Katy Perry Wins ‘Battle’ Against Bedridden Neighbor

A California judge has determined Katy Perry can take possession of a $15 million mansion owed by a now-bedridden 84-year-old Army veteran.

In a stunning decision, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joseph Lipner ruled Carl Westcott was competent enough in 2020 to sign a contract to sell the massive property to the pop star – ending a vicious three-year court battle.

“Westcott has not met his burden,” Judge Lipner said in his 32-page decision.

“Westcott presented no persuasive evidence that he lacked capacity to enter into a real estate contract between June 10, 2020 and June 18, 2020, the days during which he negotiated and signed the contract.”

The judge also noted the founder of 1-800 Flowers was wheeling and dealing and negotiating other contracts during the same period he made the mansion deal with the Roar singer’s business agent Bernie Gudvi.

“Westcott has not attempted to rescind any of these other contracts for lack of capacity,” Judge Lipner noted in his decision.

As previously reported, Gudvi, allegedly door-stepped the ailing Westcott in 2020, just days after a six-hour back surgery to personally convince him to sell the 8-bedroom, 11-bathroom Santa Barbara spread.

Westcott, who now suffers from Huntington’s Disease, realized his mistake when the painkillers wore off and wanted to rescind the contract – but Gudvi allegedly threatened to drag the vet to court.

Westcott preemptively sued Gudvi who used a team of pit bull lawyers hired by Perry to accuse the ailing octogenarian of playing fast and loose with the truth about his mental health.

During the two month bench trial, Westcott’s lawyers had a team of medical experts testify that the father-in-law of Real Housewives of Dallas star Kameron Westcott was suffering from early stages of dementia.

But Judge Lipner stated he did not find the experts, “credible for persuasive.”

“On the other hand, significant evidence showed that Westcott had the capacity to enter into the contract,” the judge wrote.

“The evidence includes the testimony of percipient witnesses who interacted with Westcott during the days he negotiated and signed the contract; Wescott’s written communications during those same days, showing him to be coherent, engaged, lucid and rational.”

Judge Lipner also noted Westcott earned a tidy $3.75 million profit on the sale and ordered that the contracted he signed “must be respected.”

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  1. The Judge is wrong! If the man has Huntingtons disease then it really shouldn’t matter if he was on pain killers or is in the early stages of dementia… Huntington’s disease is way worse than any of the other excuses! He inherited it from one of his parents and if he has children odds are that some of them get it… I knew a girl that had Huntington’s disease, she was in the early stages and definitely was not herself.. She committed suicide shortly afterwards because she didn’t want to go through what her mother did! Katy Perry is not a good person and should be ashamed of herself.

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