‘F*** CNN!’ Reporter Confronted During Live Broadcast

A Palestinian man confronted CNN anchor Sara Sidner in a tense incident on Friday that unfolded on live television.

Reporting from Ramallah, Sidner was explaining how Palestinians in the West Bank feel as Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza intensifies. That’s when a Palestinian man, with a great command of English, confronted her in a scene that unfolded live on the “CNN This Morning” broadcast.

“You are genocide supporters. You are not welcome here, genocide supporters,” the man said, interrupting Sidner’s report and sticking his finger in her face.

“F*** CNN! F*** CNN! F*** CNN!” the man screamed.

More Palestinians began surrounding Sidner and her crew when security guards escorted her out of the madness. Fortunately, she was OK.

“You see that people are very angry. They do not like the way in which CNN has been reporting the story,” Sidner explained as she walked to safety. “You hear that, but we’re fine. But what you are seeing is heightened fear, anger, and frustration with what’s happening.”

Watch the footage below:

The intense confrontation came days after CNN uncritically disseminated Hamas propaganda.

On Tuesday, Hamas claimed Israel bombed al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, killing at least 500 people. We now know that far fewer people died — tragically, between 100 to 300, according to U.S. estimates — and the hospital was not destroyed. A failed rocket launched by terrorists in Gaza fell on the hospital compound, striking a parking lot and courtyard where Palestinians were seeking refuge.

But as the story began to break worldwide, CNN reported on the incident with a chyron that declared, “Hamas: Hundreds Killed in Israeli Strike on Hospital in Gaza.”

CNN, like most other Western outlets, later updated its reporting to reflect the truth. But it was a telling moment that so many reporters and mainstream media outlets rushed to regurgitate what Hamas, a terrorist organization, had claimed.

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  1. The truth is, Muslims want us all dead, not just the Jews. The Jews are just first to go, it’s all part of the plan in their quran for us ”infidels” (nonMuslims).

    1. That’s one thing Americans and Palestinians can agree on !!!
      F___ LameStreamMisleadia FAKE NEWS LIARS CNN !!!
      Middle East mentally ill religics of all brands been enjoying mass murdering each other for past 10,000 years! NO “good guys” in any religions…

    2. That is because there are only about 14 million Jews. There are 2.7 billion Christians and billions of Hindus and others. Murdering 14 million is a doable goal for them. After all, about half that number were murdered in the space of three years. about 80 years ago.

  2. And President Trump warned not to let Islamists into America. But they let them in! Here comes the day of reckoning

  3. She’s lucky she wasn’t gang raped by the Muslim animals, like that other reporter they almost raped to death. These people are savages.

  4. Of course they exclusively use Hamas as a source. There are no reporters anymore, no newsmen, just parrots with the worldview that terrorists are good and human beings are bad. Why bother to look elsewhere when their pet bloodthirsty savage rabid sewer rats are there to give them lies. The goal of the media is no longer to tell what is going on in the world, it is to create and disseminate propaganda harmful to people with consciences and prostrating and fawning over their fellow Nazis.

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