Scaffolding Collapses Leaving Terrified Workers Dangling 500ft in the Air (Video)

The moment when the scaffolding for a new building suddenly collapsed and left terrified workers dangling 500ft in the air has been captured on video.

The construction workers were left hanging after the structure gave way and fell between two 33-story towers being built. Footage shows how workers on the site were left clinging to ropes suspended from a metal structure.

Harrowing footage shows the men clinging on to ropes hundreds of feet above the ground while their scaffolding lies collapsed beneath them. Ten fire engines were sent to the scene in São Paulo, Brazil on Tuesday. A police helicopter was also dispatched.

Local media say the collapse left eight workers stuck in the air. Footage appears to show how at least four of the workers desperately cling on to cables as they sway above the void. The stuck workers were rescued “a few minutes” after the collapse with the help of an onsite crane, witness Lidiane Dias told local media.

Lidiane, who owns a nearby barbershop, said: “The noise was very loud, a lot of things fell. The structure came down. We couldn’t see where the debris fell because it was inside the construction site.” One worker tragically died from unspecified injuries. It was unclear whether the individual had fallen from the platform or had been struck by falling debris while passing beneath the scaffold. Authorities in São Paulo state have said they are investigating the case.

Construction firm EZTEC, which is carrying out the project, has stated: “Despite the existence of safety and protection equipment, due to an unfortunate event, one of the workers passed away. The case is under investigation, and at this moment, what is known is that there was an accident on the work and safety platform. The company will follow all recommendations from the competent authorities.”

The 134-meter-tall twin towers are set for completion in 2025, local media report. Scaffolding collapses, especially at great height can have fatal consequences.


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