Bodybuilder, 29, Dies During Liver Surgery (Video)

It was supposed to be a pretty simple surgery, but there were complications, revealed a friend of the 29-year-old bodybuilder who passed away. This news has shocked the bodybuilding community. Brazilian bodybuilder, Christian Figueiredo, tragically passed away due to complications during his liver surgery. 

Figueiredo’s wife, Vivi Torres, had shared the news on Instagram. The B&T Instagram page offered condolences to the bodybuilder’s family and friends. Did you know he wanted to make his professional debut in the IFBB league in 2024?

In 2022, Christian Figueiredo achieved his Pro card at the ‘Muscle Contest’ in Brazil. He was all set to compete in the IFBB next year, showcasing his fantastic physique, known for its excellent conditioning and symmetry. But time was not on his side. He lost his life on October 16th, Monday, while undergoing a surgical procedure to remove a lump. “Christian was reportedly undergoing liver surgery to remove a lump when doctors faced complications,” B&T reported.

As per information available, while doctors tried to stop the bleeding from getting serious, Figueiredo experienced a cardiac arrest. 

His wife, Vivi Torres, shared an Instagram reel with a heartbreaking caption that showed how unexpected this was and how much she loved him. She wrote in the post’s caption, “It was going to be 11 years that we knew each other and never parted. A soul thing. ❤️😔It will always be you! Eternally❤️ I love you and I will always love you Mo❤️

She further elaborated on her relationship with him and how he was not just a partner, but also a mentor and her friend. She further penned, “You taught me the true meaning of marriage, partnership, love and how we talked these days, in the difficulties we got closer.”

Continuing to show her love for him, she wrote, “I have only fond memories of you. Our love is the love of the soul and it will be eternal ❤️ I love you and always will Mo What a pain my God 😭 😭 😭 Rest in peace my love🕊️.” 

Christian Figueiredo would often promote ‘Darkness Nation’ supplements on Instagram. He was one of their athletes. The bodybuilder would weigh a whopping 273 lbs (124 kg) during the off-season and cut down to 238 lbs (108 kg) during competitions.

The loss of young bodybuilders has saddened bodybuilding fans. Jo Lindner, 30, lost his life in July due to an aneurysm, and Justyn Vicky died during a gym mishap at 33. 

“Whoever is with me, I will take along on this journey to the highest level in the world,” Figueiredo wrote on Instagram while posing with his Muscle Contest trophy (Translated by Instagram). In the same post, he mentioned he wanted to make “as many records as possible.”

A bright prospect passing away young left social media users heartbroken. “Wow this guy was my age, very young prayers for his family,” wrote a mourning bodybuilding fan. “So young man, RIP,” stated another devastated user. “This is terrible,” the news saddened the bodybuilding community. 

The athlete was born in Sao Paulo and competed in the ‘Open’ category, which does not establish weight limits in competitions.

Sheesh! Entirely too young,” said a user in disbelief. “Horrible… gone way to soon…RIP,” wrote another, offering prayers for the departed soul. “Gone way too young,” read another comment. Many followers offered condolences to the family in the comments section.

The bodybuilding world had to let go of another rising star due to an unforeseen situation. The wake will take place on the 17th, at 2:30 P.M. at the Valle dos Reis cemetery.

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