Royal Expert Says King Charles Does Not ‘Enjoy’ Being a Monarch

King Charles “doesn’t look as if he’s enjoying the job,” a top royal expert has claimed.

Royal biographer Tom Bower believes that the monarch isn’t showing too much interest in his role — one that he has waited the better part of his life for.

King Charles, 74, and Queen Camilla, 76, are currently in the midst of their five-day trip to Kenya, and Bower claims that the King isn’t showing any signs of enjoyment at this time.

“King Charles is not a natural diplomat or politician,” Bower told GB News.

It is Charles’ first state visit to Kenya since the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on Sept. 8, 2022.

Kenya gained independence from Britain in 1963 after decades of being under English rule since 1895.

And many have been left wondering if the King would formally apologize for the colonization during his five-day stint there.

“He never liked going to Africa: he was forced to go to Africa shortly before he became King, because he neglected the Commonwealth,” Bower alleged.

“He liked going to India, but he avoided Africa because just didn’t find it culturally that interesting, whereas he was very interested in the culture of India.”

“And the real truth is, Camilla doesn’t like traveling long distances. I think he does find it very difficult now; It doesn’t look as if he’s enjoying the job, having waited so long for it,” the royal expert continued.

“But in the end the Commonwealth will fall apart unless he works hard at it.”

Since arriving Tuesday, Charles and Camilla have met with Kenyan war veterans who fought for the English in World War II.

In a speech upon arrival, Charles said it was a “great pleasure” to be in Kenya.

“It is particularly special to be able to return to this extraordinary country in the sixtieth year of your independence,” he said.

“There were abhorrent and unjustifiable acts of violence committed against Kenyans as they waged… a painful struggle for independence and sovereignty. And for that, there can be no excuse.”

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