Chuck Todd’s ‘Meet the Press’ Successor Kristen Welker Replacing His Entire Team

Seething Chuck Todd, 51, is allegedly still reeling after having to give his Meet the Press moderator seat to 47-year-old Kristen Welker.

“Kristen isn’t just replacing Chuck, she’s obliterating him,” a source spilled.

In June, it was revealed that Todd was being pushed out as host after nine years of hosting the talk show.

“It’s been an amazing nearly decadelong run. I am really proud of what this team and I have built over the last decade,” he said during the broadcast. “I’ve loved so much of this job, helping to explain America to Washington and explain Washington to America.”

“When I took over ‘Meet the Press,’ it was a Sunday show that had a lot of people questioning whether it still could have a place in the modern media space,” Todd continued. “Well, I think we’ve answered that question and then some.”

A memo was sent to NBC staff, praising the longtime host and applauding “Chuck’s thoughtful and passionate leadership.”

“‘Meet the Press’ has sustained its historic role as the indispensable news program on Sunday mornings,” execs said in the memo. “Through his penetrating interviews with many of the most important newsmakers, the show has played an essential role in politics and policy, routinely made front-page news, and framed the thinking in Washington and beyond.”

However, not everyone bought it.

Dan Abrams called out NBC News for Todd’s exit, claiming it’s clear the network forced him out. He also urged his news network rival to be more transparent, saying NBC’s spin is “almost certainly a lie.”

“Here’s what does matter,” the NewsNation host and Mediaite founder stated following Todd’s departure announcement. “That a news operation that is supposed to be seeking out the truth and providing its viewers and readers with accurate information, calling out fact from fiction. And yet, they are almost certainly creating a fictionalized version of what happened.”

Abrams also insisted Todd “was clearly forced out of the role and replaced” with Welker.

Rumblings of Todd’s firing started last year, with sources stating in August that he was already on the chopping block following low ratings.

Despite the rumors, Todd insisted he wasn’t leaving his Meet The Press anchor chair “anytime soon” — but that didn’t last long.

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    1. If they are fake and woke, why post Anonymously? You are the one who is “FAKE” But you are not “WOKE” , THANK GOD, because you don’t even know what it means. Show yourself instead of hiding out spewing hate and divisiveness.

  1. Does anyone even watch these Democratic puppets they should be ashamed of themselves they are not journalists just cheerleaders for the Democrats they don’t even try to hide their bias

    1. But you vote for people who are liars, cheaters and hateful towards people they don’t know. Don’t lump Democrats as being puppets. YOU are the puppets following someone who is a disgusting cult leader. Hey, I got some property I wanna sell you since you are so easily a follower.

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