Sick ‘Vampire’ Attacks Boy, 10, in Gym Bathroom

A 10-year-old Texas boy was playing with friends outside a Houston-area apartment complex on Friday, Oct. 13 when a man approached, saying he wanted to play too, according to Harris County court documents.

After talking to the children, Colton Tyler Ryan, 27, singled out the 10-year-old, took him away from his friends and forced him into the apartment’s gym bathroom, documents said.

There, Ryan began taking pictures, according to documents. He wanted to get pictures with their arms wrapped around each other’s waists, and Ryan “raised his voice” at the boy “and forced him to take the photo with him,” documents said.

Ryan then “sucked and bit on his neck like a ‘vampire,’” the boy told investigators, “causing him pain,” according to court documents.

Ryan is also accused of downloading Facebook onto the boy’s phone so that he could reach out to him whenever he wanted.

He started messaging the boy “at all hours of the day and night,” asking to meet and “play” again, documents said. The boy and his mother noticed Ryan “lurking around their apartment and circling the building,” according to the documents.

The child’s mom found the messages on his phone and called police, documents said.

Ryan was arrested and is facing a charge of injury to a child, records show.

Mitchell Willetts is a real-time news reporter covering the central U.S. for McClatchy. He is a University of Oklahoma graduate and outdoors enthusiast living in Texas.

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