TV Star’s Vehicle Involved in Hit-and-Run with Police

A vehicle registered to Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis recently hit an officer outside of an elementary school before fleeing the scene.

The incident allegedly occurred on Friday at approximately 7:18 AM outside of Whitesville Elementary School in Berkeley County, South Carolina.

According to The Sun, a 2022 Ford Utility vehicle registered to Dennis was driving south on Gaillard Road when it struck a school resource officer who was directing traffic.

The officer received medical attention at the scene, and the vehicle allegedly did not stop at the scene of the collision.

Following the incident, police identified the registered owner of the car to be Dennis – although they would not confirm if it was the Southern Charm star.

Dennis has not been charged or arrested in connection with the hit-and-run incident, and the collision currently remains under investigation.

“As to whether or not the person driving or who owned the vehicle is a celebrity on TV doesn’t make a difference to us,” a Berkeley County police confirmed.

“What matters to us is that the person responsible is brought to justice but more importantly, that the deputy sheriff fully recovers from their injuries,” the source added.

Ravenel filed for sole custody of their children, Kensington and Saint, and recently requested supervised visitation rights for his ex.

Dennis lost custody of the children earlier this year after she “failed multiple drug tests.” A South Carolina judge granted Ravenel full custody of the kids in February and cited the Southern Charm star’s suspected drug abuse.

Ravenel consistently claimed that Kathryn engaged in drug abuse and neglect, although Dennis denied his allegations.

Ravenel also alleged that Dennis left the children home alone and failed to get them to school on time on several occasions. He cited the alleged evidence of neglect and the children’s progress while in his care as grounds for gaining sole custody.

The Southern Charm star currently has supervised visitation rights with the children every other weekend.

Despite the reality TV star denying the allegations of substance abuse and neglect, her ex was recently granted custody based on the evidence presented.

The situation remains under investigation after the alleged hit-and-run incident on Friday, and no charges have been brought against Dennis at this time.

The incident on Friday also came after Dennis was fired from Southern Charm after eight seasons due to her “treatment of the crew” and for being “regularly late” on set.

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