Biden’s German Shepherd Commander Removed from White House Over Biting Issues

President Biden’s pooch, Commander, is in the doghouse … he’s been booted from the White House amid an alarming number of biting incidents.

The Bidens’ 2-year-old German Shepherd is reported to have chomped down on way more than the 11 incidents the Secret Service acknowledges … it’s said Commander is not only biting agents but also folks who work around the White House and at the president’s residence.


As a result, Commander’s no longer living at the White House, according to CNN … he’s getting a change in scenery as Joe and Jill try to figure out what to do with their dog.

It’s part of a troubling trend for Commander … and now we’re learning more about the severity of the bites, with CNN reporting at least one sent the victim to the hospital, and another required medical attention.

The reason only 11 bites are officially on the record … several incidents are going untreated and unreported.

Remember … the White House Press Secretary says Commander was feeling stressed out by all the commotion and people darting back and forth in the residence of The White House and other areas as well.

Now, Commander’s gotten the boot from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue like his older brother, Major … the prez’s other German Shepherd who also found himself in biting trouble.

Unclear if Commander will be back at the White House any time soon … stay tuned.

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    1. Hmm, there doesn’t seem to be anything the pervert senile Master can do right including raising a dog. Look at the family, they’re a disaster as well!

      1. Yep, evil Hitlerite Jokementia Bribery is also a horrible ‘father’! One son dead, another nearly died

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