Tom Hanks’ Son Punches Man Attempting to Break into Home

Tom Hanks’ son Chet Hanks punched a man attempting to break into his LA home.

The actor, 33, was forced to take swift action after he encountered the alleged burglar at around 3am on Monday.

He was able to subdue him while cops from L.A. County Sheriffs Office raced to the scene, where they attempted to slap handcuffs on the 42-year-old suspect. 

But a chaotic arrest ensued after he tried to fight back and he stumbled back onto a deputy, leaving them with a broken leg, TMZ reports.

Both the officer and the suspect were then taken to hospital for treatment.

After he was medically cleared, the individual was charged with burglary. Hanks escaped unscathed.

The case will now be handed over to the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office for filing considerations.

A statement from the police said: ‘In the commission of the burglary, Victim Hanks had to defend himself against the suspect and was able to subdue him until department personnel arrived on scene. The suspect was handcuffed and arrested at the location. 

‘While escorting the suspect to the patrol vehicle, a deputy did sustain an injury to his leg. 

‘The suspect and the deputy were transported to the local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. 

‘After the suspect’s treatment, he was transported and booked at Marina Del Rey Station for burglary and other violations are still being investigated. 

‘This is an on-going investigation, and the department is not in the position to provide further information at this moment.’

Aspiring rapper Hanks is no stranger to conflict. His latest feud has seen him in a war of words with comedian Eric Andre after the TV host called him out over his behavior when he appeared on an episode of his show.

Andre, 39, called him ‘dangerous and emotionally disturbed’ after and claimed he ‘stole a motorcycle’ while filming The Eric Andre show in an explosive interview with Rolling Stone. 

In retaliation, Hanks branded him a ‘f****** liar’ and a ‘p****’ in his own foul mouthed rant share which he shared online.

The aspiring rapper was also accused of physical and psychological abuse by his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker who filed a civil suit against him.

The lawsuit stated that Hanks shoved and grabbed Parker, threatened to carry out a murder-suicide and branded her a ‘ghetto black b**** who wouldn’t be believed.

The abuse took place while Parker’s nine-year-old twins were at home, the filings claimed. 

Hanks’ lawyers branded the legal action a ‘shakedown’ and claimed they were in response to a suit filed by his client last month which claimed that Parker attacked him with a pot, leaving him with blood gushing from a wound on his forehead. 

Hanks is the son of legendary Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, 67, and his wife Rita Wilson. 

The YouTube host, born Chester Marlon Hanks, has been candid about how his previous struggles with addiction placed a strain on his relationship with them.

 During high school, he was sent to a wilderness therapy program for troubled teens.

Last year he was slammed by his father’s fans after he claimed he didn’t have a ‘strong male role model’ growing up to help deal with the pressure of having celebrity parents.

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