‘Pure F—— Evil’: Actresses War with Church of Scientology Heats Up

Leah Remini’s lawsuit against the Church of Scientology over an alleged years’ long harassment campaign against her for speaking out about the church is heating up in court.

According to court documents obtained by news outlets, a lawyer for the Church of Scientology revealed the defense the church plans to use against Leah.

As we previously reported, in August, the actress filed a bombshell lawsuit against the church and Scientology leader David Miscavige claiming they have been attempting to ruin her after she left the church in 2013. The actress had been a member since 1979.

Leah has been an outspoken critic of the church since leaving.

She has accused the church of treating members horribly, forcing parishioners to sign a billion-year contract to show their devotion to the church, spoke out against the Sea Org., and even filed a missing person’s report over David’s wife Shelly.

LAPD investigated the missing person’s report but determined Shelly was fine despite her not being seen in public for years. Scientology has denied all of Leah’s allegations and accused her of trying to use her attack on Scientology to stay relevant.

In her lawsuit, Leah said she was targeted by Scientology and its agent after she released a book and TV show on the subject.

“For the past ten years, Ms. Remini has been stalked, surveilled, harassed, threatened, intimidated, and, moreover, has been the victim of intentional malicious and fraudulent rumors via hundreds of Scientology-controlled and -coordinated social media accounts that exist solely to intimidate and spread misinformation,” her suit read.

Recently, weeks after filing suit, Leah pleaded with the court to grant her a preliminary injunction against Scientology that would prohibit the defendants from “harassing or attacking” her and her family members.

She claimed after suing, she has dealt with a man attempting to unlawfully enter her gated community, had alleged Scientology agents show up to her mom’s home and her family’s restaurant was vandalized.

In addition, Lead said her credit cards were hacked.

In the newly filed motion, a lawyer for Scientology said the response to Leah’s lawsuit was forthcoming. However, he exposed the church’s position when he wrote, “This case concerns a more than decade-long campaign by [Leah] against her former church, the Church of Scientology.”

He continued, “Over the past decade, she has made a lucrative career spewing hate and inspiring violence against the Church of Scientology, its parishioners, and the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion. She has done this through her autobiography, a cable television show, podcasts, and appearances on broadcast television and radio. She has used those platforms to call the Church “pure f—— evil” and its parishioners as “sick a——,” “f—— like body snatchers,” and “morally depleted,” and even to falsely accuse the ecclesiastical leader of the religion of unidentified “crimes.”

The church said it “has, and continues to, respond to [Leah’s] slander in various public fora.”

Scientology argued the statements it made about Lead are protected speech.

In her suit, Leah accused the church of creating websites that posted defamatory videos about her. Scientology argued the videos in question contain interviews with Leah’s past associates recounting their “negative experiences with” Leah such as “she is abusive employer, is a racist and reneges on promises to pay for cancer treatments.”

Further, the church said, “Defendants will provide multiple examples of persons who committed acts of violence against the Church while expressly claiming Plaintiff as their inspiration.”

The case is ongoing. No decision has been made on Leah’s motion for a injunction against the church.

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  1. Church of Scientology should be made illegal and removed. It is not a church and stealing tax money… it is making a lot of people miserable!

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