Marvel Star’s Son, 10, Dies After Battle with Cancer

Actor Eka Darville’s son has tragically passed away at the age of ten after a battle with brain cancer.

Darville is best known for his roles as Malcolm Ducasse in Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Scott Truman in Power Rangers RPM.

The Australian actor put a pause to his career when son Mana was diagnosed with aggressive glioneuronal brain cancer in January of this year.

After Aussie doctors told the 34-year-old and his wife, Lila that there was nothing more they could do, the family moved to the US for further treatment.

In an update this month, Darville said Mana had undergone ‘three gruelling surgeries’ and ‘countless therapies’.

Unfortunately, the tumor was growing ‘faster than ever’, as he urged fans to keep his son in their prayers.

His grandmother, Malaika has now revealed in a heartbreaking video that Mana passed away over the weekend.

“I still wanted to come together in this prayer because he’s still always gonna be with us and he’s still with us,” she said in a video shared on the Let’s Go Mana page on Instagram.

“You can imagine the amount of sadness and grief of Eka, Lila and Lila’s parents, his grandparents, myself, his little brothers,” she continued.

“But at the same time, there’s a lot of joy. There’s a lot of peace. There’s a lot of stillness in the house after such a long struggle for 463 days since the whole ordeal began.

“And now he’s free. Now he’s dancing in the light. We all see it, we feel it and I know that many of you, like myself, loved Mana eternally.”

She went on to speak about how her grandson was like no other child she’d ever met.

“Mana managed to touch more hearts than most do in a whole lifetime,” she said.

“And he will continue to touch hearts with his story, courage and strength and wisdom coming in to the highest frequencies of the ascended masters, the angelic realms, the angels, the light help guide man to pour our love into his soul.”

Malaika believes Mana will now look over his two younger brothers, Zion and Axé, who are said to heartbroken over the loss of their sibling.

“Axé was so upset this morning and we went outside and there was this gentle rain, it was really warm rain, we went outside and then there was this beautiful big rainbow right through the sky,” she shared.

“And Zion said it’s Mana’s rainbow, Mana’s rainbow.”

“And we stood there in the rain and the two boys sang in the rain and I knew that Mana is always gonna be watching over those two boys and bringing them into joy in their hearts again and again and again.”

Rest in peace, Mana.

Mana's grandmother has now revealed that the 10-year-old passed away this weekend. Credit: Instagram/@lets.go.mana
Mana’s grandmother has now revealed that the 10-year-old passed away this weekend. Credit: Instagram/@lets.go.mana

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