Madonna ‘Pushing Herself Too Hard’ After Comeback as Pals Fear for Singer’s Health

Madonna’s rigorous comeback after a life-threatening health scare has some pals who are close to the star concerned for her well-being, according to a report.

Those near and dear to the Queen of Pop are worried the launch of her new Celebration tour puts her at extreme risk as she is still recovering.

Fans feared the worst when the Material Girl hitmaker was found unresponsive on June 24, and insiders told this site those who discovered her lifeless body were forced to administer a NARCAN injection.

NARCAN is normally used to reverse the effects of a suspected overdose. But it is also used to reverse acute septic shock in patients, which Madonna is said to have suffered.

Other sources told that her 10-year-old twins, Estere and Stella, were inconsolable when they saw the commotion amid their mother’s medical emergency at her New York City townhouse.

In a public statement, Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, had explained that she developed a serious bacterial infection which led to a several day stay in the ICU.

Sources said that her bacterial bug may have come from the 2021 hip replacement surgery she underwent after suffering an injury that derailed her last tour.

“There’s a feeling she’s rushing into things too soon, and the results could be cataclysmic for her health!” warned a tipster in the National Enquirer‘s report.

“Madonna’s basically killing herself to remain in the public consciousness while younger stars dominate the headlines. She has not learned how to age gracefully, instead turning to plastic surgeries and relentless training in an attempt to stay young and relevant,” the insider claimed amid health concerns. “When you add the rigors of this new tour and its possible failure to the mix, it could lead to disaster.”

The tour was originally scheduled to begin in British Columbia on July 15, but Madonna postponed it in order to rest after the ordeal. It recently kicked off October 14 in London.

It will now wrap in Mexico in April 2024, with the North American leg beginning December 13 in Brooklyn.

“My first thought when I woke up in the hospital was my children,” she shared with her followers. “My second thought was that I did not want to disappoint anyone who bought tickets for my tour. I didn’t want to let down the people who worked tirelessly with me over the last few months to create my show. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.”

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  1. Well why doesn’t she just take a few covid boosters shots, she will be fit as a fiddle according to the CDC?

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