Human Skull at Thrift Store Turns Out to be REAL

Skulls are common decorations in stores during Halloween, but usually they’re made in a factory.

A thrift store in Fort Myers, Florida, learned it was selling an unusual item when one of its shoppers noticed that one of the skulls in the Halloween section was actually real, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

The shopper, an anthropologist of all things, recognized the skull was, in fact, human, prompting detectives to come and pick it up. While some anthropologists focus more on cultural studies, others are experts in recognizing and analyzing human remains, like forensic an

Detectives agreed that the skull appeared to be human and sent it to the District 21 Medical Examiner’s Office.

Deputies said the store owner told them that the skull was found inside a storage unit that was purchased years ago and had been left alone ever since.

Despite the unusual circumstances, the sheriff’s office said the case did not appear to be suspicious.

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  1. If it is human, I do not think is a modern homo sapiens
    Or it could be from one of those tribes that modified the shape of their heads

    1. Yes, looks like those elongated skulls found in South America.
      Yesterday, I was surprised to notice my local Walmart grocery section sells pigs heads for us to eat…

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