Interviewer ‘Botches’ Actor’s Name Causing Audience Outrage

Issa Rae is pretty famous these days, which is why this mispronunciation of her name probably stung badly for spectators of this live interview and why they spoke up.

The triple threat star — famous for her show ‘Insecure’ — was doing a sit-down Saturday at the CultureCon conference in NYC, where she was about to answer questions from moderator Glenda McNeal, who’s a bigwig over at AmEx.

As McNeal intro’d Issa, she kinda botched her first name, calling her Ih-suh as opposed to Ee-suh (the correct way to say it).

Just as quickly, she was informed by the crowd.

There was a chorus of “Issa” from the audience, with multiple people shouting out and interruption McNeal’s train of thought to let her know she’d said it wrong — and it clearly took the speaker by surprise, and ditto for IR herself.

McNeal corrected herself, and then apologized, saying she’d made a mistake, noting she was part of the Black community and meant no harm. Issa seemed to find it hilarious.

No harm, no foul big picture — but it is a testament to something in the grand scheme of things. Fact is, we’re reaching a point when perceived disrespect simply won’t be tolerated … especially among beloved celebs like Issa, who’s star is growing brighter by the day.

Anyway, feel free to watch the interview below, interesting insights from her here.

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