Shooting Breaks Out at State Fair of Texas (Video)

An investigation is underway after a shooting at the State Fair of Texas left three people injured and a person in police custody Saturday night.

According to the Dallas Police Department, officers received reports of the shooting around 7:45 p.m. and arrived at the scene to evacuate the fairgrounds. The department tweeted shortly after that police had a suspect in custody.

Dallas Police said that based on preliminary information, a man shot another man, and three other people were struck by gunfire at the Tower building.

The gunman tried to flee the scene on foot before authorities apprehended him, and officers were also able to recover a gun, according to DPD. The victims are expected to survive their injuries.

Dallas City Councilmember Adam R. Bazaldua of District 7 tweeted Saturday that the shooting happened at the fair’s food court and was sparked by a conflict between two people who knew each other.

“It’s one thing to have a right to bear arms; it’s another to have legislation, like permit-less carry, that makes it easier for senseless acts of gun violence like this to be carried out in our state,” said Bazaldua.

“I wish our Republican friends in Austin would pass meaningful gun legislation to help our constituents feel safe in public.”

DART officials announced at the time of the evacuation that rail passengers were expected to experience delays due to the incident at Fair Park.

After police activity cleared at the fairgrounds, trains returned to regular service, and shuttle buses were canceled.

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  1. Regardless of any new anti gun legislation, there’d still be a shooting. Pretty naive to think gun legislation will stop somebody from shooting or getting angry and soothing his ego by shooting that person.

  2. Sure pass new idioitc gun laws that ONLY affect law abiding citizens; If you do that pass laws banning automobiles becaus drunk drivers kill people.

    1. Yes, only idiots use the idiotic Democrats’ idiotic term of “gun violence”! Everyone with a working brain knows it’s junkies doing still more + ADDICTIONS VIOLENCE + !!!

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