Influencer Luana Andrade, 29, Dies After Getting Liposuction on Her Knee

Brazilian influencer Luana Andrade died Tuesday, a day after undergoing liposuction on her knee at a hospital in the southeastern city of São Paulo.

Andrade, 29, had the procedure done by a private doctor and anesthetist that was hired by her family, São Luiz Hospital said in a statement.

The model went into cardiac arrest about two hours and a half following the surgery.

‘The surgery was interrupted and the patient underwent tests that revealed massive thrombosis,’ the hospital said. ‘She was transferred to the ICU where she underwent medication and hemodynamic treatment.’

She was pronounced dead around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday. The cause of death was pulmonary embolism.

The operating doctor and anesthesiologist, whose names were not released, had not commented as of Wednesday morning.

‘I am torn apart and living my biggest nightmare. A part of me left’ her boyfriend of two years, Joao Hadad, wrote on Instagram.

‘We built a beautiful story and lived our dreams intensely,’ he added. ‘In addition to being a girlfriend, you are and will always be a partner beyond life, my love. … You are my light, princess. I ask that you continue to watch over me and all of us from above. I will always love you, from now until eternity!’

Brazilian star soccer player Neymar lamented Andrade’s sudden passing, a day after thieves broke into the home of his girlfriend and mother of his one-month-old daughter and held her parents hostage. 

‘Sad day with two very bad news. First it was the attack that bru’s (Bruna Bincardi’s) parents suffered, but thank God everyone is fine!’ he wrote in Portuguese.  ‘Secondly, the death of a friend. My condolences to the whole family, may God receive Luana with open arms.’

Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina was critical of the surgery that his friend, Andrade, underwent, blaming social media and the media for constantly displaying content of women seeking perfection for their bodies.

‘Today I lost a friend due to ‘simple’ aesthetic procedures. The world is surreal, people… especially you women,’ he wrote. ‘This standard of ‘perfect’ bodies that are impossible to achieve displayed on Instagram and in the media needs to end urgently. 

‘Why risk your life for nothing? Can not understand,’ he added. ‘We are young, we have several other ways of feeling good, healthy and beautiful. This fake world will end up killing more and more young people.’

Late Brazilian influencer Luana Andrade (right) with her boyfriend of two years, Joao Hadad.

Dr. Eduardo Teixeira, of the Brazilian College of Plastic Surgery, told Brazilian news outlet Metropoles that the procedure Andrade had was ‘like any other.’

‘There is no risk-free surgery, nor any medical procedure that does not involve some type of risk, especially when it is a surgical procedure,’ Teixeira explained. ‘This necessarily involves an invasive technique that requires anesthesia, whether local or general.’

Dr. Diovane Ruaro, a plastic surgeon and president of the College of Plastic Surgery, told the outlet that Andrade appeared to in good health. 

‘An adequate pre-operative procedure was carried out, however, unfortunately, this fatality occurred, which saddens us,’ Ruaro said. ‘In fact, plastic surgeries, including liposuction, can have uneventful and, occasionally, fatal complications.’ 

Luana Andrade worked as a stage assistant for a program on SBT network and also owned her own brand, Lukand

Andrade was born and raised in São Paulo and four months ago moved to the nearby state of Espírito Santo, where she was living with Hadad.

She had been working as a stage assistant since April for Domingo Legal, a program that aired on SBT network on Sundays.

Celso Portiolli, a presenter on the program, attend Andrade’s wake Wednesday morning and recalled she was in good spirits during the show’s filming Sunday. 

‘It was an unexpected loss. She was a work companion who was going through a very special moment,’ Portiolli told Revista Quem. ‘When I received the news, I was shocked. All the team was quite shocked.’

Andrade was known for her role alongside Hadad in the reality show, Power Couple Brazil 6, which aired in 2022.

She also owned her own clothing brand, Lukand.

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