Skydiver Killed After Landing in the Yard of a Home (Video)

A man was killed Saturday in a skydiving accident in Florida.

He was found wearing parachuting gear on the lawn of a home in the coastal city of Titusville, just east of Orlando.

The residence where the man was found and pronounced dead on the scene is just a block from the Arthur Dunn Airpark, a public airport where several skydiving centers are also located.

Titusville Police detectives believe the man was parachuting by himself but have not released any further information. The investigation is ongoing, the department said in a news release.

Brevard County Fire Rescue was also on the scene and an initial request for a helicopter was called off, according to X updates.

In 2020, two skydivers who had taken off from the Dunn Airport were critically injured after an apparent parachute malfunction, authorities said at the time.

Video showed the two men in a free fall, spiraling as they plummeted toward the ground before hitting a tree and landing in the yard of another home nearby.

Watch the video below:

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