College Football Player Collapses During Game After Suffering Neck Injury (Video)

A college football star has been rushed to hospital after collapsing on the field during a game between Arkansas and Texas A&M.

John Morgan, a defensive lineman for the Arkansas Razorbacks, fell to the floor after a play and was down for around five minutes. Medics rushed onto the field and tended to the stricken star, as the game in Arlington, Texas was halted.

It’s understood his neck snapped back after he took a hit while attempting to make a block during the play, and after it stopped, he took a couple of steps before collapsing. According to ESPN, the player was ‘blinking and talking’ as he was loaded onto the stretcher and taken to the hospital.

Fans flooded to social media to send goodwill messages. One person wrote: “Praying for you John. That looked horrible.” Another said: “That didn’t look good. Hoping the best for you John.”

A third added: “Hope he’s OK. Did not like the look of how he went down. Glad medical team were quick to get over there.” A fourth wrote: “Prayers to Morgan and to Arkansas.”

Players from both sides immediately recognized the seriousness of the situation, with some even taking a knee besides the medics as they tended to Morgan. His helmet was removed and he was eventually lifted onto the cart and removed from the field.

Cameras on the live broadcast cut to concerned onlookers in crowd, as an eerie silence descended on the 102,000-capacity stadium.

When the game resumed, Texas A&M went on to secure a 34-22 win to take their season record to 4-1, while Arkansas’ latest defeat takes them to 2-3 on the year.

Watch the footage below:

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