‘The View’ Slammed for ‘Abruptly Ending’ Morgan Freeman Interview (Video)

The actor came to the ABC morning show on October 25 to talk about his Netflix docuseries Life on Our Planet.

As Morgan discussed his insights while making the show with hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin, people couldn’t help but be enthralled with what he had to say.

While the ladies were all keen on keeping him around to hear more of his thoughts on the subject, Whoopi shocked everyone when she interrupted the conversation.

As she explained to the audience (and Morgan), producers prompted her to end the segment after they used the allotted time to speak with him on the air.

“I had a question, but we’ve run out of time,” she interjected in a clip that was uploaded on YouTube. “Listen, this is extraordinary, this documentary. Please keep making all the documentaries that your fingerprints are on. We thank you for coming — you’re always welcome at this table.”

While it appeared that Morgan was all right with ending his time on The View earlier than perhaps expected, longtime viewers didn’t agree. What’s more, they proceeded to bombard the show online to voice how they shouldn’t have allowed the segment to end so abruptly.

“If anyone deserves two segments, it’s Morgan Freeman,” one person wrote on YouTube. “6 Minutes ain’t [going to] be ENOUGH … FOR THE ALMIGHTY MORGAN FREEMAN!!!” another exclaimed. “How does this legend only get 6 minutes? Seriously? Wow! I’m so confused. He’s just getting started,” a different follower shouted.

After watching the clip for ourselves, we can’t say we aren’t bummed to see Morgan bow out of The View early. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed to see him back on our TVs very soon!


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  1. Dangerous gasbag & fading unremarkable actor Freeman earned the *dead man walkin’* quick ending on that The Coven show.
    The rapidly oxidizing Hollywood elitist that seems to appears in every Hollywood movie these days, needs a final curtain call on his unending salary quest. MF has “jumped the shark”……time to pack it in & call it a day….

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