‘Panic’ as Gunman Opens Fire Through University Dorm Window (Video)

A gunman at Morgan State University in Baltimore who remains on the run opened fire on campus through a dorm window Tuesday night, the local CBS affiliate WJZ reported.

Authorities later clarified that they did not know whether the shots came from inside or outside the room, which is on the seventh floor of Thurgood Marshall Hall—a co-ed residence building.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley confirmed early Wednesday morning that five people had been shot.

The victims, four men and one woman, are between the ages 18-22. All are believed to have non-life threatening injuries. Morgan State University Chief of Police Lance Hatcher said four of the five victims are Morgan students.

Worley revealed how Morgan State University cops on routine patrol were alerted at 9:25 p.m. when they heard a “discharge” from a firearm and “within seconds or minutes” discovered victims in need of help and rendered aid.

Worley confirmed multiple windows had been shattered which “made our officers believe possibly we had an active shooter,” but did not go into further details surrounding how the windows were shattered.

He added, however, that once cops spotted the windows, areas were cordoned off, a command post was established, and officers went through buildings and cleared them.

Morgan State University President David Wilson said he was attending the coronation of the Mister and Miss Morgan State University Pageant earlier in the evening, which was “almost filled to capacity.”

The students, he said, were headed to a student center to “rejoice and enjoy themselves” after the coronation when the shooting unfolded. Classes have been cancelled on Wednesday, Wilson said.

The gunman remained on the loose, Worley said, and the scene remained active overnight.

By midnight, cops confirmed the incident was no longer considered an Active Shooter Situation but continued to ask that those near the 1700 block of Argonne Drive to shelter in place.

Soon after the university confirmed the shelter in place order on campus had been lifted and all shuttle services have resumed.

Learn more in the video below:

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