Jennifer Aniston Dismisses ‘Morning Show’ Rumors

Jennifer Aniston is not keeping her Morning Show costar Mark Duplass at arm’s length because she’s wary of his wife, despite reports. The superstar’s rep laughed off the rumors, explaining that the allegations Aniston has issues with Duplass’ better half are “completely absurd.”

“Mark has done everything right in terms of being a great scene partner to Jen when they’re acting together and a real supporter of her decision-making in her job as the show’s executive producer,” an insider spilled to the National Enquirer.

The outlet also alleged that despite their friendship, Aniston hasn’t let Duplass enter her inner circle — another accusation we’re told is false.

“He hasn’t ascended into Jen’s private social circle because of how inherently threatening his wife is to her,” the source claimed.

Insiders claimed Duplass’ wife, Katie Aselton, 44, is too big of a personality for the usual leading lady Aniston; however, sources confirm there’s no beef between the ladies.

Aselton and Aniston are actually similar.

Duplass’ wife “lights up every room” she walks into, said the source, who then claimed it was enough to raise the 54-year-old actress’ hackles.

“Katie is a veteran sitcom actor, a really funny and likable person, and she’s very pretty,” noted the insider. “Those are traits that freak Jen out and would cause her to avoid them socially. Jen isn’t threatened by her other friends’ wives in this way, but Katie is a force of nature.”

Aniston has always been a girl’s girl — especially to her female costars.

As reported, Aniston supported Morning Show star Reese Witherspoon during her divorce from Jim Toth earlier this year.

“Jen knows a thing or two about getting divorced. She went through one of the most humiliating Hollywood breakups of all time,” snapped a pal in April. “But she came out of it financially very well. Now she is going to make sure Reese does too!

“What people don’t realize is Jen is an amazing businesswoman. So, don’t worry about Reese — she has Jen advising her.”

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  1. Aniston is a genuinely delightful actress, exceedingly professional, capable & honest. What she brings to Hollywood is a rare accomplishment. APPLE tv’s The Morning Show is nothing without her.

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