Judd was forced to bow out from her “New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash” performance due to an “extreme bout of vertigo.”

Many fans online wondered if the Burnin’ Love” singer was again struggling with the same issue on Wednesday night.

“Wondering if she’s having another severe bout of vertigo. Looking down, holding on for dear life, and barely moving…makes sense,” one hypothesized.

“She’s been through so much. Someone help her,” another pleaded.

Other fans feared last New Year’s Eve that Judd may have been struggling with her mental health.

She later addressed those concerns on Instagram.

Judd experienced "an extreme bout of vertigo" around New Year's Eve 2022.
Judd experienced “an extreme bout of vertigo” around New Year’s Eve 2022.

“Well, I’m okay,” she said in a video, easing her followers’ minds.

“I am working so hard on my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. And I have a really great team. I’m really blessed and I’m broken and I’m working really hard on self-care which is not selfish, it’s sacred.”

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