Father’s ‘Traumatizing’ Attack Left 2 Children Dead and 2 Injured

A California man was arrested after two of his children were killed and two others hospitalized after an alleged “attack” inside their home.

Shortly before midnight on Oct. 28, the mother of the victims called 911 and requested help because her children were being harmed, as Front Page Detectives reported.

Responding officers found four children suffering serious injuries in a bedroom at the house.

The victims, who were reportedly all under the age of 10, were transported to a local hospital. Two of the children were pronounced dead at the hospital and the other two young victims were listed in stable condition.

“We don’t know where exactly the attack occurred, but they were all found in one bedroom,” Lt. Daniel Vizcarra told KABC-TV. “It’s extremely difficult. This is traumatizing for everybody who’s involved. All the deputies who responded, all the parties involved, the investigators, everyone.”

Prospero Serna, the father of the four children, was initially detained as a person of interest while detectives investigated the scene, authorities said.

Video footage obtained from the night of the attack showed a physical struggle occur when officers attempted to detain Serna, KABC-TV reported.

Several officers were required to pin Serna to the ground so he could be taken into custody.

After investigating the incident, officials said they had enough evidence to place Serna under arrest for murder and child abuse.

Serna refused to cooperating with the investigation, according to authorities.

Because of confidentiality laws, the Department of Children and Family Services declined to comment on the investigation and the family involved.

“It’s painful to hear two siblings were murdered and two others were hurt allegedly by their father,” Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger said. “The County has made strides in bringing more social workers to serve the Antelope Valley and is investing in child abuse prevention programs that strengthen families…I have a lot of unanswered questions and will continue tracking this case closely.”

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  1. This type of events will become more common in the near future, because of all the illegal aliens invading our wide open borders have a tradition of beating their women and children, it is their culture! Sad but true!

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