Troy Aikman’s Girlfriend Fired and Banned from Nordstrom After Being Accused of Stealing

The woman dating former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman was fired and banned from Nordstrom after the retailer accused her of stealing, court documents obtained by the show. 

Nordstrom fired Haley Clark, 34, after claiming she stole $3,924.44 worth of goods through improper use of her employee discount.

Additionally, the company accused her of using another employee’s Nordstrom Notes (store rewards program) to make purchases, according to federal court records.

Clark has been dating Aikman, 56, since at least early 2023, according to public posts on her Instagram account.

Their romance became public in June, when photos of Aikman and Clark vacationing in Italy were posted on their Instagram profiles.

The duo went public with their relationship in June, sharing PDA-filled snaps of themselves vacationing on a mega-yacht in Italy. 

A document banning Clark from Nordstrom properties was included among the legal filings related to her lawsuit against the retail giant.

Theft allegations against Aikman’s girlfriend were made in October 2017, when the Dallas resident worked for Trunk Club– a Nordstrom-owned company.

‘Plaintiff allowed her friends and relatives to make purchases using her Nordstrom employee discount in direct violation of Nordstrom policy,’ the department store said in court documents.

At the time of her termination, Clark signed paperwork admitting she understood the accusations against her, however, Nordstrom declined to file criminal charges.

She also signed documents that banned her from all Nordstrom properties, including Nordstrom Rack, for two years.

Clark fired back with a lawsuit against the department store giant in 2018, claiming the allegations against her were false and asking for more than $200,000 in damages. 

Photographed while in Italy, the May-December romance is Aikman's first public relationship since his divorce three years ago.

Photographed while in Italy, the May-December romance is Aikman’s first public relationship since his divorce three years ago.

Aikman was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 and retired after the 2000 season. He led America’s team to three Super Bowl victories. 

‘Plaintiff alleges that she was detained in a deliberately intimidating environment for the purpose of being coerced into signing various documents, including one purporting to be a promissory note evidencing a debt to Nordstrom,’ Clark claimed in legal filings. 

The case was settled through arbitration in 2019, according to Clark’s attorney Matthew Browne.

‘Arbitration is a private process, and neither Clark nor her former employer may disclose the existence, content, or results of any arbitration without the prior written consent of all parties,’ Browne told the

Clark, who was just 3 years old when Aikman won the first of his three Super Bowls in 1992, most recently listed Q Clothier as her employer on her LinkedIn profile.

She’s a senior director of sales for the men’s custom clothing brand.

The Southern Methodist University graduate previously lived in Oklahoma City, where she attended a private high school.

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  1. Fire and charged for improperly using “employee discounts”?
    Sounds kind of petty at a time when you have crowds of organized thieves taking millions from stores but OK
    Maybe they are not Cowboy fans

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