Reporter’s Daughter Arrested After Going ‘Nuclear’ (Video)

Cops in Orem, Utah arrested a journalist’s daughter on Tuesday night after she allegedly went nuclear on the city’s mayor for attacking her mom’s reporting.

Mayor David Young spent 20 minutes during a council meeting earlier that evening ranting about the Daily Herald, particularly its reporter Genelle Pugmire, who had written about a $1 million fraud lawsuit involving Young.

He accused Pugmire, without evidence, of being in “cahoots” with opposing attorneys, and of not reaching out to him for comment, despite also conceding that she had reached out for comment but he didn’t see it because he was out hiking.

In videos obtained by, Pugmire’s 31-year-old daughter Linnea accosted Young after the meeting, repeatedly yelling “how dare you” before spitting on him and hitting both him and a woman next to him.

Young, in turn, called Linnea “disgusting” and said, “I’m sick of being pushed around by your mother.” Linnea Pugmire was booked into jail on suspicion of assault, disorderly conduct, propelling a bodily substance, and threatening elected officials.


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