Guard Killed by Inmate at Georgia State Prison

The Georgia Department of Corrections reported Sunday one correction officer has died and an inmate was sent to the hospital due to an attack by another inmate.

Officer Robert Clark, 42, was reportedly escorting two inmates from the dining hall of Smith State Prison when he was allegedly assaulted Sunday morning by an inmate, according to a press release from authorities.

The suspect, identified as Layton Kiev Lester, allegedly used a homemade weapon, the statement read. Another inmate, Marko Willingham, reportedly tried to intervene but was also subjected to a violent attack, per the Associated Press (AP).

Both injured individuals were transported to the hospital for medical attention, though Clark succumbed to his injuries, per the statement. The second inmate reportedly sustained non-life-threatening injuries and is currently receiving medical care while hospitalized, according to the statement.

Clark started working at the Smith State Prison earlier this year, per the statement. The inmate accused in the attack will reportedly face charges for the assault and resulting death of Officer Clark, in addition to the assault to his fellow inmate Willingham, the Department of Corrections said.

Lester is currently serving life imprisonment for a murder and armed robbery in Tift County in 2007, per ABC News.

“The entire GDC team is mourning the loss of one of our own and we collectively express our deepest condolences to Officer Clark’s family and friends,” Department of Corrections Commissioner Tyrone Oliver said in the statement. “We will support them as they navigate this tragedy over the coming days, weeks and months.”

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  1.      I’m pretty sure this criminal miscreant should get the death penalty. He should get a fair trial, maybe even an appeal if the Judge f’ups somehow, then sentence gets carried out. 3 years max time limit.

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