Bigfoot ‘Spotted’ by Colorado Couple in Shocking Video

A couple in Colorado believed they encountered the mythical creature Bigfoot — and captured a crisp video to back up their claim.

The footage has gone viral as the creature can be seen clear as day camouflaging itself into the mountainside brush.

The traveling couple captured the unbelievable sight while taking a steam engine train ride from Durango to Silverton over the weekend. The route cut through the picturesque San Juan National Forest.

While the train chugged along, the couple and fellow passengers noticed a peculiar sight walking on the mountainside. As they focused their camera on the creature, it could be seen walking on two legs but did not bear the normal markings of a human like clothing, shoes or a backpack that hikers carry.

The figure was large and hairy.

With the camera still focused on the alleged Bigfoot, the creature appeared to notice the train and in a chilling move, it changed positions and crouched down in the brush. The creature seamlessly blended into its surrounding in seconds while it remained fixated in the direction of the sightseeing train.

The unusual sight and video quickly sparked discussion online. While some were fascinated with the footage, others needed more convincing.

“Good footage and for sure not a bear. Not sure what to think,” one perplexed viewer wrote. A second chimed in, “The way it blended in with the grass,” along with a photo of a shocked man with his hand over his mount.

Others were more skeptical and accused the creature of simply being a “hunter” or “just a guy in a costume.”

“Bigfoot would appear to look like a guy in a costume so that’s sort of redundant . That’s the whole point of Bigfoot.. he walks upright,” another commenter said as they took a devil’s advocate approach to the discussion.

It appeared a major roadblock for some almost-believers was the quality of camera footage. The lore of Bigfoot has lingered for decades and while “sightings” of the creature from the 60s, 70s and 80s had an excuse for poor quality, today’s internet users saw no excuse for blurry photos or videos.

“So all these cameras and not one of them that know how to use the zoom feature?” wrote one viewer, to which another replied, “I mean they are just fooling us, the quality is so low I see nothing.”

True to the discussion, a third commenter joined in and offered an anecdote on failing to capture an image in poor conditions, “Saw something weird in the sky, tried to zoom in, lost it, zoomed out, it was gone lol.”

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