Mosquito Swarm Wreaks Havoc on Airplane as Cabin Crew Panic (Video)

Thought snakes on a plane was terrifying? A Mexican flight was delayed for several hours after the cabin was beset by a biblical swarm of mosquitoes, as seen in a video blowing up online.

The mal-aerial assault occurred on October 6 aboard a Volaris flight that was slated to travel from Guadalajara to Mexico City, Storyful reported.

Little did the passengers know, that they weren’t the only flyers in the cabin — a swarm of mosquitos had reportedly stolen aboard the aircraft.

The itch-inducing footage, taken by passenger Elizabeth Esmeralda Minjarez Corona, shows flight attendants frantically waving their arms and crop-dusting the air with insect repellent as the tiny terrorists fly about the cabin like something out of “Jumanji.”

While the flight was initially slated to leave at 4:30 p.m., the biting interlopers forced the plane to postpone its departure time until 7 p.m.

It’s yet unclear how the skeeters infiltrated the 200-skeeter aircraft, however this isn’t the first time they’ve boarded a flight at Guadalajara International Airport.

Local media pointed to a similar mile-high mosquito infestation that occurred aboard a Volaris flight in 2019.

“Yesterday I took a flight from @flyvolaris @viajaVolaris and the plane was full of mosquitoes,” wrote Mexican journalist Juan Manuel Jiménez in an X post describing the incident.

Local media reports that the area where the airport is located presents an ideal environment for the “proliferation of mosquitoes because it is located near areas with flooding and abundant vegetation, as well as some nearby bodies of water that are contaminated. It also has to do with weather conditions.”

A flight attendant sprays pesticide at the winged terrors.
The swarm delayed the flight by two hours.

This isn’t the first time animals have wrought havoc in the friendly skies.

Earlier this month, a plane flying from Thailand to Bangkok resembled an aerial Noah’s arc after a white rat and otter smuggled on board by passengers broke free and ran amok in the cabin.


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