Jack-In-The-Box Employee Fires Gun at Angry Drive-Thru Customer (Video)

This INSANE footage just surfaced as part of an ongoing lawsuit that a man named Anthony Ramos filed against the fast food chain, due to a 2021 incident that Ramos says was caught on video showing a JITB worker firing bullets after she and Ramos got into it over curly fries.

Essentially, Ramos says he and his family — including his pregnant wife and young daughter — swung by a Houston-area Jack-in-the-Box in March ’21 and ordered a combo meal to go, but when he told the employees he was missing items, things escalated.

The back-and-forth arguing got so intense that Ramos apparently started to chuck some of the food back at the JITB drive-thru crew — which spurred employee Alonniea Fantasia Ford to head back into the recesses of the restaurant, only to return with a pistol in hand.

The surveillance footage Ramos and his legal team obtained in discovery seems to show Ford shooting at least a couple times at Ramos/his car, which speeds away.

Luckily, it doesn’t sound like anyone was hurt, but Ramos is now going after the Jack-in-the-Box, alleging they were negligent in hiring Ford.

Ford’s also reportedly being sued and was reportedly arrested over this as well. Apparently she copped a plea to a deadly conduct charge and already served her sentence. Ramos is seeking at least $250k in damages.


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  1. You don’t shoot at kids just because someone throws a hamburger at you, unless you’re a violent animal that needs to be taken off the street…

  2. Ok all you fine wise people, how would you have handled the situation? Everyone has an off the top of the head comment until that hamburger or fries are thrown in your direction. What’s your answer?

    1. Everybody’s got a reaction to this unfortunate event. Still don’t see anyone giving helpful advice to try to avoid the situation. Everybody’s got a 20/20 hindsight view but it doesn’t give suggestions on how to handle this when it happens again. Believe me it will happen and to anyone. Ok smart guys start thinking “what would I do.”

  3. Krazy feral savage weighing in at 400 plus pounds needs to do at least 10 years for attempted Murder

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