‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Called Out for Rudeness (Video)

A “Jeopardy!” contestant is getting criticized for reacting a little too proudly after winning his game.

Aaron Craig competed on Friday’s episode of the popular game show during its Champions Wildcard tournament. When he was named the winner, he enthusiastically blew a kiss toward the audience and began clapping for himself – something that rubbed some viewers the wrong way.

“I turned the TV off after the self-congratulatory behavior,” one person complained on Reddit. “I certainly am not rooting for this guy to win and not even sure if I’ll watch the rest of the tournament. I’ve watched Jeopardy for decades and don’t recall seeing such rudeness.”

“The clapping at the end was unnecessary,” another stated, and someone agreed, commenting, “My husband and I looked at each other with mouths agape lol. It was wild.”

In Craig’s defense, someone wrote, “Heaven forbid a contestant have enough situational awareness to understand the importance of that clue and celebrate a little when he beat out two tough competitors to it.”

“Sorry, we’ve seen this happen in dozens, if not hundreds of similar situations, and I can’t think of anyone ever reacting like that. It’s just poor sportsmanship,” a fan disagreed.

“That was unsportsmanlike and disrespectful to the other contestants. It was also very cringe. Self praise is no praise,” another complaint read. “I liked Aaron and was rooting for him but after that, I’m not rooting for him anymore.”

The Final Jeopardy clue was in the category “British History,” and it read, “At Leicester Cathedral in March 2015, the Archbishop of Canterbury led a religious ceremony for this deceased English monarch.”

The third place contestant, T.J. Tallie, had $4,200, and he answered incorrectly with a joking reference to a previous episode. He had bet all his winnings, leaving him with nothing.

In second place was Leah Wiegand. She answered with “Who is Prince Phillip?”, which was incorrect, and since she had bet all of her $4,400, her total was down to $0 as well.

Craig was in first place with $9,800, but he had just written down a question mark – the correct answer was Richard III, who was a king in the 15th century. As host Ken Jennings explained, his body had been uncovered and the ceremony was conducted ahead of the reburial.

Craig only bet $32, leaving him with $9,768 – the clear winner.

As Jennings announced him as that day’s champion, he smiled broadly and kissed two fingers before holding them out to the audience, seemingly gesturing to someone in the audience.

He then began clapping and said either “Let’s go, chat” or “Let’s go, Chad.”

Many fans thought he appeared boastful, and a Reddit user claiming to be Craig himself commented on the criticism, apologizing for his behavior.

“TJ and Leah are amazing and lovely and brilliant, and either one would have been a great and deserving winner today,” he wrote. “I’m sorry if I got overly excited. I certainly didn’t mean to show anybody up, but my kids were there and I couldn’t believe that they got to watch me not just play in a semifinal, but win! Anyone who thinks I was over the top, that’s 1000% fair. No argument here.”

Watch the footage for yourself below:

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  1. Maybe you should just watch the show and stop being critical of everything! If you can’t handle people and their actions maybe get some mental help!
    Either watch or don’t watch.

    Making comments like this individual did shows how over the top people are anymore.

  2. I have watched the show since it started. Have seen many contestants win and lose but this guy was a show off. I did not like that tranny gay person but at least IT was not arrogant like this twit. May not watch for awhile till this asshole is gone.

  3. I watched that show, and my wife and I were not offended by what Craig did.
    It;s normal to be excited winning on Jeopardy in front of your family.
    He didn’t pour champaign all over himself or make a drunken speech,
    he waved to his family
    These complainers don’t realize first of all how difficult it is to get on the show to begin with.
    I was rejected way back in the 60’s before Color TV when Jeopardy
    was in New York. Art Fleming was the host. I passed the initial testing but
    my photograph killed it. I was 19 at the time and had a plain pasty appearance
    that didn’t show well on the screen. Looking at my high school yearbook I can
    see now how childish I looked and I don’t blame Jeopardy for rejecting me.
    I’m sure if I had worn my glasses and was able to grow a mustache as I did a
    few years later, I may have made the show.
    There isn’t much happiness in the world today.
    People who were offended by Craig joy need to lighten up

  4. Frank
    November 6, 2023
    My wife and I watched that show and we were not offended at all. We saw a man
    enjoying a moment of success and sharing it with his family. He waved to his family and shouted a greeting. He didn’t dump champaign on people around him.
    Maybe those complaining about Craig’s reaction don’t realize how difficult it is
    just to get on a show like jeopardy.
    I auditioned for Jeopardy way back in the 60’s. Art Fleming was the host and the
    show was in black & white at the time. I passed the test and a picture was taken
    of all who passed. Unfortunately my picture turned out pretty bad, I was told, my
    face would not show up well on camera; I was 19 at the time, fresh out of High School ,and looking at my yearbook, I had to agree with their decisions. My pasty young face would have been almost invisible. If I had worn glasses or was able to grow a mustache, I probably would have made it to the show, I grew a mustache a few years later, in fact, it almost took that long to grow it and still have it
    Those people complaining sound like they are jealous of someone’s success and his celebration of it,
    With all the unhappiness in the world today, a little bit of joy should be welcomed,
    not criticized.

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