Queen Camilla Slaps King Charles with Ultimatum

Queen Camilla is putting her foot down when it comes to King Charles welcoming back his estranged son, Harry, and daughter-in-law Meghan into the royal fold, palace insiders dished after claims of the couple reaching a ceasefire with his family.

A sensational new report alleged that Camilla forbade Harry from seeing his dad or staying at any royal property without an appointment, citing sources from the monarch’s inner circle. “Charles was blindsided. Camilla took matters into her own hands.”

Sources say that Camilla’s ultimatum sparked “their biggest-ever fight and left their marriage on the rocks.”

Tipsters said she is working behind the scenes to ensure that Charles’ legacy won’t be defined by Harry and Meghan’s past accusations, whether that be from his youngest son’s explosive memoir, Spare, or the duo’s royal-bashing Netflix series.

While other insiders have suggested she is pushing for peace, sources told The National Enquirer there is “no love lost” for Harry after his personal attacks, stating the accusations of royal racism were yet another slap in their face.

“Make no mistake, Camilla is the power behind the throne!” insisted the source. “She demanded the king man up, but when he confessed to being guilt-ridden for not being a good dad to Harry as a boy, she took control.”

“Camilla is dead serious,” they doubled down.

Harry recently got the offer to stay in Balmoral on the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death in a gesture from the King, but he opted out due to a busy itinerary. Harry instead made a secret visit to Elizabeth’s grave in Windsor to honor the solemn occasion.

“This was a golden opportunity missed. Most people would cancel their plans or at least rearrange them,” reasoned the source.

In a statement, Charles honored his late mother and recalled “with great affection her long life, devoted service and all she meant to so many of us.”

He went on to thank everyone for “the love and support that has been shown to my wife and myself during this year as we do our utmost to be of service to you all.”

Despite all that has transpired with Harry, a source said Charles is willing to forgive, albeit on his terms.

“Charles has only a few years to put his stamp on the monarchy after his mother’s historic seven-decade reign, but all attention seems focused on the feud with Harry and Meghan that’s ripped the family apart.”

Charles and Camilla appear to be working through any issues as they were spotted headed to church on October 1 as the end of their summer stay in Balmoral nears.

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  1. Camilla is so out of line.. I hope Charles takes charge.. he is the King… she is Queen in name only…. Harry is NOT her child…he is Charles’ son.. AND she has no clue what went on when Harry was young but clearly he has seen a shrink over it..

  2. Camilla should bow out of this relationship between Charles and Harry . She is probably the culprit that has made the reconciliation between Charles and Harry so bad. Also I think William should step up to to mend the fences. Harry IS Charles son and He is Williams brother.

  3. Camela needs to shut her mouth and realize that her opinion is prejudiced !!!And is definately not needed!!!And You King and Father need to step up to the plate and let it be known that YOU are the one to welcome your son and Daughter in law Back !!!!!!God be with you !!!!!

  4. I agree, family is family. What these boys have been through no one should have endured. Harry was young, I’m sure he sees things differently. He’s a good man and he’s has his own cross to bear. Family needs to stay by him. God bless this family , will pray for all.

  5. I think she’s right. What is this going to do to william and kate. You don’t think that they’re going to further hurt his family. Charles is weak
    He’s always been weak
    He’s not king material. The U.K. hates them and so does every other country. If sticky fingered, lying, psychotic, jealous black widow spider mememe meghan gets back in. The witch will keep hurting princess Kate and william
    She hates Charlotte.
    What’s wrong with you people?
    You forget so soon
    Baldy harry wants to be king. He’s a dope addict. You’re all nuts to want either of them harm back. How about the children that don’t exist?
    You are short of memory and long on ignorance. I changed my opinion on camilla for making sure charlotte was being prey to the black widow spider. Camille made sure that child was safe.
    I wouldn’t put it past either one of those dope addicts in my country or my home
    The black widow spider said all it takes is one plane crash.
    You’re demented right along with that thing and the baldy she married

  6. Harry turned into a whiny sniveling piece of dog doo since he hooked up with Meghan. HE gave all of his title and duties to cow tow to her and wonders why his family is turning their collective backs on him?? England is a lot better off without him…unfortunately, he’s now living in the US as Canada doesn’t want him either!

  7. Anonymous you are an ass. Harry is blood , not Camilla , she is also responsible for some of Harry’s problems. You are also racist.

  8. What Prince & Princess Pinocchio have done is unforgivable, and they haven’t stopped. Good for Camilla! Hopefully William & Catherine join her. Charles is weak.

  9. Charles should get rid of Camilla and get a young woman to live happily ever after with. instead of that nightmare he is with now.

  10. Charles should get rid of Camille. She should never of become Queen. She is absolutely a disgrace to everyone.

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