CNN Journalist Dives into Ditch to Avoid Rocket Strikes (Video)

The life-and-death nature of reporting from the frontlines in Israel is playing out on TV … as CNN’s Clarissa Ward narrowly avoids Hamas rockets flying overhead.

Clarissa and her crew are right near a border crossing between Israel and Gaza, and as they were reporting Monday on a recent Hamas attack, they had to dive into a ditch to avoid the incoming artillery.

You can see and hear the shells whistle overhead and explode dangerously close to them.

They kept recording right through the strike, and eventually ended up live on CNN, describing the “massive barrage of rockets” aimed at their position.

Once the shelling stopped, she got out of the ditch and showed the roadway where Hamas had recently driven through … firing on civilians, and then taking hostages and driving them back across the border into Gaza.

War is hell, and technology’s enabling the media to expose all the horrors to the world.

Watch the chilling footage below:

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  1. Yep! Let’s send the leftys, Tik Tokers, Trannies, feminists over to learn, see what has happened, not on tv, grow up and see why we have a great country!

    These same type leftys both in our country and coming in are trying to also destroy this country and this is a result of radicals out of control. Hamas radicals are now trying to take control of Gaza and destroy Israel which is what happens when radicals aren’t brought under control! We MUST back Israel end Ukrainian support, get Trump back in office and put these lefty radicals where they belong, in asylums, in prison, or face capital punishment accordingly. We have radicals who ARE standing with Palestine and Hamas, we saw them in Times Square New York and politicians like AOC, omar, and Tilaib a BIG PROBLEM! DEAL WITH THEM NOW UNITED STATES BEFORE WE HAVE ANOTHER DISGUSTING 9/11 TYPE INCIDENT!

  2. Leftists & Muslims the world over still trying to spin that the “Palestinians” are victims! In reality, consistently refusing peace settlements.

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