NBC Correspondent Reveals His Wife’s Family Members are Hamas Hostages (Video)

A former NBC News journalist fought back tears on Friday as he revealed that two members of his wife’s family have been taken hostage by Hamas.

Martin Fletcher, who previously worked as NBC’s Middle East correspondent, became visibly emotional as he told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle that he’d “just found out today” that his relatives—two Americans from Evanston, Illinois, who were in Israel visiting their grandmother for her 85th birthday—are “among the hostages.”

Fletcher went on to say that Hamas “were told to kill the difficult ones and use the rest as human shields.” He became upset again as he explained the crisis was “very personal.”

Fletcher said the pair were last seen with “their hands tied being dragged away by the Hamas terrorists.”

He also claimed that retrieving hostages was probably not Israel’s top priority, with the number one objective being to enter Gaza and “kill the Hamas leadership and destroy Hamas.”

“But the hostages are in their way,” Fletcher added.

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  1. Stay out of the mentally ill Middle East where so many evil psychotic mass murderous religions originated! And if you have a religion, DITCH IT !!!

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