News Anchors Marrying to Prove They’re Not ‘Cheaters’

Scandalous sweethearts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are now officially single from their respective former spouses, and insiders claimed they’re ready to get hitched in a desperate attempt to resurrect their disgraced careers.

Back in January, Robach, 50, and Holmes, 46, were fired from their posts at Good Morning America after cameras caught them red-handed on a romantic weekend getaway — and their affair was exposed.

Holmes finalized his divorce from estranged wife Marilee Fiebig in October, seven months after Robach said so-long to actor ex-husband Andrew Shue. According to an insider, the ousted anchors are eager to overhaul their image — and are even willing to exchange wedding vows to ensure a TV comeback.

“They don’t want to be seen as two cheaters shacking up, but two people who fell in love and want to be together for the rest of their lives,” a tipster told the National Enquirer.

Insiders dished that Holmes has made little headway in finding a new gig. The moles claimed that Robach suffered the humiliation of having her planned NewsNation show, Robach & Co., scrapped and replaced with the upcoming On the Record, which will likely see the anchor share airtime with co-hosts.

The sources additionally spilled that the couple has convinced themselves that they have to change the public narrative about their personal lives before they can get any professional traction.

“People must see them as a couple they can look up to,” explained an insider. “When they are Mr. and Mrs., they think they’ll be those people.”

Ironically, the same titles were the reason for the overwhelming backlash the former co-hosts received after news of their affair broke. Though both anchors were reportedly separated from their spouses when photos of their romantic getaway made headlines, Holmes and Robach were technically still married to their estranged partners.

Two days after the Daily Mail revealed their relationship, Holmes filed for divorce from Fiebig, ending 12 years of marriage. The couple share one daughter together, Sabine.

Robach has reportedly waited awhile for Holmes to come around to the idea of marriage, though he was in the middle of finalizing his divorce.

As previously reported, the 50-year-old was growing tired of waiting for her beau to pop the question.

“Amy blew up her entire life to be with T.J.,” a source said back in June. “She got fired from her dream job. She left her husband of 12 years and strained her relationship with her two kids — and she doesn’t even have a ring to show for it. With T.J. unable to take the relationship to the next step, she’s getting cold feet herself.”

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  1. These are 2 of the most stupid liberals I’ve ever seen. “We’re getting married to prove that we aren’t cheaters.” Now THAT’S a good reason to get married…

  2. Yeah,yeah,blah,blah,sure,sure!!! Two fools just trying to save their asses!!!! If they do get married,probably will not last for long!

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